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Postby Yumemi Okazaki » 30 Aug 2012 15:56

(So, me and a friend were chatting up on Steam, and at some point we happen to start talking about my "trauma" with lag and bad connections. My friend was curious as to what exactly this trauma was, and, for the heck of it, I decided to explain it in the form of a serious flashback. At some point, my friend decided to continue the story, showing just how bad I see my connection.)

(Two things to know before reading this: 1. My normal online name is C.C.Twin, so whenever you see Twin or CC mentioned, that's me. B. For the sake of this being a serious flashback, you must picture everything in monochrome! With that, enjoy this tragic tale.)

First half - by me

TSPolaris: Do you feel like playing BlazBlue?
TSPolaris: Well
TSPolaris: Nevermind
TSPolaris: I don't want to bother you with it especially considering I'd probably only want to play a couple matches. :P
C.C.Twin: Hahaha, gomen. Fighter's withdrawl always troubles me ^_^;
TSPolaris: np :P
C.C.Twin: Actually...it may be a trauma.
TSPolaris: o.o?

-TV Static Flashback-

Twin: Ne, want to have a match in -static noise-? :D
Random player: Oh, sure.


(Both players having a match filled with lag)


(After only two matches)
Random player: Sorry, but I can't play like this...
Twin: Ah, that's okay! I understand...


Different player: There's too much lag...


Different player: How can you play like this?


Different player: lolno


Different player: I guess I can do /one/ match with you.


(Twin sitting in a dark corner, still and lifeless.)
Twin: ..........
-Long static before TV cuts off-

Second half - by TSP (my friend)

~Heartwrenching, emotional scene~

(Scene switches to a dark hospital room in the dead of night)

Connection-tan: CC..? Is that you...? ~leans up from his hospital bed~
CC: ~comes slowly forward through the darkness of the hospital room, saying absolutely nothing.~
Connection-tan: ...CC? ...Is something wrong?
CC: ~comes into light, face filled with anguish, cheeks stained with the trails of tears fleeing away from her presence~ They left again, Connection-tan. They left me again. They don't want to play with me. They keep talking about the lag...
Connection-tan: The lag... I-I'm sorry, CC, it's my fault, I can't help i--
CC: They just stopped playing after a disconnection! ~hit on the bed~ I tried to reconnect but they said that they were done for the day... Maybe on a "better connection day".
Connection-tan: ~EKG machine starts beeping more frequently as a response to increasing heart rate~ I-I'm sorry, I--
CC: ~takes hold of Connection-tan's neck!~ This is your fault! You did this to me! You keep doing this to me! Even in this state, you manage to ruin everything! I hate you!! ~throws Connection-tan against the bed violently, popping out an IV inadvertently~
Connection-tan: ~tears in his eyes~ I'm so sorry... I just...
CC: If you're going to die in the middle of a match again... next time make sure you do it for good. ~walks out of the room with fresh tears~

~End Heartwrenchind Scene~
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