Spellcards: Orange

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Spellcards: Orange

Postby Orange » 07 Jul 2011 23:13

Ordinary Youkai

Orange doesn't enjoy fighting, and often does her very best to avoid any sort of combat. Orange will only fight if left with no other option, or if in the very rare case that the usually calm youkai is angered severely. Being easily frightened, Orange would put her all into a fight, no matter who the opponent was. However, if the opponent for some reason was one of Orange's friends, she likely would be very hesitant, as she doesn't like it when others get hurt.

In a battle that pushes Orange to her absolute limit, she may demonstrate a startling rise in power, marked by her hair turning blue, and the usage of more complex danmaku patterns. Mind you, this is only more powerful than Orange in her normal state; most characters would be able fight (and likely defeat) her without any problems, even in this powered up state.

Orange is a relatively weak fighter, which is reflected in her style; a mainly defensive and evasive style, with little focus on actually damaging her opponent. Being a fairly ordinary youkai, Orange doesn't have any special powers; but she DOES have a baton! She can throw and swing it during certain attacks. As well as this, Orange's small size makes her somewhat more difficult to hit, something that is shown through her stats and evasive spellcards. While Orange might not enjoy fighting, she still has some attacks ready if she has no choice!

HP 30/30

Baton [Flying Iron Bar]
Orange throws her baton at her opponent with all her might!
Offensive Effect: Focus Type (Target); focuses an attack on one area, causing -2 def to the opponent on that turn. (Costs 3 SP)

Bravery Sign [Duck and Cower]
Orange curls up and fires bullets around her! But it might not work if she's too scared...
Offensive Effect: Spread Type (Target); gives -2 evade that turn. (Costs 3 SP)
Defensive Effect: Barrier Type (User); gives +2 defense that turn. (Costs 3 SP)

Concentrated Orange [Precision Dodge]
Orange focuses more, and puts more of her energy towards avoiding shots.
Defensive Effect: Graze Type (User); no damage is taken if evasion roll is equal or higher to the opponents attack. (Costs 3 SP)

Orange Parade [Flailing Iron Bar]
Orange flails her baton around in a panic!
Offensive Effect: Critical Type (User); gains +3 attack on that turn if the roll is 8 or higher. (Costs 4 SP)
Offensive Effect: Guard Break Type (User); gains +2 attack if opponent defends next attack. (Costs 3 SP)

Healing Sign [Magic Potion]
Orange drinks a small potion she brought from her home, to help regain some strength!
Defensive Effect: Healing Type (User); recovers 5 HP. (Costs 4 SP)

Great Orange [Missing Blue Power]
Orange's innate power awakens, turning her hair blue and unleashing a torrent of bullets!
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User); attack roll becomes 3d6 for that turn. (Costs 5 SP)
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