Spellcards: Shinki

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Spellcards: Shinki

Postby Shinki » 21 Sep 2011 02:40

Goddess of Devil’s World

Shinki views Danmaku battles as another outlet to stave off boredom, and as such she had come up with an impressive array of varied spellcards from her own magical repertoire, if only to fill her time. Even if she’s quite inexperienced in the matter of the Danmaku duels themselves, having only learned about its existence while watching a casual duel between two youkais, Shinki is nevertheless capable of more than holding her own in a duel. She treats the battle itself as a game, so she would have her own ‘on and off’ phase in her attitude concerning danmaku battle themselves. Suffice to say if she’s bored she’ll jump at the first chance of battle that anyone’s giving her.

In the battle itself, Shinki uses her impressive knowledge of magic into good use, alternating between peppering her opponent with Danmaku and setting up large magical barriers in order to block or nullify her opponent’s attack. If she’s on one of her ‘interested’ phases, she tends to get overexcited easily, calling off her attack’s name or a frequent tendency to make certain moments feel overdramatic, such as when she calls one of her more impressive spellcards. To be fair though, her more impressive spellcards are impressive.

HP: 30/30
Atk: 1 Def: 2 Evd: -1

Makaian Magic [Makaian Light Show]
Formerly nameless, this magic conjures forth a homing concentrated mass of energy that will home on the enemy. The mass of energy has a difficult time turning sharply though.
Type: Homing Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: Roll attack twice, use the higher roll.
Cost: 3 SP

Creation [Anything-Goes Impediment]
Instantly conjures something in order to block the enemy’s bullets, examples include: walls, shields, or even road rollers.
Type: Barrier Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: +2 Defense this turn.
Cost: 3 SP

Great Fortress [Pandemonium]
A replication of the corridors of Pandemonium. It can be used as defensive or offensive option, its walls as impediment or trapping the enemy in one of its maze-like corridors.
Type: Armor Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: Take no damage if your defense is equal or higher than your opponent's attack. Lasts 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Type: Restrict Type (Offensive, Target)
Effect: Cannot evade next attack
Cost: 4 SP

Creation [Loophole]
Opens up a hole in space where her opponent’s attack can go and disappear. Hmm? Where it leads to you say? Who knows? Maybe it’ll show up in front of your house in a few days. It can’t be used rapidly due to complains.
Type: Acceleration Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: +4 Evade this turn. -2 Evade for the next 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Forbidden Magic [Demon Goddess’ Advent]
An orderly mess of projectiles and lasers, a paradox of destruction, etc. And yes, Shinki is actually okay with this.
Type: Dense Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP

Genesis Sign [Absolutely Terrifying Field]
An impenetrable field fueled by the suffering of children everywhere. Or so she says. In reality it’s nothing more than a supremely-strong barrier, as if that’s less impressive than the previous. Lasts a bit too short for comfort though.
Type: Nullify Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll.
Cost: 5 SP

Creation [Happy Fun Ball, Over The World Wall]
The Breaker of the Great Barrier, The Menace of Gensokyo. Well, okay, it was stopped before it can do anything of that sort, but really, would you want to be in its path if it’s thrown at you?
Type: Lunatic Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP
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