Spellcards: Kurumi

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Spellcards: Kurumi

Postby Kurumi » 27 Feb 2011 00:35

Vampire Girl

Being a vampire, Kurumi excels in both the magical and physical aspects of combat, and is in general an extremely talented but undisciplined fighter, mostly due to her immaturity (her belief that she's unbeatable in particular).

Because of this, her style of battle doesn't utilize her full potential, mostly because she rarely makes any effort to dodge or read her opponent's attacks; she relies on her counter-strikes to be twice or three times as damaging. This arguably isn't an effective strategy for Spell Card battles, but it tends to work for her due to her tenacity and somewhat unorthodox opinion of beauty.

Her combat art is a combination of physical strikes (of no discernable style), impromptu projectiles, shape-shifting, and magic attacks that sometimes incorporate manipulation of blood or moonlight, for example she may 'sacrifice' her blood to activate a card, turn blood into bullets to steal her opponent's essence, or absorb the moon's light to combine magic. Her magic appears to be more festive when the sun has set.

HP: 35/35
Atk: 0 |Def: 2|Evd: -1

Twilight Sign "Moonlight Carnival"
Kurumi steals the moon's light and uses its magic as her own creating laser-like patterns. Strongest during first quarter.
Offensive Effect: Lunatic Type (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Dusk Sign "Festival of Blood"
Large, glowing orbs explode about the manic vampire girl scattering bullets everywhere. Strongest during the third quarter.
Offensive Effect: Destructive Type (User): +3 Attack this turn. Take 1d6 direct damage. (Cost 4 SP)
Defensive Effect: Barrier Type (User): +2 Defense this turn. (Cost 3 SP)

Midnight Sign "Scarlet Nightmare"
A spell so complex it turns the moon red. Danmaku is manipulated with each strike! Strongest during the Full Moon.
Offensive Effect: Damage Type (Target): At the start of each turn, lose 1 HP. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Awakened Vampire "Trap and Conquer"
The enemy never expects Kurumi's Trap card! A volley of vampiric daggers are fired at a trapped foe. It's strongest during the New Moon.
Offensive Effect: Spirit Drain Type (Target): Lose 1d6 SP. (Cost 4 SP)

Blood Pact "Shield of Svalinn"
The overly confident vampire seems invincible as she races about. Is there no stopping her?
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (User) Roll attack twice, use the higher roll. (Cost 3 SP)
Defensive Effect: Protection Type (User) +4 Defense this turn. -2 Defense for the next 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Blood Pact "Dahlia's Misery"
Summons a colony of bats while becoming one herself, waiting for an opening. They're all over the place; better get out of here!
Defensive Effect: Border Type (User) Defense roll becomes 2d6 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)
Kurumi's Journal <------------------------> Kurumi's Spell Cards
Kurumi's path to vampire nobility
a journey of a petite bourgeoisie
and her struggles in class mobility
- <Tewi>
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