A couple poems

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A couple poems

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 21 Feb 2012 22:17

Just two poems written for my college poetry class.

This first one is about Warhammer. I play battle sisters and during the Ghoul Stars campaign I ended up against a group of orks. I was outnumbered 4 to 1, not counting the canoness and warboss. 24 ork boys against 6 celestians.

My allies were thrashed the first turn so I figured "fuck it" and charged into cc. a couple turns later, the only ones left are the warboss and the canoness. I thought it would be a double KO (the warboss had a power claw so he went at the same time as my evicerator) but the warboss missed his rolls and I made mine, slaying it.

I took her home and repainted the fuck out of her: http://bloodcri.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d32nzip

By: Christy

I gaze out upon the burning
Field. The bodies of My faithful
Speckling the dark earth with chipped

My commander leans heavily
On the hilt of her massive sword
Crying for me to give her strength
Her metal body hunched as flakes
of color fall.

Her opponent lurches forward
Synthetic beast of plastic and

She calls to Me again, charging
One last time.

My blessing rains down on the field
The commander hears Me and knows
I'm with her. Flashing blade, shredding
Plastic, she shows her faith in leaps
And bounds. The great beast lay dead at
Her feet.

Chortles of joy, I lift her up
And cradle her form in my hands.
I bring her home to celebrate.
Her prize? A long night, stained with new
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Re: A couple poems

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 21 Feb 2012 22:22

This next poem is actually about Sakuya. I was creatively drained from working the previous week and all I wanted to do was go home and practice stage 5 of EoSD. So I wrote about Sakuya. I made it a little darker and more violent than canon sakuya since poetry class loves that kind of stuff. I got a rather absurd amount of praise for this, actually.

I'm also fairly certain the first line I read in a manga translation on danbooru somewhere at some point. I dunno.

EDIT: I updated the poem to the final submitted version.

By: Christy

I am the maid of the devil who opposes God.
None shall harm M'lady as long as I draw breath.
I cook, I clean, I serve. I kill.
Remorse is something I've long since abandoned.

Tick, tock.

In return, time and space
are mine to master. Mine to bend.
With tools of the trade;
Silver knives, polished and gleaming,
and a pocket watch filled with blood.
But never to use this power
for the whims of the flesh.
I serve only M'lady.

Tick, tock.

By a haunted forest.
Near a misty lake.
A scarlet mansion is my home now.
A labyrinth of horrors to quake
the soul and shatter the mind.
Still I work and work
Painting the world
to match my home.

Tick, tock.

The scarlet devil watches me.
She watches me and tells me,
“You did well.”
And I swell with pride.
A human emotion I've not yet

Tick, tock.

One day long after M'lady asks
if I wish to be free.
Praising me, she says I've done
far better than she had hoped and dreamed
and she wishes to reward me.
The one thing I cannot have.

Tick, tock.

I smile and bow like always,
and speak the oath I took long ago:
"I am the maid of the devil who opposes God.
None shall harm M'lady as long as I draw breath."
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Re: A couple poems

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 14 Oct 2012 20:22

Because I was lazy and didn't do it before, here's another poem I wrote for that class. This one is loosely inspired by Xenosaga because... Xenosaga. It's not so good but it did spark a debate in class about if people liked it or not and the emotional weight behind lines.

Also: How do I iambic pentameter?

A Part of Something Greater
By: Christy

I look out the window, across the reaches of space
War rages, people and machines die
Bio-mechanical automatons. Grown from hate.
They feel, they rage, they hate, they love, they cry.
But can man recreate the soul?

That's why I built her to the federation's plan.
To fight the aliens, evil to the core.
She has her flaws, but I built her by hand.
These hands that work and make machines of war
Until the people rise up and demand
the peace we've all been searching for.

It's why I'm here, standing, fighting, beside her.
Even though I'm only a researcher.
Even though I'm just a tool, I'm sure
I will not die. I will face the future.
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