Spellcards: Patchouli Knowledge

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Spellcards: Patchouli Knowledge

Postby Patchouli Knowledge » 25 Jun 2011 00:26

Patchouli Knowledge
Unmoving Great Library

Patchouli regards spellcard duels as a serious affair, seeing them less as an artistic sport, and more as a tool for taking advantage of whatever passes for a legal system in Gensokyo. This is not surprising, considering that she employs every conceivable trick in her books to protect her beloved library and to uphold the Scarlet Devil Mansion's reputation as a house to be reckoned with. It is even less surprising that, because of it's importance within Gensokyo, spellcards are a form of magic that the Unmoving Great Library has studied quite extensively, turning her into a formidable duelist in her own right.

Whatever her reasons for fighting, whether it be a spellcard duel or otherwise, the One-Week Wizard brings the power of her elemental magics to the battlefield. One might think that, due to the broad nature of her magical specialty, Patchouli's grasp of each individual element is shallow compared to others who have focused only on one, but that is not the case. Her control of each element is such that every single one of them is enough to let her hold her own in an unrestrained battle against all but a few of the most powerful residents of Gensokyo, and indeed, she often limits herself to a small subset of elements, depending on her mood, her opponent, or even the time of day. Each of the seven elements have different strengths and weaknesses, offering Patchouli a staggering number of possible attacks and defenses. Furthermore, she has mastered elemental magic to such a degree that it is even possible for her to fuse two elements within a single spell, allowing them to complement each other's strengths and creating unusual but powerful effects.

While it is certainly within her capabilities to batter her opponent into submission with the building blocks of creation, Patchouli simply uses that approach upon foes she has very little interest in fighting. In a battle that is more to her liking, Patchouli uses her elements to control the battlefield and to manipulate her opponent into making a mistake that she can exploit mercilessly. It is worth noting however, on account of her poor health, Patchouli conserves movement as much as possible. She will dodge incoming attacks if it is absolutely necessary for her to do so, but more often, she will rely on protective barriers to shield herself from harm. Patchouli also prefers to fight from a distance, but opponents who attempt closing in on her will find that she is rarely unprepared for that possibility.

HP: 30/30
Atk: 2|Def: 1|Evd: -1

Fire Metal Sign "St. Elmo's Pillar"
Synthesis of fire and metal. Creates a mass with high density and temperature. Strikes the ground and creates a pillar of flame from the enemy's feet.
Type: Guard Break Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: +2 Attack if opponent defends next attack.
Cost: 3 SP

Water Sign "Jellyfish Princess"
Creates a protective bubble shield. The bubble stops enemy attacks.
Type: Barrier Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: +2 Defense this turn.
Cost: 3 SP

Moon Wood Sign "Satellite Sunflower"
Independent attack from above. Shots of light move upwards in a spiral shape while scattering attacks downwards.
Type: Damage Type (Offensive, Target)
Effect: At the start of each turn, lose 1 HP. Lasts 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Sun Wood Sign "Photosynthesis"
Magic from the surrounding area gathers together and heals Patchouli.
Type: Healing Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: Recover 5 HP this turn.
Cost: 4 SP

Earth Metal Sign "Emerald Megalopolis"
Jeweled pillars rise from the earth and impale the opponent in succession.
Type: Armor Type (Defensive, User)
Effect: Take no damage if your defense is equal or higher than your opponent's attack. Lasts 3 turns.
Cost: 4 SP

Moon Sign "Silent Selene"
Condenses moonlight into arrows of light, shooting through everything in it's magic field.
Type: Spirit Drain Type (Offensive, Target)
Effect: Lose 1d6 SP.
Cost: 4 SP

Sun Sign "Royal Flare"
Creates a small sun which burns everything with it's light. Destiny-defying magic of the Vampires' mansion.
Type: Dense Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP

Five Elements Sign "Philosopher's Stone"
Elemental magic amplifier. When using a special attack, the gems increase it's power.
Type: Lunatic Type (Offensive, User)
Effect: Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn.
Cost: 5 SP
A Locked Diary: Patchouli's Secret Journal
Spellcards: Patchouli Knowledge

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