Spellcards: Mima

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Spellcards: Mima

Postby Mima » 16 Jul 2011 22:58

Vengeful Ghost

HP: 30/30
Atk: +2|Def: -1|Evd: +1|

Cosmic Bombardment [Oort Cloud]
Fills the sky with a seemingly endless rain of comets. The intensity of the barrage leaves Mima's opponent with few opportunities to counterattack.
Offensive Effect: Pressure Type (Target) Spellcards cost 2 SP more to cast. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Celestial Wings [Evil Field]
Mima's wings aren't just for show. She can achieve impressive speeds by channeling large amounts of magical energy through them.
Defensive Effect: Speed Type (User) +2 Evade this turn. (Cost 3 SP)

Great Attractor [Black Hole]
Direct contact with this singularity would be a bit too much for a spellcard duel, but its gravity can still immobilize Mima's enemies.
Offensive Effect: Restrict Type (Target) Cannot evade the next attack. (Cost 4 SP)

Heavenly Restoration [Dark Nebula]
Faint glints of starlight can be seen within an ominous shroud of darkness. This magical nebula heals Mima as long as she remains immersed in it.
Defensive Effect: Healing Type (User) Recover 5 HP this turn. (Cost 4 SP)

Stellar Cataclysm [Supernova]
Mima generally doesn't mind collateral damage, and this tremendous explosion certainly proves it, destroying everything around her in a blinding flash of light.
Offensive Effect: Dense Type (User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Ethereal Phantasmagoria [Wild Phantom Spirit Dance]
This spellcard shows off Mima's natural abilities as a spirit, combining invisibility and intangibility in a way that makes her nearly impossible to hit.
Defensive Effect: Survival Type (User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Magical Astronomy [Galactic Orrery]
Countless magical spheres materialize in the form of a swirling galaxy and rain destruction on Mima's foe. The sheer number of projectiles makes evasion very difficult.
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Ultimate Magic [Twilight Spark]
Mima's terrifying trump card combines magical and cosmic energies to create a truly enormous beam with unrivaled destructive power. Even a glancing blow from this spellcard is devastating.
Offensive Effect: Full-Power Type (User) Attack roll becomes 1d6+6. If opponent's defense roll is lower then half the user's attack roll, opponent takes +1 damage. (Cost 5 SP)
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