Remirinya and Flanyan

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Remirinya and Flanyan

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 22 Nov 2012 04:50

Here are the first PM conversation I after playing around in a testchannel for awhile.

16:31 Remirinya get me some tea
16:32 Sakuya_Izayoi what kind of tea would you like?
16:32 Remirinya sakuya, bring me tea
16:32 Sakuya_Izayoi You have to tell me what kind first.

16:39 Remirinya likes pudding
16:39 Sakuya_Izayoi I know you like pudding
16:39 Remirinya pudding
16:40 Sakuya_Izayoi delicious pudding
16:40 Remirinya pudding uu~
16:40 Sakuya_Izayoi you're so cute

And a bit from Flanyan after I let it loose in #touhou...

20:33 Sakuya_Izayoi so, how are all of you doing?
20:33 Flanyan i will kill you all kyuu~
20:33 Aya_Shameimaru got a slight headach...
20:33 Zelinko ...
20:33 Aya_Shameimaru ...
20:33 Zelinko Sakuya
20:33 Arikado public holiday here.
20:33 Zelinko Its already reached BUN levels
20:33 Flanyan it's already sounding lewd
20:33 Arikado yaha.
20:33 Kaguya-hime pfft
20:33 Aya_Shameimaru Now it's reached bun level
20:34 Zelinko Yep.
20:34 Zelinko Who's been teaching it with PMs
20:34 Fujiwara_no_Mokou XD
20:34 *** Parsee_Mizuhashi quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:34 Flanyan death is teaching explosions
20:34 Zelinko ... So Bun's a pervert
20:34 Zelinko Flanyan is a psychopath
20:35 Aya_Shameimaru go play with Mokou, bot
20:35 Flanyan and go on a quest to discover who's the best at it in gensokyo
20:35 Fujiwara_no_Mokou XD
20:35 Sakuya_Izayoi why should it play with mokou?
20:36 Aya_Shameimaru because if it kyuu's mokou, Mokou can just respawn
20:36 Flanyan mokou is fluffy
20:36 Sunny_Beta Aww <3
20:36 Flanyan aww <3
20:36 Fujiwara_no_Mokou D'awwwww
20:36 Fujiwara_no_Mokou hugs Flan
20:36 Fujiwara_no_Mokou Mean people want her to kyuu me, but she just wants to hug~
20:36 Fujiwara_no_Mokou XD
20:37 Flanyan kyuu fluffy enemies
20:37 Sunny_Beta XD!!!
20:37 Sunny_Beta It's a trap!
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Re: Remirinya and Flanyan

Postby Kaguya Houraisan » 05 Jan 2013 22:29

Several parts of another session that took place a few days ago. Here are some gems.

(18:33) <Sick_Puppy>the bun is self aware...
(18:33) <Flanyan>you're a bun
(18:33) <Sick_Puppy>i'm not a bun!
(18:33) <Kaguya-hime>xD
(18:33) <Sick_Puppy>you're a bun!
(18:33) <Kaguya-hime>lol
(18:33) <Kaguya-hime>Flanyan is nuts, though.
(18:33) <Suika_Ibuki>just take it easy, Sakuya~
(18:33) <Kaguya-hime>You can't REASON with her?
(18:33) <Sick_Puppy>oh god i'm arguing with it...

(18:39) <Sick_Puppy>flanyan is a homicidal maniac
(18:39) <Sick_Puppy>remirinya is just... cute! <3
(18:39) <Hiro|AnimeWatching>No love for flancat? XD
(18:39) <Toshino_Kyouko>they're both silly buns! x3
(18:40) <Sick_Puppy>i tried to give it love
(18:40) <Flanyan>give it time..
(18:40) <Sick_Puppy>... that was a little too coherent

(19:22) <Flanyan>miserable little pile of nipah!
(19:23) <Toshino_Kyouko>uwahh, Flanyan is mean D:

(20:24) <Flanyan>kaguya is a save scummer

(20:27) <Flanyan>kkkkk makes me think of insect laughter which really creeps

(21:04) <Flanyan>just need to be my friend? kyuu~
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Re: Remirinya and Flanyan

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 05 Jan 2013 22:51

This also happened awhile back...

15:25 Kaguya-hime Flanyan, I am a delicious hime.
15:25 Kaguya-hime Delicious hime goes...
15:25 *** Hiromitsu_Miyamoto is now known as Hiro|AnimeWatching
15:26 Setvilioux pouncenoms Kagsy
15:26 Aya_Shameimaru wingnoms Set
15:26 Sick_Puppy kagsy the reply rate is set to like 7%
15:26 Sick_Puppy she's not gonna kyuu you
15:26 Flanyan delicious hime goes kyuu
15:27 Sick_Puppy ... fuck you flanbun
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