Managing Miss Chief

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Managing Miss Chief

Postby Kotohime » 16 Jul 2013 00:46

Character(s) to be Dropped: (Unofficial Chief) Kotohime
Reason for Dropping: I'd actually hoped to do this a while ago, but in putting it off, I've gotten strikes. Ah well, guess I might as well do it sooner rather than later.

Long story short, this summer has been an interesting one, with spotty access to a computer in some cases, and a very busy schedule otherwise. In my free time, I don't really have much motivation or ideas left, which makes posting difficult, as shown by the drafts I have saved that I've never been able to complete.

Additionally, I'm going to be leaving for two weeks, then starting college. I'd really rather not have that many things distracting me from this wonderful adventure, so I think it'd be best if I took a few weeks away from roleplaying in general, so that I can attack it with renewed force later.

Yes, I do consider two paragraphs 'short'. But I'll make it shorter:

tl;dr: Taking a break for a while, to get ready to move, both to college and out of my house with my family. You've all been reasonably great, and I hope to be back after I've settled in again!
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