Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

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Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 17 May 2012 05:05

So at some point, as most people in the IRC would know by now, I've been talked into making a Touhou set for Magic: the Gathering using Magic Set Editor. No, I don't know why either. Results are collected here (the gallery is gone, this download is about 13 MB and contains all images for the set).

Now, a few things I need to explain about this.

1: No, it's not all legendaries or whatever. This is just what I have art for, and therefore consider fit for showing to people. This is, while heavy on legendaries (signs so far indicate it will be slightly less so than Champions of Kamigawa), a perfectly functional set and intended as such. It's also designed to be entirely compatible with other sets.

2: Currently, the set contains no reprints. This may change.

3: The set will contain 315 cards. Of those, 202 are currently completed, if memory serves.

4: The set will be playable on Cockatrice and Lackey (for those not in the know, these are programs for playing Magic online) once completed, and will be made available for downloading on this thread. Obviously, it will be put through several phases of playtesting first, which you're quite welcome to help out with.

5: I am keeping track of artists for each image and will credit them on the card. I would ask, yes, but sadly that's not an option. Additionally, I will not use any images that I can't find the artist for. I also can't promise that everything will have art - or rather, I can promise that it will not. Finding art for characters, lands and some other stuff is doable. Everything else, rather less so. Solutions include having eleventy billion dollars to commission people with, or volunteers drawing art. Neither seems likely at the moment. Sorry.

6: No, not every character will make it in. Your favourite may well have been cut. Sorry, but the fact of the matter is that there really, really isn't enough space for everyone, and I've caught quite enough flak for this no-right-answer selection already. That said, if this is actually played much at all, I may work on a second, smaller set. If I do, obviously, quite a few more characters will make it in, maybe even all of the cut ones. And of course, even if they don't turn up on a card, they may have non-creature cards themed after/attributed to them. Cameos of sorts.

7: Suggestions on art, cards, effects and so forth are very much appreciated, but thanks to a few people I've talked to in the past, I feel I should point one thing out: These are suggestions at most, not orders. My editor and I have the final say, seeing as I've sunk over a hundred hours into this nonsense already. Sorry if I seem snippy, I've just had to deal with quite a lot of tiresome things in the course of making this set, and I would prefer if no one was unnecessarily pushy about this.

8: Criticism is also quite welcome. Again, I may ignore or debate this, explain my reasoning, or just decide to wait and see during playtesting, but it's definitely helpful (except for "this is terrible and you're terrible", which is already quite clear and doesn't need restating).

9: Yes, Cirno has an 8 mana ability instead of a 9 mana one out of a burning desire to spite memes.

10: I'm willing to take requests for characters who didn't make it in. Note that this doesn't mean they'll get in this set or have priority in any way, it just means I may throw a card together and post it up here when I have time to spare. There's a fairly good chance this will wait until after the set is finished, though.

11: Last one, I swear. If you want any more info - legendaries who haven't been uploaded yet, general rarity/card type/whatever breakdown, explanation of the new keywords, themes of the set, how it's intended to work, pretty much anything, just ask here. I'm happy to answer any questions, I just figure I shouldn't write up huge walls of text unless there's some actual interest in the matter (oh look I failed that one already). I can even post up a bunch of artless cards like generic creatures if anyone's okay with just seeing raw text. Oh, and if any non-MTG players want a given card explained to them in layman's terms, I can do that too. Yuugi, before you ask, you get drunk and punch everyone forever.

Aaaand that's it. Bracing for impact and so forth.

Edit: Knew I'd forget something. Full art is not the final form, only the preview form of cards with art. Finalized set will have all cards with art available in translucent frame (think Eldrazi) and full art form. I may also do reminder text-free versions if anyone feels they're necessary for some cards. Looking at you, Flandre.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 22 May 2012 13:10

Just an update post (are double posts the sort of thing that could get me in trouble? I'm hoping not) to clear up a few things. I haven't stopped working on this - far from it, as anyone who frequents the IRC would know from my nonstop rambling. I just update quietly. The lack of updates in the past couple of days are because I'm doing a bunch of sorceries/instants now that, for the most part, don't lend themselves half as well to pictures. This means faster progress since I'm not looking around for images, but unless you're all okay with raw text (or artless images of cards), I have nothing to show.

That said, I have 17 more sorceries/instants to make, then either 18 enchantments and 30 artifacts, or 23/25 depending on distribution. See how it turns out. In any case, only 65 more cards! After that's wrapped up, I'll change things to translucent frames, add art where I can, flavour text all over the place, and then get started on making this Lackey/Cockatrice-playable. That does, however, leave a question. Should the porting wait until absolutely everything art/flavour text-related is tidily finished up, or should I just get the files out there for playtesting as soon as possible, then release updated versions once everything's sorted out?
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 26 May 2012 07:50

Sorry to triple post, but I have an update. Everything is done, including flavour text. Well, not all of it, but quite a bit. The rest will come with the first balance patch, most likely, or even after a few. Changing rules text means tossing in flavour text en masse now is a bit unwise.

Porting will be done tomorrow, most likely. A Lackey port, an OCTGN port if I can manage it in the same day, and possibly a Cockatrice sorta-port but I don't want to promise anything on that front, as porting to Cockatrice is apparently a real mess and probably not workable at all.

For now, since imgur won't let me upload more than 225 images at once, I've had to fall back on a backup measure. For those of you who want an early spoiler, all card images - both with and without art - are available for download here. Only 13 MB or so.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 28 May 2012 05:45

Behold, a Lackey port! Better ways of going about this will come up later on, as will preconstructed decks. For now, this is what works.

Thanks to:

Volatar, for the port.

Robert, for being my editor and voice of reason, as well as making some of my favourite cards in the set.

Yuuka and Hatate, for helping out on a few occasions, coming up with a couple cards, and tolerating a lot of rambling.

Every single artist whose work I used for these cards.

The academy, on the whole, hasn't done a great deal. I'm pretty comfortable with ignoring them.

Instructions: Download. Unpack. Play. If you already have Lackey, copy-paste your deck folder over so you don't lose that. Note that this will not allow you to play against people who don't have this set. Even if those cards aren't being used. It'll throw off the sort order and card names/art will be completely different from what the card is. I suggest not keeping this as your only copy of Lackey.

I'm open to playtesting pretty much whenever I'm awake. For now, I've got some precons to work on in case anyone wants an easier introduction to the set.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 28 May 2012 07:48


9 Mountain
9 Island
4 Youkai Mountain
2 Aya Shameimaru
2 Hatate Himekaidou
3 Tenma's Will
2 Daitengu Archives
3 Blazing Wheel
4 Forbidding Gale
3 Enlightening Discussion
3 Enforced Silence
2 Burning Curiosity
3 Tengu Scout
3 Mountaintop Archivist
2 Tengu Murder-Captain
3 Daitengu Loremaster
3 Swathcutter Wolf
2 Gleamfang Enforcer

8 Island
8 Forest
4 Misty Lake
2 Flower Sprite
4 Wing-Gift Pixie
3 Breath of Autumn
4 Boundless Energy
3 Bombardment Sprite
2 Daiyousei
3 Distract
4 Faerie Captain
4 Fluttering Mob
3 Faerie Treasure Hunter
2 Collective Might
3 Flawless Prank
3 Pesterhoard


10 mountain
8 forest
4 forest of magic
2 Suika Ibuki
2 Yuugi the Strong
4 Infamous Brewmaster
4 Partying Oni
4 Subterranean Sun
3 Fist of Unzan
3 Blazing Wheel
3 Oni Barkeep
3 Little Pandemonium
2 Double-Barreled Throw
3 Prankster's Salvage
3 Life of the Party
4 Rich Harvest

That's it for now. If any of these seem suboptimal, it's because they are. More room for tinkering and such. Just something quick to get you started in case you don't want to make decks from scratch. They should all be fairly self-explanatory.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 12 Jun 2012 12:23

Here are the updates.

Windows version.

Mac version

I have NO IDEA if the mac version works. It exists, but I don't know if it's a working program or a pile of digital wreckage.


- Sundry wording. Stuff that was straight-up wrong (looking at you, Suika).
- Breath of Autumn's ability now costs 1 more.
- Distracting Swarm now has a cap to how many faeries you can tap for its ability.
- Burning Curiosity reworked a great deal.
- Art for Daitengu Loremaster, Pitch-Wing Deceiver, Soul of the Flock, courtesy of Memnarch. Art for Star Maelstrom and Tengu Murder-Captain was going to be added, but I forgot. Sorry about that.


- Other balance stuff. This is a quick patch. I'm not comfortable with changing other stuff on so little testing.

Side notes and errata:

- Breath of Autumn and Distracting Swarm were nerfed not because they're overpowered (Patron Wizard and Surgespanner, their base cards, are powerful but not broken), but because they're really, amazingly tiresome and can often lock people down a fair bit. It's to conserve sanity, not balance. Sorry, blue.

- There's been some confusion over Meiling's ability. When it says "can't be prevented from blocking by spells and abilities" (paraphrased), that includes stuff like Flying, Shadow, and being outright unblockable. If it exists, Meiling can block it. It's not really open to debate.

How to install (applies only to the windows version):

Unpack. Play. Simple as that. Don't attempt to mix with your current download, I don't know if that works. Instead, if you want to keep previous decks, go to LackeyCCG>plugins>magic>decks, copy that folder from your old Lackey folder, and put it in the appropriate folder for the new one.

Usual disclaimers for not being able to play against people with different versions of the magic plugin apply. This includes people with old versions of the set.

Known issues:

The deck editor, thanks to unicode issues, treats the dash for subtypes (creature types, equipment etc.) as E. Except typing E accordingly will turn up nothing. The same is true for the apostrophe in dolls' war.

Roukanken has its type as eqipment, while Pesterhoard is a creatre.

Temporary solutions: Search for shorthand (doll instead of dolls' war, beast instead of creature - beast, etc.) for the first one.

For the second one, I was tired and stupid and now I am sorry. This will be fixed in the next patch.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Kurumi » 14 Jun 2012 23:19

Holy crap, this looks like a TON of work, kudos to you! o_o

I'll have to learn how to play this game, methinks!
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 15 Jun 2012 17:05

It's not all my work. Far from it. Thanks, though.

If you're interested in getting into MTG, for the purpose of playing this set or otherwise, just PM me or something and I'll help you to get started. I could definitely use having more testers, all else aside.

Also, thank you for replying, I was starting to wonder if people know they're allowed to post here, given how IRC-exclusive feedback was.
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Kurumi » 19 Jun 2012 17:46

OK fantastic! Sorry for the late reply, I've been having some home PC issues. I'll give you a poke whenever I can!

Also, no problem. X)
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Kurumi's path to vampire nobility
a journey of a petite bourgeoisie
and her struggles in class mobility
- <Tewi>
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Re: Parsee's MTG/Touhou cards

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 22 Jun 2012 15:28

EDIT: FIXED AGAIN. See below. Previous versions do not show cards from other sets.

BUGS FIXED. If you got a version from before this message went up, please redownload.

New Windows version of the set is up.



- Hallowed Night costs 1 less.
- Verdant Reincarnation changed around somewhat.
- Art for a few more cards.
- New frames for land.
- Bugs and typos from the previous update are now fixed.

There were going to be tokens added, but thanks to a few complications, that'll have to wait.

Once again, given the lack of testing, balance stuff is mostly unchanged.


- Someone who can port this to the OS X version of Lackey. If all else fails, though, I can probably figure this one out myself.

- Testers. I cannot possibly stress this enough. It doesn't take any amazing skills or anything, just playing some matches and throwing complaints at me. There's been a complete lack of testing or any sort of feedback for a while, and I'm considering shelving the project at this rate, seeing as the inability to make serious changes or even see if they're needed has left it pretty much dead in the water.

Known Issues: None, currently.

Updated spoiler here.

On the latest fix: For a less cumbersome method, grab this and put it in LackeyCCG>Plugins>Magic>Sets, replacing thmtg.txt
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