Spellcards: Yumemi Okazaki

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Spellcards: Yumemi Okazaki

Postby Yumemi Okazaki » 17 Nov 2011 01:21

Yumemi Okazaki
Fantasy Legend

HP: 25
Atk: 2|Def: 1|Evd: 0

Proton Sign "Dream Bomb"
By controlling the electrical particles around her, Yumemi creates several destructive energy bombs to send at her opponent.
Offensive Effect: Spread Type (Target) -2 Evade this turn. (3 SP)

Strawberry Sign "Strawberry Cross"
Yumemi's trademark move utilizing her trademark weapon. While used primarily as a powerful throwing weapon, it has a wide range of other uses in battle.
Offensive Effect: Critical Type (User) Gains +3 Attack if attack roll is 8 or higher, not counting your Atk stat. (4 SP)

Dream Shot "Crimson Burst"
An immense charge of electrical matter condensed into the form of one red orb. Very powerful, but a bit unstable.
Offensive Effect: Dense Type (User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (5 SP)

Safeguard "Strawberry Barrier"
Your typical electromagnetic field used to defend against attacks.
Defensive Effect: Barrier Type (User) +2 defense this turn. (3 SP)

Dual Arms "Double Cross"
An upgraded version of Yumemi's Strawberry Cross. While weaker then it's predecessor, it covers a wider range and has a higher hit rate.
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (User) Roll attack twice, use the higher roll. (3 SP)

Pseudo-Magic "Fantasy Legend"
Enhancing the body's speed and overall reaction time through science is an easy feat for someone like Yumemi. Of course, it DOES have it's drawbacks...
Defensive Effect: Acceleration Type (User) +4 Evade this turn. -2 Evade for the next 3 turns. (4 SP)

Breakdown "Magical Position of Science"
While Yumemi can't use magic, she can still break it down with science. Anyone within range of it's effects will find themselves having a hard time using spells.
Offensive Effect: Spirit Drain Type (Target) Lose 1d6 SP. (4 SP)
Defensive Effect: Nullify Type (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (5 SP)
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Yumemi Okazaki
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