Immortality is a little too short

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Immortality is a little too short

Postby Kasen Ibaraki » 06 Jul 2013 14:59

Character to be dropped: Kasen Ibaraki

Well, I was planning on rejoining the forum with the intention of trying out a new character I was interested in, but between my schoolwork and my distractibility, I realized that I really wasn't putting any effort into the character. Barely a post a month was not acceptable! So, for now, I'll let the hermit go and, when I think I can devote more time to the forum, I'll see about getting back in.

This won't be permanent, I think, and I'll try and return!
Kasen Ibaraki
Free Character

Re: Immortality is a little too short

Postby Momiji Inubashiri » 06 Jul 2013 18:26

You will be missed, Kasen. I will await your return. Perhaps when you return we could cook up a thread together?
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Momiji Inubashiri
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