Putting away the Piano

For departure notices of characters that have long since been dropped.

Putting away the Piano

Postby Lyrica Prismriver » 26 Jun 2013 00:42

Character to be dropped: Lyrica Prismriver
Reason for dropping:
Well, it's been a good sort of stretch with the Prismrivers' youngest sibling, however I honestly don't think I can manage it anymore. I'm going to be mondo busy this coming summer, and as I already have two strikes and barely any idle time left this quarter, I figure it's a good idea to just clean my slate as much as I can.
I'll be working as a camp counselor for one of the city camps, and that's going to take pretty much all of my energy to manage.
Come September, however, I'm going to be going back to school, and I should be able to manage a character between homework and studying. Even if not, don't worry everyone, I'll still be all over the place on the channels in darkmyst (provided I'm allowed~ looking at you, touhouPoIR), so you can see me around anyways. I'll try to apply to some character or another as soon as I feel I can. Maybe even as early as early-mid august. In any case, it's been fun. Thank you all of the people who were patient enough to attempt threads with me, and I'm sorry I didn't manage to finish any. Maybe next time I'm around~ :P
Lyrica Prismriver
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Re: Putting away the Piano

Postby Merlin Prismriver » 26 Jun 2013 08:35

Naw, it's fine, sis. I had a good time discussing anyway. See you around, little sister, and be careful with the piano! It can fall on people, you know. :v
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Merlin Prismriver
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