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Touhou Creepypasta

Postby Minoriko Aki » 23 Apr 2011 15:38

So currently in IRC there's a big thing about Pokemon creepypasta.

So in this thread, write your own Touhou creepypasta!

I've personally never seen any, because it looks like something really hard to pull off, but you guys are all amazingly good writers and amazingly creative so I bet y'all can~

I'll get to... Something soon.
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Re: Touhou Creepypasta

Postby Suwako Moriya » 24 Apr 2011 06:03

What's creepypasta? Sorry for the short reply, but that's all I have to ask.
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Re: Touhou Creepypasta

Postby Rumia » 24 Apr 2011 17:57

[s]Pasta that had been left out too long in the sun.[/s]

Creepypastas are stories on the internet, commonly posted on either imageboards or the Creepypasta wiki. They focus on scaring readers with gore, invoking emotional responses, or other methods. Point is, reading too many of them will probably cause you to have trouble sleeping at night.
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Re: Touhou Creepypasta

Postby Minoriko Aki » 25 Apr 2011 21:39

I thought of this mostly during testing today in school. It's long, so it'll be in parts.


This is the story of perhaps the most disturbing experience I have ever had with a Touhou game. I am pretty sure it was just some sick guy's idea of a joke, but sometimes I feel that it was a bit too complex to be some random Touhou fan's doing. Maybe it was done by the previous owner, or maybe the previous owner wanted to get rid of it for the same reason I want to. This story is not revolve around gore or creepy images, like most Touhou creepypastas are, though there are some examples of it in this story. No, this revolves around what happens when you mess with the psychological aspects of a human's mind.

I go to conventions mostly for the dealers room. Usually, it's to look for one thing- Touhou merchandise. Unfortunately, I live in the the middle of no where in New Mexico, so I have very, very limited access to conventions, and they almost always have no Touhou merchandise. But finally, I came to a booth recently that sold tons of things. Doujins, figures, CDs- but what I was most looking for was the games. Specifically, my favorite, Subterranean Animism. I had 1CC'd the game on Normal with every character, beaten Koishi on at least four of them, and was even in the process of memorizing the dialogue (I took a Japanese course at my school, so to help me learn better, I'd avoid use of the English patch). The booth runner, a creepy asian man with an air of lolicon-ism and general creeperness sold it to me for 20 bucks, since it was unsealed and seemed to be used quite a lot. I got home as soon as possible and immediately started playing it.

Everything at first seemed to be normal, but there was one thing different with the title screen. Next to Reimu, along with the spirits that usually followed her, there was Koishi's familiar heart-with-eye that would float next to her in the game. I shrugged this off as simply being some sort of original, unpatched, original-CD only little foreshadowing Easter egg. The first time I got it up, I started on normal mode, and chose my favorite of the two playables- Marisa. Alice was usually favored, but Patchouli and Nitori were fine too. I just found Marisa to be awesome no matter what her shot was. I only played as Reimu when I wanted an excuse to boast about my successes in 1CCing most everything. So, I progressed through the game as usual, beating Kisume, Yamame, Parsee, and Yuugi, with no oddities. I started to get wary come Satori's stage.

The stage itself was very normal, except for the fact that it was somewhat darker, and there was more spirits floating around than usual. Once again, I just brushed this off as "the original copy, before any patches, etc etc". But it was during her dialogue that things went a bit strange. I usually kind of read it without paying much attention, sometimes I don't want to stress my brain to read Japanese when I'm trying to casually game, but I started paying attention when I noticed something different in Satori's picture. Instead of the occasionally smirk she sometimes gave, she was frowning the entire time. I started to read through it again, looking for any differences. This was the only thing I could fully distinguish that really stood out to me. "How predictable. No one is to be trusted anymore, so I read the minds of everyone."

This somewhat stuck out to me, but once again, I just tried to shake it off. Everything in her boss battle was normal as usual... Except for her first spellcard. It may have just been my imagination, but I couldn't help but notice that in the far of the screen, there were rotating blue, yellow, and red circular-yet-"feathered" objects, similar to the roses that Koishi used. I once again just interpreted this as some sort of foreshadowing. Well, I proceeded to beat Satori, beat Orin, beat Okuu, and 1CC'd the game. I immediately went to Koishi, as she was by far my favorite battle in the whole game, as well as being my favorite character at the time.

Beat her, though it was somewhat close, almost no lives left, but everything was pretty much normal. Well, until the after-fight dialogue. See, I couldn't help but notice something... Different about her picture. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but after a while at observing her, I finally realized it.

Her third eye was just a sliver opened.

I should have known right then that something was up. But, that was the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary. The dialogue was the same, there was still that smiling face of my favorite Touhou, the only thing that was different was that after the stage was over, there was a slower transition into the score page. I had read in her profile that after battling the heroines, her "third eye opened a bit", so I just thought (and maybe even hoped) that it was simply a part of the game that I have never noticed, or maybe if it was just something ZUN put in the original, yet for some reason removed in patches. I wish I was right.


To be continued!... When I feel like writing more.
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