Spellcards: Shanghai

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Spellcards: Shanghai

Postby Shanghai » 29 Apr 2011 06:35

Blue Doll of Dreams

Shanghai has no real interest in battling. The only reasons that she made spellcards in the first place was because they were fun to make, and her mother told her to for "just in case" situations. There are times when she agrees to have spellcard battles with her sisters, purely for fun. At times like that, it's more like a game of tag (cept with danmaku). In situations where she is forced to have spellcard battles, she is more likely to use spellcards as an aid for escape then to fight her opponent directly. However, as afraid as the little doll may be, she would not hesitate to fight to protect the ones that she loves. Well, maybe just a little hesitation...

Shanghai's fighting style is pretty limited to being a tiny doll with a not-so-high magic capacity. Most of her attacks tend to be color danmaku, a sort of tribute to her seven-colored mother, and concentrated beams. While her attacks may not be strong, she's still good at making lots of them! She also has her razor that she always carries with her just in case she is brave enough for close combat. In drastic situations, she'll do such things as blow herself up (magically) if pushed to the brink of fear.

Shanghai's only real strength in battle is her small size. Being a small doll and all that prioritizes in running away, she is very hard to hit sometimes. Sadly, being a doll is a double-edged sword for Shanghai in the fact that she cannot take hits all that well. It's no surprise that she doesn't last long in most of her fights. Still, she tries her best despite this. She's pretty strong in that sense.

HP: 25
Atk: 1 | Def: 0 | Evd: 2

Magic Sign "Shanghai Beam"
Shanghai's signature move! Since her mother was really the one that developed it, Shanghai takes pride in using the beam when she can! She wonders why Hourai's is stronger though...
Offensive Effect: Dense Type (User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)
Offensive Effect: Focus type (Target) -2 Defense this turn. (Cost 3 SP)

Puppet Sign "Fearful Sacrifice"
Another move from her mother! While she is no longer filled with gunpowder, she can still store magic in her small frame long enough till.....BOOM! Don't worry, she tends to be alright after using this...Most of the time.
Offensive Effect: Destructive Type (User) +3 Attack this turn. Take 1d6 direct damage. (Cost 5 SP)

Razor Sign "Beheading Marionette"
When in doubt, use your trusty razor! While the danmaku she shoots from this card are sharp, the most they could give is a paper cut.
Offensive Effect: Spread type (Target) -2 Evade this turn. (Cost 3 SP)
Defensive Effect: Counter Type (User) If evasion is successful, add half of your opponent's attack roll, rounded down to the nearest whole number, to your attack roll this turn. (Cost 4 SP)

Magic Cloak "Puppet Concealer"
A magical item that her mother made, allowing Shanghai to be invisible! You can't hit what you can't see! ....Right?
Defensive Effect: Survival Type (User) Evasion roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)
Defensive Effect: Nullify Type (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (Cost 5 SP)

Doll Dream "Shanghai Wonderland"
Shanghai's most powerful card! Though she says this, it's just her shooting a bunch of danmaku everywhere in a last ditch attempt to save herself. She really does try her best.
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)
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