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Touhou + MLP fanfic.

Postby Patchouli Knowledge » 14 Apr 2011 16:44

Author's note: Here is the first part of a Patchy x Twilight Sparkle shipping fanfic that I decided to write on a whim. If people outside of PoIR want to take a look, please pass on messages to me so that I can see about putting up a copy on Pastebin.

"Patchouli. Patchouli, my dear. Is something the matter?"

Blinking rapidly after being addressed by a familiar voice, Patchouli Knowledge snapped out of a reverie, turning towards the one who called out to her. As the purple-haired magician's senses refocused on her surroundings, she realized that her good friend Remilia Scarlet had been the one who addressed her, doing so after she became distracted while having afternoon tea in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's dining room.

"You look unwell, Patchouli." Remilia spoke, giving the magician a concerned look while sipping her tea delicately from it's cup. "Perhaps the tea is not to your liking?"

Patchouli's cheeks flushed slightly at her friend's words, and she quickly responded by shaking her head. "No, there was nothing wrong with my tea." she said, lowering her own cup, which she then had remembered was still hovering close to her lips. "It was something else... a strange feeling that came over me for a moment."

Remilia took another sip of her cup, then regarded Patchouli's explanation with a thoughtful expression. "Hmm. I cannot say that I felt anything peculiar just now, my good friend. I would have said that perhaps you were mistaken, but I place a great deal of trust in your intuition. If something is amiss, then one of our servants shall hasten to make us aware of the situation."

Right on cue, the space beside Remilia's chair rippled and distorted as the Scarlet Devil Mansion's head maid suddenly manifested out of thin air, using time and space manipulation in order to make her appearance. Ever prim and proper, Sakuya Izayoi graciously bowed first before speaking. "Milady, forgive me for interrupting your teatime with Lady Patchouli, but it appears that we have something of interest that landed on our doorstep."

Patchouli listened quietly as Sakuya reported her news to Remilia, sipping her tea. Just as she and her friend had expected, she had been right all along about the sensation she had felt earlier. Looking at Remilia again, she said, "And now we have just been notified. What next?"

"Why Patchouli, surely our next move would be obvious to one such as you." Remilia replied playfully, showing a rather amused expression as she gracefully rose from her chair. "Sakuya, do be a kind dear and lead us to this thing you speak of? I would like to see what it is, and I am most certain that Patchouli would like to see it too."

"Right this way, Milady." Sakuya replied, bowing slightly. Following her friend's lead, Patchouli got up from her own seat and turned to follow the maid, who then led her and Remilia out of the dining room and into the Scarlet Devil Mansion's spacious and elegantly decorated living room. Inside the living room, Patchouli soon found herself standing beside a sofa that had been turned into a makeshift bed. However, what drew the magician's attention was not the sofa itself, but the one who had been laid there.

On the sofa rested the figure of a young woman, her apparent age falling somewhere between late teens and early adulthood. She had a fair complexion and was slight of build, slender but with no apparent inclination for physical exercise. Her features were attractive in a simple manner, with a slightly dishevelled mane of long, slate-blue hair framing that naturally beautiful face. Patchouli noticed, however, that the girl had a bright streak of pink running along her hair, but more unusual than that was the single violet horn that protruded from her forehead. The magician also noted that the girl on the sofa didn't seem to be wearing anything other than the blanket which had been draped over her peacefully slumbering form.

After studying the sleeping girl extensively, Patchouli turned towards Sakuya. "Explain to me who this is, and how she came here." she said. "I can sense a strong aura of magic surrounding this girl, and she clearly isn't human because of that horn upon her head."

Sakuya delivered her reply with an apologetic expression. "I'm afraid to say that there isn't much detail that I can tell you, Lady Patchouli. Meiling was the one who brought her here, and I told her to leave the girl on the sofa while I fetched a blanket to cover her with. Meiling says, however, that there was a bright flash of light just moments before she saw this girl."

"How very interesting." Remilia remarked, turning to Patchouli. "Well, my dear magician, it seems that you were not the only one to have sensed strange phenomena around the mansion this afternoon. A surge of energy, a flash of light, the appearance of this mysterious horned girl... do tell me what you make of this situation."

Patchouli glanced towards Remilia for a moment, then ran her gaze across the sleeping girl once again. "It seems to me that this girl here is the answer to what has been going on this afternoon." she began, finding herself unable to remove her gaze from the girl in question. "I believe that she may have used magic to make herself appear at our doorstep. Teleportation may explain the sudden surge of power that I felt moments ago, and that in turn may have been accompanied by the flash of light our gate guard witnessed."

Remilia rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Hmm. Most logical, just the sort of answer I would have expected." she said. "Well then, what do you make of our guest herself? What do you think she is?"

Patchouli paused, her eyes drifting towards the girl's horn. "I would say that she were an oni, but then, there are other creatures in Gensokyo that sport horns as well." She turned suddenly, looking towards Sakuya. "Before you covered her with a blanket, what other unusual features did you see on her body?" she asked.

Sakuya closed her eyes and cleared her throat slightly before answering. "The horn was the first thing I noticed, Lady Patchouli." she replied. "However, I did notice two other things. First, upon both of her thighs, I saw a marking which looked like a large six-pointed star surrounded by five smaller ones. Second, I noticed that she had a tail, one which resembled that of a horse's. It happens to be the same color as her hair, Lady Patchouli. Even down to that pink line."

"I see." Patchouli said, nodding at the maid's description. "In that case, she is a creature that I have never seen before here in Gensokyo. I wish to study her further and to consult the books in my library." She looked at Sakuya and Remilia both, "Please have her brought down to my room in the library. I will hold myself responsible for her care."
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