Because the trumpet-player have Photoshop

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Because the trumpet-player have Photoshop

Postby Merlin Prismriver » 07 Aug 2012 11:54

And can't actually play the trumpet, although I do so love its sound.

So, Merlin here, wanting to show her amazing non-photo Photoshoping (or sig-making) skill. Note that I usually put heavy emphasis in the "flow" between the graphics used in it, instead of your classic "plop an image onto an image." Also fanciness, because that's something that everyone needs.

Flower-Viewing Aya ava-sig set:

Part of an ava-sig set, but the ava's just not good enough:

Stand alone:

This one here's made for my little sister, and although it has plenty of flaws, I put a lot of feelings to it. No, don't use this one.

There's a buttload more, but I think I'll put them up later.
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