Kotohime's Case Files

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Kotohime's Case Files

Postby Kotohime » 20 Apr 2012 23:37

Because I need some way to stave off boredom, let's have some poetry!

Deep in the forest,
The illusory trees,
The self-righteous hermit resides.

Alone and surrounded,
By innumberable friends,
Inside herself she hides.

Long ago having traded,
The thing that she wants,
For the thing that makes her into herself,

Constantly playing,
Yet constantly weeping,
As she puts her friends back on her shelf.

Magician in blue,
With headband of red,
Destined for greater things.

Alone and surrounded,
By innumberable friends,
To herself she sings.

Wishing for companions
That are well within reach,
Yet buffered by her own mind.

Remembering the days,
She was equally miserable,
But still with her own kind.

Her research and studies,
That give her a purpose,
Or the burning down of her wood?

Indecisive forever,
She continues her mission,
Wondering if she should.
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Re: Kotohime's Case Files

Postby Koakuma » 13 Jul 2012 11:09

And now for some song parodies.

Danmaku (Cee Lo Green – “F*** You”) 

I see you flying around 
With the witch I loath. There will be, 
Oo, oo, ooo 
And what’s more, 
The Windows games’re a bore. There will be, 
(And tea for two) 
If I was Shinki, you’d forget all about me. 
Ha, now ZUN should just quit (ZUN should just quit) 
And though I probably won’t 
Be in the next game, there will be, 
Oo, oo, ooo 

Yeah I’m outdated, and antiquated, 
But that don't mean that I can’t kick your ass. 
I guess I’m PC-98’d. 
But my revenge will come to pass. 

And Mima’s a tooooool for breaking the rule 
(That dirty traitor) 
(The Forgotten hate her) 
I've got some news for you 
Yeah go run and tell Yukari. 


Now I hope, that tomorrow, 
Maybe ZUN’ll remember me. 
I’m hoping, and I’m praying… 
Maybe it’ll come in his sleep? 

And Mima’s a tooooool for breaking the rule 
(That dirty traitor) 
(The Forgotten hate her) 
I've got some news for you 
I really hate Yuuka ass right now 

Now Reimu, Reimu Reimu, you make me so mad, 
(So mad… It’s sad… A tad…) 
And did you really just forget all the battles we had? 
(We had? We had?) 
Uh! Yuuka! Uh! Rika! Uh! M’risa! 
Oh! Hakurei! 
Oh! Hear what I say Oooh! 


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Re: Kotohime's Case Files

Postby Yuugi Hoshiguma » 13 Jul 2012 17:34

There's already a thread for those, Koa!


Oni haiku time.

Carpet of old leaves
Stare up at the autumn sky
Share a drink with friends

Winter by the fire
Sake helps to warm the heart
Through the lengthy night

Flower petals fall
Spring brings us a rain of pink
Go hang out and drink!

Fireworks go off
Lighting up the summer night
Ah, the drunkard's life!
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Yuugi Hoshiguma
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Re: Kotohime's Case Files

Postby Koakuma » 05 Aug 2012 02:09

Song Title: Kotohime
Based On: Johnny Cope

Koto sent a letter to Eientei,
Sayin' "Hime fight me, me and you,
And I'll teach ye some danmaku
If ye'll meet me in the mornin'"

When Hourai heard, she laughed aloud,
And she stood up, tall and proud,
Saying, "Come with me rabbits, we won't be cowed,
Let's go meet this joke in the mornin'"

Hey Kotohime are ye runnin' yet?
And are yer hands a-gunnin' yet?
If yer not runnin' I would start
Before the night is over.

Now Kotohime live up to your threat,
And put up a fight, or better yet,
Try not to flee with your legs all wet
Like a frightened babe in the mornin'.

When Koto heard the hime's reply,
She thought to herself, "Oh gods, I'm gonna die,"
And then made plans to quickly fly,
If things went south in the mornin'.


Run now Koto back to yer house,
And wipe the tears from your shirt and blouse,
Then curl up like a frightened mouse,
And don't come out all mornin'.

When Kaguya found she was nowhere in sight,
She cried out, "Come on and fight!
And show me all your supposed might,
That you'd demonstrate this mornin'."


Now that all's said and done,
She did herself no favor to run,
At least let Hourai have her fun,
After wakin' her up in the mornin'.

When Kaguya got bored and left the scene,
Kotohime came out, and what she did glean,
Was that there was no foe and this could only mean,
That she'd scared her off in the mornin'.
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