A new adventure awaits!

For departure notices of characters that have long since been dropped.

A new adventure awaits!

Postby Tenshi Hinanawi » 18 Feb 2013 14:07

Character(s) to be Dropped: Tenshi Hinanai
Reason for Dropping: More important things require my attention.

Okay, that^ may or may not have sounded harsh. What I mean to say is, the hiatus I took over the past two weeks allowed me time to see what was more important to me; fantasy or reality.

This time, reality won.

As such, I respectfully withdraw myself from this forum. Even if my stay was brief and I didn't contribute much, I thank you all for hosting me, and I wish the best for everyone! Take care, and sorry if I let anyone down!

(P.S. I suppose this also counts as my hiatus completion post? It seems my thread has been removed or something ^^; )
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Tenshi Hinanawi
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Re: A new adventure awaits!

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 19 Feb 2013 00:40

You can't cut back on funding! You'll regret this!!!

-Silly simcity quotes aside, we'll miss you, even with your short stay!

If you ever feel you've more time for a fantasm, please don't hesitate to come back!

Good luck with your real life issues!
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Yukari Yakumo
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