To My Dear Enemy

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To My Dear Enemy

Postby Nitori Kawashiro » 10 Feb 2011 19:28

To My Dear Enemy
The passion to kill her is strong, she craves that one way that was eluded from her for so long.
She walked through the field of lilies, no harm coming to her ancient yet elegant form from the various, vulgar venoms which lurked within the beautiful lilies. An abandoned doll watched warily as she walked through the field, but did nothing; it resumed its daily doings after she had gone. The immortal ignored the doll and moved on.

The lilies started to fade away from the scenery around her as she exited the field, and before her was a vast, murky river. An eerie, dense fog blanketed the river on this night; the water was still and there was no sound, as if everything around had been muted. Unafraid of death as she had always been, she walked onto the rickety wooden pier, awaiting something from the fog...

Moments passed, and a single brass coin was cascaded into the still water. The coin bounced off the surface like rubber and ripples passed out from the site of impact neatly. It then slowly sunk in as if the water was gelatenous. A light yet dark chime was heard in the distance, and a glowing orb became present in the fog, drawing nearer to the pier as if beckoned.

And then, another shape appeared; a wooden boat with nothing special about it. And then, yet another shape appeared; a figure holding a long object. This object was a curvy scythe that carved through the water gently with each stroke, urging the boat on bit by bit. The figure holding this scythe; none other than the Sanzu no Kawa ferryman, Onozuka Komachi.

"We welcome your donation...But why you?" The shinigami was stricken with confusion at the immortal figure that stood before them, eager on entering the land of judgment. "You have no business here in Higan, yet you persist on entering? What reasons do you have to see the Yama?" The immortal had no reasons that were reasonable; only a selfish desire.

The shinigami smirked smugly and stepped back in the boat. "Selfish desires are what she cures. Come aboard and I will take you." The immortal did not speak again for the rest of the journey; from stepping onto the small boat to disembarking on the shore which lay in front of that grand place; the court of Yamaxanadu.

The shinigami, leaving her beloved scythe by the boat, led the immortal deep within the palace; the palace that made heaven and hell one in the same. They didn't care though; their selfish desire was too strongly instilled into them to let anything such as these stunning surroundings to even distract them from their goal.

Stepping back from a doorway and gesturing towards it, the shinigami bid her farewells and returned to her duties...most probably. Gazing upon the large, ornate doors in front of her, she placed both palms against them and thrust forward. The doors started to slowly part and the light from countless candles flooded all over her.

In front of her: the court of the Yama. A large hall ornately decorated from top to bottom; there were candles everywhere. On the walls, on the floors, in mid-air, there were candles. They all held seals upon them...And within the center of the room, surrounded by pulsating orbs filled with sin and pessimism was the pedestal, at which the Yama was seated at.

Looking up from her work, she lowered her reading glasses and placed her hand firmly on the Rod of Remorse which sat neatly on her lap. She wasn't the largest figure...But this immortal was no fool when it came to knowing the sheer power this individual possessed. "You...Are not welcome in this court. State your business now or leave."

The selfish request was heard out, which seemed like a royal joke to the judge, and she laughed out loud. "An impossible request. It cannot be done, even by me." But the immortal looked on with hard eyes, as if challenging the Yama. It was indeed a challenge; a challenge of willpower. The Yama stared back sternly...Their gazes locked firmly.

The orbs backed away to the sides of the hall, as if to give the two space. Their glares stayed firmly locked for a while; time was not well-kept thing in this portion of the world. The immortal did not become hesitant, they merely kept on staring, their eyelids not heavy at all. At last, the Yama chuckled at their resilience and closed her eyes.

"I see...That determination is stubborn. But that's what makes it stand out from all these sinners and low-lifes that deserve nothing more than a harsh sentence. You have no lifespan and have no end, yet you seek the way to end the endless. Your determination has shone to me, and I have responded to that signal."

The Yama held the rod firmly to her flat chest. "To slay what cannot be killed, to end what cannot be ended...Your selfish desire has been heard out, and now I will show you the answer you seek. But know well the consequences that this way you have chosen holds, and know well the horrors that lie upon this road that you have taken..."


The immortal flew in the clouds in the night sky with their answer and a new goal. They flew on and on for hours, seeking but one place in the entire land. Passing mountains, shrines and mansions, she reached the place of interest that she had sought all along; a secluded residence located somewhere along the Hakurei border...

There was nothing around but barren forest and eerie silence. Landing in front of the residence, the only sound that could be heard was her heavy breathing; exhaustion from such a long flight of searching. Striding forward, he fist flew up and rattled against the door. As expected, no answer. Clenching it tighter, she became prepared to thrust it forward hard...

The door slid open as she did; a kitsune looked at her with irritated eyes. "So uncivil...Why are you here?" The immortal described her adventure so far, and her intentions, which made the kitsune uneasy. "I see...She is resting at the moment. You shall need to return in a few cycles. I would carry out your request, but..."

Annoyed, the immortal grabbed the kitsune by the chest and shook them violently. They only panicked a little before pushing away the aggressor. Hesitating, she calmed the immortal down and led them into the homey residence. Passing through a domestic front room and sliding open a door, the kitsune gestured for the immortal to enter.

They entered this room; it was dark and noticeably roomier than the other rooms. However, it was void of any furniture or objects, save something which lay in the center...A table, with a cover. The kitsune walked over to the table, and firmly grasped it by the edge...The table flipped over through the air and landed with a thud.

A scantily dressed, blond haired yokai lay there, snoring. The immortal looked on, unamused. The kitsune sighed and nudged the yokai with her foot. "Master...I'm sorry to bother you pre-maturely, but I fear for my safety and Chen's, so please wake up." The yokai responded by turning onto her back, resuming her slumber.

The immortal grew impatient and took things into their own hands; they raised their leg and swung a kick in the yokai's direction. The kick had never landed; instead, they found themselves falling from the ceiling and landing square on their back. The gap that consumed them closed and the yokai stood up, groggy from tiredness but sharp in the eyes.

"For what conceivable reason do you intrude on my nap time?" The selfish request was uttered again, and the goal explained. The yokai licked her lips and giggled. "Well this is certainly a nice thing to wake up to. Sounds like something fun to start this pre-mature season of duties with." A gap within reality split open in front of them, garnished by red ribbons on its ends.

The immortal looked on through the gap and saw nothing. The yokai pushed her foot forward, and the immortal fell into darkness. The gap closed, and the yokai returned to her slumber. The kitsune merely sighed as response to the recent events and continued their duties...The immortal was alone now.

Falling, landing, and standing herself up, she looked around. The world was nothing but a dense, unforgiving mist that surrounded her; boxing her in. She walked forward for a while, but didn't seem to make any progress. She started running, then flying. The mist didn't move with her, and it didn't end. There was nothing; she wondered what now.

The moment such a thought entered her mind, a light dazzled in the corner of her eye. She gazed over at the flourescent light, and walked towards it; it was beautiful yet sinister. It beckoned her, yet drove her away. Nonetheless, she continued to approach it, disregarding the true danger that she had put herself into.

When the light was within touching distance, she reached out...But couldn't close the distance. Something was stopping her. And then, the light engulfed her. Her surroundings became an oddly colored, misty bamboo forest. Images and apparitions appeared before her, conceived from her memories...

They attacked her relentlessly, uttering quotes that she had heard many times before. She defended herself with waves of Danmaku and scores of Spellcards...A magic-happy witch, an irritable shrine maiden, a half-ghost gardener, an elegant maid...They all attacked first, but were all defeated. There was but one apparition left, and she was exhausted...

But she was determined to carry on and fight this last apparition; the image of her arch enemy.
The sky split apart, and within was the symbol that would decide the fate of this tale. Choose.

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