Spellcards: Tenshi Hinanai

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Spellcards: Tenshi Hinanai

Postby Tenshi Hinanawi » 25 Feb 2011 14:34

Tenshi Hinanawi
Daughter of Bhava-agra

Hp: 35
Atk: +1|Def: +1|Evd: -1

Being a Celestial, Tenshi has been instructed in many of the arts and sciences since she was a small child, including the art of war. She uses the tactics that she only sort of remembers hearing about in her studies to coerce her opponent into losing a battle themselves: through full frontal assaults veiling carefully thought out, precise strikes. She was taught that as long as she keeps up an offensive, she won't have to worry about being hit too hard, as the opponent should never have the clarity to make a devastating attack. And those little nicks and cuts are war trophies!

However, being a novice to real battles, Tenshi occasionally throws her knowledge out of the window. When she's having a particular amount of fun, or when it seems like she'll be defeated if she doesn't do something, she'll pull out all the stops and just try to burn the enemy to the ground with overwhelming power. Which, due to her control of Keystones and the Hisou no Tsurugi, is entirely feasible. Truly, Tenshi controls a terrible destructive power at her spoiled, bratty little fingertips.

Earth Sign “Sword of the Unletting Soil”
Plunging her sword into the earth, Tenshi creates a shockwave, causing jutting spikes to erupt from the earth around her. Protects her from attacks, but she's gotta pull her sword back out after...
[Protection Type] +4 Defense this turn. -2 Defense for the next 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Swordplay “Sword of Spirited Boasting”
Showing off her incredible abilities, Tenshi slashes at a very high speed, causing intense pain to her target. Quite savage, for a Celestial.
[Damage Type] (Target) At the start of each turn, lose 1 HP. Lasts 3 turns. (Cost 4 SP)

Earthquake “Sword of Worry and Joy”
Stabbing the ground with her sword, Tenshi causes a massive localized earthquake. Better not get hit by flying debris!
[Guard Break Type] (User) +2 Attack if opponent defends next attack. (Cost 3 SP)

Temperament “State of Enlightenment”
Absorbing temperament into herself, Tenshi can withstand any type of damage! She's just holding her breath to withstand the pain, though.
[Stance Type] (User) Roll for both Evade and Defense. Select either roll for this turn. (Cost 3 SP)
[Nullify Type] (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (Cost 5 SP)

Temperament Sign “Meteorological Revelation”
Slashing with her sword, Tenshi creates a thin, superdense beam that cuts right through the enemy. If enough temperament is present, it does incredible damage.
[Critical] (User) Gains +3 Attack if attack roll is 8 or higher, not counting your Atk stat. (Cost 4 SP)

Weather “Scarlet Weather Persuasion”
Instead of a huge beam, Tenshi fires a huge amount of tiny burning orbs of temperament. They cause some serious rashes if they hit.
[Restrict Type] (Target) Cannot evade the next attack. (Cost 4 SP)

“Scarlet Weather Rapture”
Pouring all of her emotions into her sword, Tenshi fires out a gigantic beam of temperament! Quite scary, seeing it for the first time.
[Lunatic Type] (User) Attack roll becomes 3d6 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)
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Tenshi Hinanawi
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