Spellcards: Shizuha Aki

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Spellcards: Shizuha Aki

Postby Shizuha Aki » 09 Jul 2011 22:47

Shizuha Aki
Symbol of Loneliness and Death

HP: 35/35
Atk: 0|Def: -1|Evd: +2

Leaf Sign [Falling Leaves of Madness]
A shower of sharply curving falling leaves. The wind scatters them unpredictably; you can't tell what you'll get.
Offensive Effect: Focus Type (Target) -2 Defense this turn. (3 SP)
Offensive Effect: Spread Type (Target) -2 Evade this turn. (3 SP)

Autumn Sign [Falling Blast]
A violent shaking of the trees, so the leaves fall down in heaps.
Defensive Effect: Counter Type (User) If evasion is successful, add half of your opponent's attack roll, rounded down to the nearest whole number, to your attack roll this turn. (4 SP)

Wilted Path [Lost Windrow]
A path through a forest, as leaves rain down upon you. Don't get off the path!
Offensive Effect: Restrict Type (Target) Cannot evade the next attack. (4 SP)
Defensive Effect: Protection Type (User) +4 Defense this turn. -2 Defense for the next 3 turns. (4 SP)

Divine Overreach [Maple Syrup]
Maple syrup scatters everywhere! As tasty as it is dangerous. Best used in winter.
Defensive Effect: Healing Type (User) Recover 5 HP this turn. (4 SP)

Divine Overreach [Cherry Blossoms]
Cherry blossoms fall from the trees. Won't Yuyuko get upset at this? Best used in spring.
Defensive Effect: Survival Type (User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (5 SP)

Divine Overreach [Acorn Gathering]
Hundreds of nuts fall from the trees. Watch your head! Best used in summer.
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn. (5 SP)
Shizuha's Journal
<Kogasa> 1d100 Shizuha is wonderful
<Director> Kogasa, Shizuha is wonderful: 100 [1d100=100]
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Shizuha Aki
Main Character

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