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Re: Disney Songs: Touhou Edition

Postby Ichirin Kumoi » 03 Feb 2012 22:40

I love you gals :'D
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Re: Disney Songs: Touhou Edition

Postby Yoshika Miyako » 04 Feb 2012 06:34

Yuugi's song will now be stuck in my head till I can find a mic to sing it myself.
Yoshika Miyako
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Be My Guest!: Tenshi's Wish

Postby Momiji Inubashiri » 07 May 2012 05:26

Everyone's gathered in Heaven, ready to beat the living crap out of Tenshi for messing with the weather.

Too bad for them, 'cause she's expecting it. With enthusiasm, too.

My little girls and gals, it is with all my joy
and greatest pleasure that I welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to come up, let us pull out our
cards as Bhava-agra proudly presents -
Round One.

Be my guest
Be my guest
Let's make this a torture fest!
Wrap your hands around my neck, Remi
And spear me in the chest!
Master Spark
Solar Flare
I want all my clothes to tear
Try and shoot me, I'm a martyr
Don't believe me? Punch me harder!
Use your dolls
Use your knives
So my Masochism thrives
Fantasy Heaven Round 3 I won't protest
Go on, deplete my health bar
Send out your huge Train Car
Be my guest
I confess
Pain's the best

Missing Power
Meido World
Flashing Cherry Blossom Whirl!
Bullet flurries, it's no worry
I'm a strong, resilient girl
Your hits hurt
Your hits sting
Trapped in Royal Diamond Ring
I'm not gloomy nor complaining
I think this is entertaining
I just laugh
I just smile
At these moves that'd kill a child!

This is all perfectly fun
for me so, meh.

Come on girls get your spells!

I'll send this bitch to hell!

I'll rip her chest!

If you're stressed
Pause the game and take a rest!

What a pest.

What a jest...

Be my guest!

Life up here's so boring
There's no action, there's no goring
I'm not whole without a soul to injure me
Ah, back then, nothing to do but talking
Talking, walking, sitting made me sick.
Centuries I've been rusting
Bleeding, suffering, I've been lusting
Needing enemies, a chance to fight a crowd
Most days I just laid around the cloud paths
Then I knew what to do
Earthquakes here! And then came you!

What's this mess?!
Oh, what's next?
Catastrophic, I'll be blessed
Bullet's here, danmaku there
I've had it up to here with this
With these fights
Come debris
That's in no way fine with me!
While the Girl of Hisou breaks the skies
I'll make sure no one dies
I'll get killed
by my boss
Heaven's sakes! I'll lose my job!
Hurry up! I want to make sure no one sees
I've got a lot to do
To keep this between you
and me, our guests

[All:] We're your "guests"?

[Iku:] You're all pests...

[Tenshi:] They're my guests!

What a test!
I'm impressed!
With my scythes she's just obsessed,
Usually people get cut in half and die,
Not this Celeste!

With my time
With my knife
My main aim's to end her life!

Well my Shrine's lost its foundation
And I want full

Stream by stream!
Bomb by bomb!
Not enough! I'm never done!

Then I'll smash you to the ground so nothing's leeeeft~

This fight is never ending!

Ah, she's just pretending~

Be my guest
Be my guest
Be my guest
Please, be my guest

(Everyone bombs Tenshi at once)
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