Spellcards: Reimu Hakurei

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Spellcards: Reimu Hakurei

Postby Reimu Hakurei » 18 Mar 2012 01:35

Reimu Hakurei
Wonderful, Eternal Shrine Maiden of the Five Hindrances/Paradise

Reimu's philosophy on fighting is neither complicated nor difficult. It's a means to an end, and frankly, kind of a pain in the ass. But then, most things are to that kind of carefree person. The spellcard rules as she wanted them established replaced some of the bareknuckle aspects of combat with fascinating light shows and charming patterns, and while she has a notable fondness for and interest in these, they still serve as a medium of her own lack of desire to put in real effort towards exorcism as much as a medium of beauty.

One should not be mistaken - Reimu is extremely powerful when she gets it in her head to do something, strong enough to stop nearly any being in Gensokyo in their tracks. Her ability to fly barely scratches the surface of her capability as the Hakurei shrine maiden, and even if rather lazily thrown, her needles and ofuda are something to be feared.

All that said, putting in more effort than necessary, even in a battle for Gensokyo's future, is not something she tends toward. Not unlike Yuuka Kazami, Reimu puts forth exactly enough effort to match her opponent and no more, and unlike most other beings in Gensokyo, she has the luxury of being able to call for a rematch if she loses, and will do so shamelessly. After all, a great disaster would befall Gensokyo if the Hakurei maiden were ACTUALLY killed.

In terms of ability, Reimu excels in most any area she sets her mind to, and most areas that she doesn't. It can be frustrating to watch her effortlessly drift between colored balls and lasers and whatever-else as she bombards her targets with needles and ofuda, seemingly never stopping and childishly calling a re-do even if she loses. Even more worrying, though, is the rare occasion where she puts her mary jane down and decides that whatever nonsense is going on must stop, then and there. At that point, she becomes a single-minded exorcism machine, a force equal to or greater than those nameless miko that came before her that alone stood against the brutal nature of Gensokyo.

When serious, Reimu's casual floating around stops, and she uses her abilities to their fullest, along with assistance from whatever gods she can call upon and the power of the Hakurei Barrier itself. She has no qualms about using sneaky, underhanded, or just plain unfair tactics to destroy whatever threatens her friends or her home. It's quite a different miko from even the one who flies around resolving incidents, and one only the most powerful residents of Gensokyo have witnessed in full.

HP: 40/40
Atk: 0|Def: 0|Evd: 0|

Jewel Sign [Concealed Orbs of Light]
Bouncing yin-yang orbs, tested and proven to destroy any bricklike tile they come into contact with.
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (3 SP) - Roll attack twice, use the higher roll.

Dream Sign [Evil Sealing Circle]
A simple exorcism technique that Reimu can perform with almost no effort.
Offensive Effect: Restrict Type (4 SP) - Opponent cannot evade the next attack.

Divine Arts [Omnidirectional Demon-Binding Circle]
A complicated exorcism that seals away humans and demons alike.
Offensive Effect: Pressure Type (4 SP) - Spellcards cost 2 more SP to cast for 3 turns.
Defensive Effect: Stance Type (3 SP) - Roll both defense and evade and select either this turn.

Border World [Hakurei Danmaku Bounded Field]
A card that tears and twists the fabric of reality. One mustn't doubt ofuda spam.
Offensive Effect: Trick Type (4 SP) - +2 attack if the opponent attempts to evade next attack.
Defensive Effect: Counter Type (4 SP) - If evasion is successful, add half of the opponent's attack roll rounded down to your attack roll this turn.

Divine Spirit [Fantasy Seal -Blink-]
Reimu floats above reality; a sure sign that she is tired of an encounter.
Defensive Effect: Survival Type (5 SP) - Evasion becomes 2d10 this turn.

Eternal Shrine Maiden [Fantasy Temperament]
An unbeatable spell card; the pinnacle of Reimu's natural and inherited power. ZUN Goku Satsu.
Offensive Effect: Full-Power Type (5 SP) - Attack roll becomes 1d6+6 this turn, if the opponent's defense roll is lower than half the attack roll, +1 damage
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