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Spellcards: Chen

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2011 21:49
by Chen
What, in Gensokyo, separates danmaku from other games like hide-and-seek, freeze tag, or pandron running? To some youkai, the difference is that danmaku has a magical significance; that it is a contest of power, will, or purpose used to settle great conflicts. To Chen, though, the only quality that sets danmaku apart from other games is that it's the most fun! Chen likes friendly games of danmaku play, where the spellcards are designed with frenetic fun first and foremost, and bullets don't hurt more than a little pinch on the leg.

With that in mind, Chen doesn't use black magic that much in spellcard games, unless it's to make her friend just a little bit more likely to fumble and brush against a bullet!

Many of Chen's spellcards involve her zooming around in addition to whoever's trying to dodge it. This is simply because Chen doesn't want to just sit around and fire when it's her turn, and instead insists on having fun both on the attack and the defense.

Also, because of her shikigami link, Chen gets stronger when she's helping Ran out or when she's near her. This doesn't change her motive- the only difference is that her spellcard patterns are just a teensy bit denser.

Chen Yakumo
Hyperactive Monster Cat

HP: 25/25
Atk: 1 |Def: 0|Evd: 2

Wizard Sign "Phoenix Egg"
Phoenix eggs make great explosive projectiles, but they're also delicious. Don't tell Mokou I stole these.
Defensive effect: Healing Type: (User) Recover 5 HP (Cost: 4 SP)
Offensive effect: Destructive Type: (User) +3 Attack this turn. Take 1d6 direct damage. (Cost: 4 SP)

Cat Monster "Chen"
Zoom! Faster than the speeding danmaku, it's Chen the cat! Wahoooo!
Offensive Effect: Spread Type: (Target) -2 Evade this turn. (Cost: 3 SP)

Shikigami Sign "Pentagram Flight"
Chen dashes through the air, tracing five-pointed stars and spirals to confuse the opponent.
Defensive effect: Speed Type: (User) +2 Evade this turn. (Cost: 3 SP)

Star Sign "Jumping Crossing Scale"
Zig, zag, run away!
Defensive effect: Acceleration Type: (User) +4 Evade this turn. -2 Evade for the next 3 turns. (Cost: 4 SP)

Oni Sign "Konjin of the Demon's Gate"
Bad luck worse than shattering seven mirrors drains the opponent of energy.
Offensive effect: Damage Type: (Target) At the start of each turn, lose 1 HP. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost: 4 SP)

Circumlocution Sign "Flying Tourbillon"
When the going gets tough, go in a different direction.
Defensive effect: Border Type: (User) Defense roll becomes 2d6 this turn. (Cost: 5 SP)
Defensive effect: Survival Type: (User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost: 5 SP)