Visionary Gensokyo - F.A.Q. *UPDATED 12/22/2012*

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Visionary Gensokyo - F.A.Q. *UPDATED 12/22/2012*

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 22 Nov 2012 09:44

Visionary Gensokyo F.A.Q.

Changelog: December 22, 2012 - Everything, please reread this post, as a lot of important new information has been added and several things have changed.

What is Visionary Gensokyo?
Visionary Gensokyo is an in-character sub forum for Zun canon, Touhou themed roleplay that does not interfere or compete with PoIR policy. VG's key difference from PoIR is that it allows free character choice, even for characters already taken on PoIR. VG's key difference from non-canon is that it is Zun canon Touhou centric, whereas non-canon is a catch all 'anything goes' sub section.

If you've read the rules, as you are required to do, you'll be aware of the policy on Zun canon. This means no incredible super giant fighting robot Patchouli, and no original characters (OCs). However, canon characters not yet appable due to lack of information are allowed here. Currently, this includes Kosuzu Motoori. Ask first about other characters not available for application.

Why would I participate?
There is one main draw to Visionary Gensokyo: free character choice. This means that anyone can play any character at any given moment. If you've ever wanted to try out a different character, but found that they have never become available; or if have ever wanted to test out a character before committing to them as an alt, Visionary Gensokyo allows you to do so. Additionally, free character choice allows fresh perspective and can be a change of pace to help players work past burn out while participating in a forum function.

How does Visionary Gensokyo handle canon exactly?
In light of a recent change to how PoIR considers canon, Visionary Gensokyo handles any continuity between its threads on an opt-in basis in the same way PoIR does. Please have a look here for information on PoIR's current canon policy.

There is one key difference from PoIR's canon policy here. Because of free character choice, you can have, say, 5 distinct Reimus portrayed by 5 different players in 5 separate threads. While this example is an extreme, it does illustrate what is possible with VG that isn't with PoIR.

Can I followup on an archived PoIR thread?
Absolutely, just mention the thread you have in mind in your new Visionary Gensokyo thread as per the guidelines for linking threads, which can be found here.

This Visionary Gensokyo thing sounds pretty sweet, how do I sign up?
You must be a current member of PoIR and in good activity standing to post threads in Visionary Gensokyo. Your first entry in a thread as a character you do not actively control on PoIR does not require an application. After that, VG entries as characters you do not control must be applied for and approved first.

I thought Visionary Gensokyo had free character choice, why does it have applications now?
Visionary Gensokyo does maintain free character choice. Approval for a character in VG does not give exclusive reign over that character in VG. We just need to ensure that everyone understands the characters they portray and that they are within reasonable Zun canon and Touhou theme. Obviously players have proven that they are capable of this much via the application for their PoIR character(s), but for others, we need to know everyone can do the same. As for the 'freebie' entry character, VG will be actively monitored for adherence to Zun canon and theme. Anyone who's not meeting expectations, freebie or otherwise, will be contacted and required to address the concern lest they lose permission to the character in question.

Where's the Application?
Right here.

That's it? What's going to keep players accountable with such little restriction?
This is already covered in the rules, which you can find here.

To quickly sum things up, players are held to the same standards and expectations that apply to the rest of PoIR. Think before you act and don't spend time on aimless, frivolous posts that have no real substance.

Also, as of January 1st, 2013, VG thread count per player is limited to 1 at a time. This is done to keep VG activity in check and ensure players maintain their focus on developments in PoIR.

Since forum accounts are tied to characters, how do we keep track of who is who?
Each player is expected to note this upon creating or entering a thread. On your first post, before posing, use the following format to note who you are:

[Canon Main Character - PG Thread Character]
Ex: [Fujiwara no Mokou - Kaguya Houraisan]

For simplicity's sake, only post in Visionary Gensokyo when logged into your main; always note your main character as your canon one here. You are not allowed to change characters during the course of a single thread. If you wish to play a different character mid-thread, you may do so in a separate thread. Bear in mind the one thread at a time rule and finish what you've started first.

What if I have another question or concern not addressed here?
We've prepared a supplement to this FAQ, which may be found here. It details Visionary Gensokyo's purpose, goals, and solutions in a depth that isn't covered here. It also contains a list of pending VG policy changes coming soon that will be updated as the situation demands. If your question or concern still isn't addressed by the supplement, feel free to pester Kogasa via pm. Kogasa is also often in #touhou and #touhoupoir, though contact through irc is not nearly as reliable.
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