Spellcards: Momiji Inubashiri

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Spellcards: Momiji Inubashiri

Postby Momiji Inubashiri » 23 Nov 2012 06:48

Momiji Inubashiri
Mountain's Telegnosis

In Momiji’s eyes, fighting is a way of life. It is something that she always takes seriously, even when fighting someone in practice or for fun. When in combat, she fights as if her life depends on it, regardless of the circumstances. Her dedicated training in sword and shield combat has, however, held her back since the popularization of the spellcard system, as Momiji is used to defending until she is able to end the battle in one stroke, something that does not work well in danmaku fights. Slowly, though, the white wolf tengu is adapting, learning both to fire danmaku through her sword and to use her weapons in melee combat without violating the spellcard rules.

In melee combat, Momiji's sword and shield move in quick, graceful arcs, striking and blocking in harmony. Sometimes, though, she adopts a more aggressive stance, thrusting with her sword and deflecting attacks with her shield, rather than blocking them head-on. At a distance, Momiji will still prefer blocking to defend against her opponent’s attacks, and her own attacks, incorporating her sword techniques, primarily revolve around wide waves of danmaku bullets, often fired while spinning to discourage her opponent from attempting a back attack.

HP: 30/30
Atk: 1|Def: 2|Evd: -1

Dog Sign [Rabies Bite]
Momiji slashes twice, firing two clusters of danmaku that spread out before homing in on the target from either side.
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (User) Roll attack twice, use the higher roll. (3 SP)

Instinct [Furious Defense]
Using magic to enhance her already acute senses, Momiji is able to find the weakest point in almost any bullet pattern and break through, blocking incoming bullets with sword and shield.
Defensive Effect: Barrier Type (User) +2 Defense this turn. (3 SP)

Spirit Sword [Heavenly Dog’s Fang]
Momiji channels a large amount of energy into her sword, causing it to glow a pale blue, before rushing her opponent with a precisely aimed thrust of her sword, repeating for the duration of the spell card. The energy in her sword is densely packed, and discharges into the target on contact, with potentially devastating results if aimed correctly.
Offensive Effect: Critical Type (User) Gains +3 Attack if attack roll is 8 or higher, not counting your Atk stat. (4 SP)
Offensive Effect: Spirit Drain Type (Target) Lose 1d6 SP. (4 SP)

Tengu Sign [Absolute Wind Barrier]
Pushing herself to her limit, Momiji channels an enormous amount of energy through her shield, to the point where the wind created by the dispersal of the shield’s energy can deflect some attacks on its own. This defense is all but unbreakable.
Defensive Effect: Border Type (User) Defense roll becomes 2d6 this turn. (5 SP)
Defensive Effect: Nullify Type (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (5 SP)

Mountain Nomad [Expellee’s Canaan]
Momiji’s most powerful spell card. She performs a long series of spinning sword slashes, switching direction several times over the course of the attack. It can be used as a devastating melee attack, or to scatter a virtual hurricane of danmaku bullets.
Offensive Effect: Full Power Type (User) Attack roll becomes 1d6+6 this turn. If opponent's defense roll is lower than half the user's attack roll, opponent takes +1 damage. (5 SP)
Offensive Effect: Dense Type (User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (5 SP)
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