Spellcards: Sariel

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Spellcards: Sariel

Postby Sariel » 09 Jul 2011 22:44

The Angel of Death

As Sariel is the Angel of Death, she has been around for a very long time. Because of this, combat is not something she is unused to. Far from it. It is however, something that she tries to avoid; preferring peaceful solutions to violent ones. Of course, Gensokyo being Gensokyo, she really doesn't get much of a choice in the matter. When forced into battle The Angel of Death utilities her immense knowledge of the magical arts to match her opponent, trying to end the conflict swiftly and without hesitation. Prolonged combat however, lets Sariel's experience take over. She's been around a while, she's kicked some arse. Her attacks show this wholeheartedly.

In a battle, Sariel will try to stay on the offensive, spraying the battlefield with Danmaku. She does however, have the reaction time to put up magical barriers if she thinks that something will hit her, which, let's be honest, WILL happen. Having a wingspan such as hers makes one a very large target and somewhat hard to miss.

HP: 35/35
Atk: 2 Def: 0 Evd: -1

Misguidance “Wings of a fallen angel”
With a flap of her mighty wings, Feathers are scattered over the area, Blanketing the area and making her next attack hard to read.
Offensive Effect: Trick Type: (User) +2 Attack if opponent attempts to evade next attack. (Cost 3 SP)

Death “Embraced by shadows”
Shrouding herself in darkness akin to death, All attacks cease to be in this altered cloud.
Defensive Effect: Nullify Type: (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (Cost 5 SP)

Death “Glimpse of Purgatory”
An Illusion is born showing the dead silence of Purgatory, Some cannot handle everlasting nothingness, draining their will to continue.
Offensive Effect: Damage Type: (Target) At the start of each turn, lose 1 HP. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Apocalypse sign “Fire and Brimstone”
As memories of times long since past fill the Angel of Death, Her magic shows why she has held her title, saturating the area in cleansing flames.
Offensive Effect: Full-power Type: (User) Attack roll becomes 1d6+6 this turn. If opponent's defense roll is lower then half the user's attack roll, opponent takes +1 damage. (Cost 5 SP)

Resolution “The past cannot be undone”
The Past is a painful thing for one so long lived, Her fallen brethren will not have their names put to shame.
Defensive Effect: Survival Type: (User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Recuperation “Endless Magika”
Drawing power from the infinite magical well of the world itself Sariel Recharges her own reserves.
Defensive Effect: Healing Type: (User) Recover 5 HP this turn. (Cost 4 SP)

Barrier Sign “Wall of the Ancients”
Casting an age old spell that she learnt early on, she summons a strong magical barrier. This Angel will not fall easily.
Defensive Effect: Armour Type: (User) Take no damage if your defense is equal or higher than your opponent's attack. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Soul Sign “Umbra Infinitum”
Focusing on their soul, The Angel of death unleashes a concentrated barrage of hell.
Offensive Type: Focus Type: (Target) -2 Defense this turn. (Cost 3 SP)
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