A Log of My Dreams

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A Log of My Dreams

Postby Nitori Kawashiro » 10 Apr 2011 18:12

After sharing a couple over the IRC, I decided to make a section here devoted to the crazy dreams I tend to have. So, let's start off with the one I had last night:


I was making tapioca for old hag Yukari when suddenly Tewi burst in through the door.

She screamed something incoherent and gave Yukari a heart attack. Tewi acquired the power to create gaps and gapped my tapioca into a toilet. I had a sad face.

She then gapped me into the toilet as well, and I was flushed down before falling into the sewer which was also the home of Gabe Newell.

He gave me a cream soda, but I didn't want it, so i denied. He went rage mode and ate me. I then fell through darkness and landed on a hill.

It was then I realized this hill was actually a sleeping Rumia. I played the Poke Flute and Rumia woke up and started dancing.

However, her dancing shook the earth and split Europe in two. I threw the poke flute into her eyes and she exploded into gooey confetti.

I then watched Saxton Hale use his own snot rocket to superglue Europe back together. Saxton Hale became the Hero of Europe and subjected them to his evil marketing schemes. From then on, Europe was known as Australia 2.

I fled a cruel, unforgiving life of ads in Australia 2 and made a residence in Greenland, where I realized Koakuma was working as a hotel employee. I asked her why, and turns out she was Koakuma's 68th sister-in-law.

I fell in love with her and got married. But on the marriage day, a person who looked exactly like Patchouli wearing a paper mask (so it obviously wasn't Patchouli) flew in and murdered my new wife.

In rage, I canceled this Patchouli-lookalike's entry into the Librarian of the Year ceremonies. She cried and exploded into tears of sorrow. I laughed maniacally before drunken Heavy smashed me with rubber chicken that had the head of an Alice yukkuri.

I then woke up and fell out of bed. My thigh still hurts X_X
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Re: A Log of My Dreams

Postby Patchouli Knowledge » 11 Apr 2011 03:12

A Locked Diary: Patchouli's Secret Journal
Spellcards: Patchouli Knowledge

Patchy's IRC channel: #Patchy's_Library at irc.darkmyst.org
Patchy's PbP forum: http://ronintorch.fallenash.com
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Re: A Log of My Dreams

Postby Rumia » 11 Apr 2011 18:06

i is confetti
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