Spellcards: Aya Shameimaru

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Spellcards: Aya Shameimaru

Postby Aya Shameimaru » 03 Jul 2011 23:18

Aya Shameimaru
Tengu Reporter

HP: 25/25
ATK: 1|DEF: 0|EVD: 2

Headwind [Route Forbidden to Man]
Aya uses large gusts of wind to send chunks of debris at her opponent!
Offensive Effect: Pressure Type(Target) Spellcards cost 2 SP more to cast. Lasts 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Tengu Sign [Illusionary Dominance]
Extreme speed+Cutting winds= Scandalous shots!
Offensive Effect: Dense Type(User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP

Gust[Sarutahiko's Guidance]
Surrounding herself in a tornado, Aya hurls herself into the opponent with a full-out assault.
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP

Crossroad Sign [Saruta Cross]
A mass scatter of wind and bullets hides Aya.
Defensive Effect: Speed Type(User) +2 Evade this turn.
Cost: 3 SP

Tornado Sign [Indication to the Divine]
A tornado surrounding Aya diverts the incoming danmaku.
Defensive Effect: Graze Type(User) Take no damage if your evasion is equal or higher than your opponent's attack. Lasts 3 turns.
Cost: 3 SP

Cork Sign [Terukuni Throughout the World]
Surrounding herself in an orb of wind she strikes back with slicing bullets.
Defensive Effect: Counter Type:(User) If evasion is successful, add half of your opponent's attack roll, rounded down to the nearest whole number, to your attack roll this turn.
Cost: 4 SP

[Peerless Wind God]
Quick burst of wind propels Aya out of harm's way, leaves her disoriented afterwards.
Defensive Effect: Acceleration Type.(User) +4 Evade this turn. -2 Evade for the next 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Wind God [Storm Day]
Stormy winds can hide many things, a single tengu is quickly gone!
Defensive Effect: Survival Type(User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP
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Aya Shameimaru
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