Spellcards: Marisa Kirisame

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Spellcards: Marisa Kirisame

Postby Marisa Kirisame » 10 Apr 2011 03:47

Marisa Kirisame
Magician of Red Dreams

Marisa is a controlled chaos. For her, the difference between going all out and just being powerful enough isn't clear. She always loves to bring her best to a challenge, even if the might is unnecessary or the outcome is clear before the danmaku starts flying. Her enemy could be a fairy or a powerful youkai; her approach would be the same: Either they move, or she'll make them move.

Her overzealous confidence leads her to behave recklessly in battle. She could simply avoid the attacks, but she would prefer to graze through them for the thrill of nearly being hit. Even her attacks are focused on the love of battle, taking many forms that strike wide areas, most of which are more easily evaded then others.

In the end, the name of the game is fun. If she can't enjoy the battle, she won't waste her time and will simply completely overpower her opponent with her Master Spark or Final Spark, then leave in disappointment. She is the kind of person who never gives up, even if she finds herself fighting for reasons other than personal enjoyment; however, the more pressured she feels, the more reckless her actions become.

While Marisa lacks any unique abilities, her confidence is a major driving force. It serves to agitate her opponents, inspire (or annoy) her allies, and is also what defines her. She is an ordinary witch with extraordinary potential and she never misses an opportunity to make this fact well known.

HP: 30/30
Atk: +2 | Def: -1 | Evd: +1

Light Blast [Shoot the Moon]
When Marisa discovered that she could make her bullets explode into lasers, she created an attack that could put the pressure on an unsuspecting adversary.
Effect (Offensive, Target): Spirit Drain type. Lose 1d6 SP. Cost: 4 SP

Loving Heart [Double Spark]
While not as powerful as the Master Spark, this adaptation of the spell was far more versatile in battle.
Effect (Offensive, User): Critical type. Gains +3 Attack if attack roll is 8 or higher, not counting your Atk stat. Cost: 4 SP

Love Sign [Master Spark]
Marisa's signature spell; her casual display of love!
Effect (Offensive, User): Dense type. Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. Cost: 5 SP

Light Sign [Luminous Strike]
Since Marisa often used her Hakkero to fire off powerful lasers, no one would suspect that she could also use her broom as another means to blow away an unsuspecting foe.
Effect (Defensive, User): Counter type. If evasion is successful, add half of your opponent's attack roll, rounded down to the nearest whole number, to your attack roll this turn. Cost: 4 SP

Magic Space [Asteroid Belt]
While this attack was originally meant to throw her opponent onto the defensive, Marisa had discovered that it's density made for a useful barrier against attacks.
Nullify Type. Reduces damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll.
Cost: 5 SP

Magicannon [Final Spark]
There are times where the Master Spark just isn't strong enough to overcome the obstacle in front of her. For those times, she always kept her last word as her ace in the hole.
Effect (Offensive, User): Full-Power type. Attack roll becomes 1d6+6. If opponent's defense roll is lower then half the user's attack roll, opponent takes +1 damage. Cost: 5 SP

Comet [Blazing Star]
Turning herself into an attack isn't always the smartest approach. Rather than charging at her opponent, she found it more enjoyable to rocket through their attack.
Effect (Defensive, User): Speed type. +2 Evade this turn. Cost: 3 SP

Art of Love [Comet storm]
The Master Spark is a devastating display of power. When unleashed skyward, it poses no threat until Marisa applies Shou's talent for curving lasers to bend it down upon an opponent, exploding it into a harsh and overwhelming cascade of lasers.
Effect (Offensive, Target): Destructive Type. +3 Attack this turn, user takes 1d6 damage. Cost: 4 SP
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Marisa Kirisame
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