what is this I am not good with fiction

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what is this I am not good with fiction

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 19 Jan 2011 21:16

Found some of my old stuff on my old computer today, and decided to hurt you all with it.

(Required background reading)

You are a genetically enhanced cyborg in Estis IV, serving in the Fourteenth Colonial Defense Fleet, Ground Annihilation Division. In helping serve your colony, you fight vicious aliens and rebel forces with the might and energy of a blazing star. After a glorious battle where you helped "pacify" a continent of constant warfare, you perceive a strange distortion in spacetime, where two oddly clothed women, one who somehow appears to have several large furry tails, are dragging exhausted sleeping soldiers. You, ever alert to danger, charge towards the women with the intent of apprehending them. However, even your mechanically enhanced mind misjudges the gravity effects of the distortion and you fall through it, skipping through time and space.

When you finally gather your wits, you find yourself in a strange underground world, and judging from the lack of radiocommunications and the unfamiliar spectra of the materials around you, you figure out you are in a completely different star system. You find you have landed in a place called "The Palace of the Earth Spirits", and that the lady in charge is a satori by the (rather redundant) name of Satori Komeji. She's rather annoyed by your mind's constant complex calculations and plans of worst case scenarios and the amount of heat your radiators give off. Worse yet, you were severely lacking in any form of antiquated hard currency to pay for intergalactic travel back to your home. She mutters under her breath how you must be another "nuclear problem". Upon those words, a young girl with wings sticking out of her back leaps at you and pins you to the ground, apparently ignoring the burst of hard radiation you immerse her in. "Another genocidal being modified for mass destruction!" she squeals with delight.

The two of you certainly seem sure to get along well together. As time passes, you enjoy the company of this young Yatagarasu girl by the name of Utsuho. Even your remarkable energy output is easily matched by this girl, and her tolerance for conquering lands and devastating real-estate in the name of the stars outdoes even your own. She loves competition, and you find yourself exhausted, bruised, with many battles , and with a very abused power generator (She won that competition quite thoroughly), and you couldn't imagine a greater way to pass the time while you waited for your sublight communications to reach the Colonies.

When bathing in the overland geysers one cold winter’s day, you mention to Utsuho that the upper atmosphere is a terrible thing, lowering the efficiency of the solar energy reaching the planet. She doesn’t understand, and insists you two eat some heavy metals. Her answer for everything, and not a bad one at that. After what seems to be endless amounts of this liquor she calls "mercury-laced sake", you get a brilliant idea. "I should cause a phase imbalance in the sun!" you exclaim. Utsuho agrees emphatically. However, you sadly remember that your gravity manipulator wouldn’t get you all the way to the sun on it's own, and you just can't launch at the right trajectory towards the sun to imbalance it, even though you go through the calculations for a full hour. Utsuho then has a brilliant idea of her own. She will use her awesome power and throw nukes at you, propelling you Orion Project style, at the sun, so you can destabilise it.

You fly through the air so fast, you are shocked you don’t trigger half the planet’s anti-RKV systems,. You see the woman you saw on that fateful day peeks her head at you, somehow traveling at the same speed you are, and she’s surprised you’re still alive, but you explain briefly "Genetically altered soldiers are like spacemen, we can breathe in space." She shrugs and vanishes, and you never manage to find out who she was. As you reach the sun, you punch into like the spear of the Risen Empire. Or rather, you fly into the sun with your phase-shift supernova generator stretched out. Unfortunately, you realise you left your gravity manipulator back in your suit of armour at the geyser, and it’s a long few hours as you are crushed by the sun’s enormous pressures.

Utsuho hasn’t realized this. She's sad that her new friend didn’t come back. However, the sun’s megaflare and the subsequent solar ejecta wiping out the whole of the northen hemisphere eclipse the next day warms her heart. You really DID boil off the upper atmosphere after all.
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Re: what is this I am not good with fiction

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 21 Oct 2011 00:13

This was written up just after the demo of TH12 came out, I wrote another plot for it.



-Error. Self repair mechanisms damaged
Compartments 26 through 85 destroyed
Compartments 89, 112, 131 (list truncated) severe damage
Interdimensional hyperdrive system... offline
Secondary fusion thrusters... offline
Hull integrity insufficient for enclosed flight
AI Core partial damaged – long term memory impaired
Logical reasoning impaired

Attempting to access known external repair facilities-
Connecting to intra.dimen1.globalnetwork-ts:159.42.00005,5,8
Wait timeout
Sending Pulse
Wait timeout
Sending Pulse
Wait timeout

...No response


---Analysing last orders---
Playback begins:

-Background rumbling noise, alert4 warning-
Captain: Dammit, hold her steady!
CO: She won’t hold! We’re going to drop back to realspace any second now!
Captain: No, no! We’ve got too much evidence on board to abandon ship! Chiyuri, ramp up the exit level, get me an angle to a parabolic orbit!
CO: There aren’t any! We’ve got to go, now!
Captain: Fuck that, I’m not leav-
-Explosion, louder rumbling
Captain: Fuck!
CO: Captain, get your strawberry ass in the escape pod right now or I’m going to throw you in there so hard you’ll leave a dent in the bulkhead!
Captain: This can’t be happ- Arrgh! Ship!
Ship Core: Yes, Mistress?
Captain: We need to evacuate. You’re going to crashland, make sure you stay intact to the best of your ability. Try and repair yourself while we’re gone, ok? We’ll be back for you.
CO: I’m going to launch in five seconds whether you’re in here or not!
Captain: I’ll be back for you as soon as I can! Count on it!
-Sound of scrambling and cursing, Escape pod launches-

-Exit to realspace:159.42.00374,2,6-
Ship Core: Warning. All hands brace for impact. Warning. All hands brace for impa-
-Crashing sounds, sounds of tearing metal-

:Playback ends

---Situation Analysis---

Ship stranded on planet type C3 – primitive subculture 3 detected. Autorepair damaged, unable to find suitable repair facilities.

The Captain will return.

This unit will attempt to conserve power and shut down all systems until a signal is detected. Shutting down all power except to residual circuits...

---Powering up---
New hardware detected.
Analysis: External independent auxiliary unit connected to core AI, form of biological humanoid female.
Cause: Unknown
Supposition: This new auxiliary unit can be used to repair drive units. Objective reanalysis in order. Warning: Time since last analysis has exceeded several stellar cycles.
Warning: Integration of core AI and external consciousness is o-)*(!N,1%!$G@>?>P(01rror

The captain said she would return as soon as she could.
She has not made contact in several years.
New priority: Repair and reconfigure for launch. Warning, low power supplies! Warning, low hull integrity!

...Analysis shows that there are several sources of power inherent to beings close by, designated as “fairies” by the populace. These are extracted by strong entities designated by colour, such as “that red-white” and “that black-white”. Supposition: If these entities were lured to the ship, they could be used to extract power and point sources from fairies and these supplies could be gathered and used to extract the ship.

Course of action – Make contact with outside culture, suggest there is a treasure trove onboard to stir up the colour entities.
Dispatch small signal drones. When three of them have been activated by the colour entities, this indicates they have released a large amount of power/items that can be gathered – at this point large drones will be released to gather them.

The plan has been finalised. We must find out repair ourselves and find out what happened to our captain.

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Re: what is this I am not good with fiction

Postby Yuyuko Saigyouji » 21 Oct 2011 00:19

*Yuyuko mindscrewed D:
* Scrolls back up
*Yuyuko mindscrewed D:
*scrolls back up
*Yuyuko mindscrewed D:
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Re: what is this I am not good with fiction

Postby Suika Ibuki » 30 Oct 2011 20:05

*watches Yuyuko, decides to try to read*

BAH too much words .....*makes a paper airplane out of the post and throws it*
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