Spellcards: Yumeko

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Spellcards: Yumeko

Postby Yumeko » 09 Jul 2011 22:46

Makaian Maid

As the strongest child of Shinki, Yumeko is quite proud of her strength. She doesn't hold back against opponents no matter who they are, weak or strong. She isn't quick to start a fight herself, but if provoked she's more than capable of losing her temper, especially if the person provoking her is particularly annoying. She uses her ability to create things to make most of her projectiles, be they blades, spears, maces, or anything else. She can even create armor or shields to block a small amount if necessary.

HP: 30/30
Atk: 2|Def: 0|Evd: 0|

Creation[Storm of Swords]
Yumeko accurately throws a series of swords, along with a line of daggers that home in.
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (User)Roll attack twice, use the higher roll.(Cost 3 SP)

Creation[Steel Hail]
Wave after wave of danmaku is released in all directions, attempting to flood the opponent with sheer numbers.
Offensive Effect: Spread Type (Target)-2 Evade this turn.(Cost 3 SP)
Offensive Effect: Dense Type (User)Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn.(Cost 5 SP)

Creation[Iron Corridor]
Keeping the opponent between two walls of swords, Yumeko tries to surprise them with attacks through the wall.
Offensive Effect: Trick Type (User)+2 Attack if opponent attempts to evade next attack.(Cost 3 SP)
Offensive Effect: Critical Type (User)Gains +3 Attack if attack roll is 8 or higher, not counting your Atk stat.(Cost 4 SP)

Yumeko creates a great shield on the spot to absorb some incoming damage.
Defensive Effect: Barrier Type (User)+2 Defense this turn.(Cost 3 SP)

Makaian Magic[Maiden's Grace]
Dodging by a hair's breadth, Yumeko tries to strike while the enemy is still busy attacking.
Defensive Effect: Counter Type (User)If evasion is successful, add half of your opponent's attack roll, rounded down to the nearest whole number, to your attack roll this turn.(Cost 4 SP)

Yumeko temporarily materializes a suit of armor to help withstand blows.
Defensive Effect: Armor Type (User)Take no damage if your defense is equal or higher than your opponent's attack. Lasts 3 turns.(Cost 4 SP)
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