Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 26 May 2013 20:26

No problem Alice, honestly, I'll probably continue the LP as planned, leaving placeholders to link the player portraits in later. That said, I should have the first real update up early next week. Convention this weekend and other things would make it hard to focus on a worthwhile update. I guess everyone can pm me a link to their portrait once they have it, else replying here is fine.
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Marisa Kirisame » 27 May 2013 01:51

I'll look into a good mug shot. There are plenty to go around, mostly thanks to an annoying crow.
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Ichirin Kumoi » 27 May 2013 12:19


Here, have an avatar :D
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 06 Jun 2013 22:00

Alright, last call for avatars. The battle of the god bands can only wait so long. I'll be finding my own substitutes for anyone who hasn't provided an avatar pic by next week. <(O)P
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Marisa Kirisame » 06 Jun 2013 23:22

And we have Marisa in 8-bit.
8-bit Marisa.png
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 11 Jun 2013 04:23

Alright girls, we are finally live!

Prologue - A Death God, Punch Nun, and Klepto Witch Walk into Ye Olde Jobe Barne.

It all began when a strange little red and white box showed up at Kourindou one day...

Certainly, it seemed odd when Gensokyo began to take on a lower resolution appearance and all but 256 colors disappeared. But then the jazz music came, which was nice, as jazz is the classiest of musics. However, something was amiss with this jazz. It wasn't so much that the music never stopped. It might have been acceptable even, if not for the fact that this tune looped about every 10 seconds, with no end in sight. It did not take even two days (seriously, after finding out that you hear it in your sleep, enough is enough) for everyone to cancel the plans to build a swanky lounge hangout. And so, a certain reaper, witch, and punch-happy nun each set out to find the source of this nefarious 8-bit saxophonery, eventually crossing paths to discover that they share a common goal: putting the ghost of jazzy past back to rest, once and for all.

Image "...that, or we aren't in Gensokyo anymore."

Image "It'd explain why everyone dresses so weird. Seriously, how can people go on with life being devoid of frills?"

Image "This stupid music makes me want to punch things!"

Image "I'm pretty sure everything makes you want to punch things."

Image "This stupid music makes me want to punch more things!"

Incident or another world entirely, it didn't matter. Someone figured it'd be a great idea to play a seriously broken Frank Sinatra record on the world's loudspeakers. Whoever this was needed to know how seriously wrong they were. Things like figuring out where they are and how to get the rest of the colors back into the world were tertiary goals at best.

Image "As much as I'd love to help you with your violent desires, Ichi, I'd prefer it actually be the source of this damned music on the receiving end of my scythe. Let's save the unrestrained violence for what matters."

Image *punching a hapless farmer* "Speak for yourself, there's plenty of more violence where this comes from!"

Image *brandishing her scythe* "I like the way you think, nun."

After working out some pent up, jazz induced frustration, the trio finally make their way to a walled in castle town of sorts. It is as this point, looking over a noticeboard by the gate that the trio discover they are now a duo.


Image "I detect racism."

Image *cracking her knuckles* "Racists, where?!"

Image "Oh, I wonder where that witch wondered off too."

Image *screaming as she turns the signboard to a pile of splinters* "That'll teach you to be the spawn of a racist tree!"

The two wander further into town, not overly concerned with the whereabouts of Witch. It is after one pub visit and a bar fight later that Ichi finally comes upon a jarring realization.

Image "Where's Unzan?"

A second pub visit and bar fight later, Ichi adds 'locate fluffy pink cloud man' to her own list of goals. After all, she wouldn't want Unzan to miss the fun of punishing that evil jazzaphonist. Luckily, the citizens of this town seem remarkably forgiving about being violenced at least twice in one day. In fact, none of them seem to be capable of remembering 5 minutes ago, excepting a few key pieces of information. Probably just an epidemic of Alzheimer's.

Anyways, it is from their bar romp that the reaper and nun find out about Marno's Ye Olde Jobe Barne, the place where everyone aspiring to be something more than a farmer goes to become less mundane and more useful.

Image "Welcome to Marno's Ye Olde Jobe Barne, the place for changing ye olde jobes."

Image "You know, as much fun as reaping souls is, I don't feel it gains me the respect and power I desire."

Image "Hmm, we could always use more town officials. You get to help enforce laws and yell at people."

Image "Does it matter if I'm corrupt?"

Image "Even better, sign up here!"

Image *grinning evilly* "The tables have finally turned."

Image *angry and distraught* "I want to punch things, all of the things! Where's my Unzan?!"

Image "...pardon?"

After confirming not even the slightest clue to Unzan's whereabouts, and nearly turning Marno's Ye Olde Jobe Barne into Marno's Ye Olde Morgue, Komach is able to calm the raging nun enough to sign her up for smithing.

Image "There's not much to smithing, Ichi. Just pretend that the ore you're working with is a saxophonist, the rest will fall into place."

Image *cracking knuckles* "Ore will pay for this!"

Image *grinning trollishly* "That's the spirit."

Image "Da ze."

Image "Oh, there you are, where have you been?"

Image *shrugging* "Figured I'd scope the place and all while you two were flapping your gums at signboards back there."

Witch tosses some equipment to Komach and Ichi.

Image "Also, took the liberty of 'acquiring' some souvenirs for the road."

Image *examining the glowing, square box that was given to her* "'HolyMac'?"

Image "Yeah, something about apples and steam jobs. I thought it looked interesting at least."

Witch fills the others in on what she's learned about their situation in the meantime. Namely, there's some Darklord that goes by Ragameal, Ragmuse, Ragdoll? something like that. Anyways, he's some ancient evil god that's been sealed away, seems like he just couldn't stay asleep. Kinda hard to blame him with all this nonstop jazz as of late. So everyone's on edge about rumors of Demihumans (youkai?) causing problems, murdering travelers outside the city gates and generally being a pain. Thing is, no one's actually seen any of these so called Demihumans in action yet, so it may as well just be the right wing conservatives raising hell and justifying their racism towards non-humans. Also, a guy named Ishtar runs the place. He'll swear that he's not some ancient god in disguise to anyone that asks about his name. Doesn't seem suspect at all.

Oh, and Witch already passed the thief guild initiation test while the other two were inciting bar brawls, she's just that good.

Team Punch, you have a choice to make now. Do you:

Most people wouldn't even offer that!

Aid this obnoxious guy by cleaning his cellar? He offers the incentive of 'payment'.

Is it just me, or is this guy oddly happy about there being a problem?

Aid our old friend Marno, for the near strangulation he was almost dealt by punch-nun? Turns out there's slimes wreaking havoc in the Ye Olde Towne Sorcerye Labe. Nothing too urgent, he assures you, but they cannot be ignored.

"...are terrifying, sinister, baby eaters who have poker night at the evil temple every Sunday."

Or do you aid old man Isthar himself? A soldier made a report about sighting Demihumans obviously up to no good at this clearly evil temple, but then he up and went missing yesterday. Are those infernal Demihumans to blame, or is this all part of a right wing, human supremacist conspiracy in progress? Take up the investigation to find out!
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Alice Margatroid » 12 Jun 2013 18:36

What magnificent heroes. They also get a truly incredible task to perform, I see. Go for investigating these horrifically racist allegations against youkai-kind. It seems vaguely more impressive than the other two and can we really let humans smear our good names like that?
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Re: Let's Play Vintage Games from Yore... with Touhous

Postby Marisa Kirisame » 14 Jun 2013 19:53

I was going to also look into getting a marriage license with the local dollmaker, but there's time for the later.

And being a Ninja Wizard, Slimes are not a problem for me and usually going into a lab means goodies can be found plus I like his mustache. On the other hand, cleaning a cellar can also lead to the discover of a hidden treasure, government/mafia plot, or the mutated outcast that we can befriend with a chocolate bar.

As for the temple, meh, they got paladins to kill things in the name of their god, let them handle it.

So I'm leaning more towards helping out our old friend Marno.
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