[Fanfiction] Forever Gensokyo

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[Fanfiction] Forever Gensokyo

Postby Tewi Inaba » 12 Jul 2012 09:50

One day in gensokyo Yukari came by to see what Reimu was doing as usual. She wet and saw the miko sweepng leaves from the shrine's yard only she's not really doing a good job bcoz she deosnt like hard work (not that reimu is lazy she's the main character okay she solves incidents).

"Hai Reimu" Yukari said. "Hai" Reimu said lazily. "What are you doing?" She grinnned. "Cant you see? I'm swepeing"

"Now now, theres no need to be so angry," Yukari teases her altough Reimu doenst respond she only frowns a bit. "Im here to tell you something important"

"Wat." Reimu relied trying not to look to intrested only a bit.

"There's going to be a new miko in gensokyo" Yukari explaned "You mean Sanae?" "No Snae is already old miko she's in five games already or something" "Hahaha I gues your right... Hey wait a minute that means Im old too!"

"u r old," Yukari giggles (it's funny bcoz Yukari is also old lol no dont gpa me!!) "but now its time to be srs" So both riemu and yukari bcame so sirius.

"Thiis is the new miko" Yukari suddenly gpaped a new girl. she's also wearing a detached sleeves like reimu and snaae but her clothingis having seven colors (the colors of the rainbow) and her hair is blak whith white streeks. she also has frog and snake hair ornment like Sane. also her face is cute and she's a very good girl.

"Shes very cute and is avery good girl," yukari explaned. "her name is Hackray Cawaiico."

"Wow is that an english name" Riemu said impresesd.

"Yes but i'm not rellay english im just half european." said cawaico. "i'm japapnese too like you! i hope we can be friends."

"off course," reimu sad happily, "we'll be friends and drink alcolol toget her"

"i just wonder how you can came here thgough"

"Pick one" yuakri said pullign a blakboard out of her gpa sayign magik, yukari folling around again, moria conspiraccy and stuff like dat.

"tenplates like that are for Biden"

"hahahahaha" they all laguhed

TO BE CONTINUED? (if you guys like it i'll continue)
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Re: [Fanfiction] Forever Gensokyo

Postby Tewi Inaba » 12 Jul 2012 21:34

do you guys like it why is there no comment yet :( please please say somthign but no mean things plzzzzz because IF U FLAN UR RASSIST LOL


"I gues I'll go home now" Cawaiico sad. "Yah i'll go homo too i need to play Call of Duty" yukari said.

"okay see you" reimu waved at them and smiled.

The next day cawaiico was sitting around at her new shrine which is away from many other buildings but still close enough to others' hoem so that people can come and paly adn drink alcolol wiht her. She was watchign an anime to spend her time.

"Hai daze" Marissa suddenly enters the room from the window she doesn't use door because she's trying to sneak in.

"Hai Maris" said cawaiico surprized "Can I help you"

"You cna help me by giving me your pernicious things daze" said marisa becos she steals priceous things like that funny video on youtube said. "becos I like to steals periscou things daze"

"Why do you keep saying daze" cawaiico sad angry. "thats not even proper english you should
say it liek days but with z at the back"

"oh yeah i forgot" marisa said, embrassed. "but i still wanna steal."

"Stealing is bad." "thats okay because im bad" "then iguess i have to teach you a LESSON" said cawaiico and then she spins and releases a lot of shiny dnamaku which is shaped like circles but wiht difefrent colors all over and very dense. The dense danmaku surrounds marisa and because they're very dense marisa cant run.

"wow they're very dmesne" said Marisa before she was hit

"now are you sorry" said cawaiico after she won because she's a good girl "yes i am i lerned my lesson well"

"okay then" said cawaiico before watchign tv again.

"wat's that ur watching" marisa asked. "oh it's bleachnaruto its like bleach and naruto but naruto and bleach are now figthing together as friends fighting bad guys"

"wow thats awesome" said Marisa. "it is awesmoe" said Cawaiico. "too bad they only hvae grapejuice because then they cant drink alcolol and only rape juice"

"hahahahaha" maris and cwaico laguhed

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Re: [Fanfiction] Forever Gensokyo

Postby Suika Ibuki » 12 Jul 2012 23:42

Alcolol... *imagines Cirno with horns*
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Re: [Fanfiction] Forever Gensokyo

Postby Youmu Konpaku » 15 Jul 2012 10:58

Don't drink alcolol and type. >_<
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