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Locations: Garden of the Sun, Nameless Hill, Muendzuka, Sanzu River
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Gensokyo is a large place, littered with many mysterious and interesting places. The Garden of the Sun is a great field of sun flowers, often watched over by the powerful youkai, Yuka Kazami. A small hill near the Garden of the Sun is called The Nameless Hill, a place where humans once threw the children they could not care for. The hill is covered in the deadly Suzuran flower, and a hostile youkai doll named Medicine Melancholy can often be seen there. Muendzuka, up north to the side of the Road of Reconsideration is a mysterious place where many strong youkai tend to lurk. Occasionally Komachi Onozuka, the ferryman of the Sanzu river, can be seen there, usually in the process of shirking her duties. The Sanzu river that exists between Higan and Gensokyo runs through the area close by.

September Adds/Drops

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