Spellcards: Komachi Onozuka

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Spellcards: Komachi Onozuka

Postby Komachi Onozuka » 25 Feb 2011 14:30

Komachi Onozuka
Guide of the Sanzu River

For Komachi a fight can mean many things. It could be a game to kill time. It could be a way to settle a disagreement when she's said too much. It can even be a way to protect the cycle of reincarnation. She views the spellcard rules favorably, because the battles don't stress her workload. This doesn't mean she always likes to adhere to them. The main form of Shinigami fighting involves the scythe that all shinigami carry. It is as much a weapon as it is a tool and part of them. Komachi is no exception.

Komachi's fun loving, and friendly attitude is even present in the way she fights. She approaches the fight the way most people would a game. Playing to win is important, but so is playing fairly and respecting your opponent. She enjoys flashy moves, and and over the top tactics.

But for those who disrupt the cycle of reincarnation, there is no mercy. All shinigami can fight, and Komachi is very powerful. While she normally carries herself like a undevoted procrastinator, those that break this taboo will find only a cold, calculated, and ruthless warrior. She willingly metes out her own brand of punishment to the transgressors. It's times like these that it's better her scythe isn't suitable for cutting and reaping.

Her distance is a great asset to her in a fight. It gives here something many combatants lack: Options. By using her distance she can adjust just when her opponent could reach her, or close a gap between them instantly. This is handy to have around. She wold never put someone on what she calls an endless path though. In her eyes no one deserves that kind of torture. She believe wholeheartedly in a fair fight, and even those who transgressed against the cycle will be given a fighting chance. As an embodiment of death, she need not fear it. This allows her to fight through injuries that would stop most humans and yokai, and lets her fight until she simply decides to give in, or cannot stand the pain any-longer.

HP: 35/35
Atk: 0 | Def: 2 | Evd: -1

Spirit Sign [Abundant Floating Spirits]
Waiting for judgment is boring. A shot that spreads ghosts over a wide area.
Offensive Effect: Spread type: (Target) -2 Evade this turn. (Cost 3 SP)

Malice Sign [Irresolute Bound Spirit]
Call upon strong homing demonic spirits. Blow them up.
Offensive Effect: Homing Type (User): Roll attack twice, use the higher roll. (Cost 3 SP)

Hell [Narrow Confines of Avici]
Distance isn't just about moving forward or backward. Komachi slashes the enemy and restricts their movments.
Offensive Effect: Restrict Type: (Target) Cannot evade the next attack. (Cost 4 SP)

Soul Sign [Scythe of Wandering Spirits]
Spirits don't really mind helping the hand that helped them. A spirit fill scythe slash that leaches life from the opponet.
Offensive Effect: Full-Power Type: (User) Attack roll becomes 1d6+6. If opponent's defense roll is lower then half the user's attack roll, opponent takes +1 damage. (Cost 5 SP)
Defensive Effect: Healing Type: (User) Recover 5 HP this turn. (Cost 4 SP)

Death Song [Ferriage in the Deep Fog]
Swarm of Ghosts led by the Ferry, and it's captain. Yeah, that's abusing her power.
Offensive Effect: Dense Type: (User) Attack roll becomes 2d10 this turn. (Cost 5 SP)

Distance [Ritual of Ecstasy]
Is it a movment or an illusion? Using the power of distance, swapping places with her opponet can make her tough to hit.
Defensive Effect: Nullify Type: (User) Reduce damage from opponent's last attack roll to 0. Skip your next attack roll. (Cost 5 SP)

Distance [A Penny Saved]
A little money goes a long way. Komachi activates the power of distance she has stored in one of her coins, to soften the next blow.
Defensive Effect: Stance Type: (User) Roll for both Evade and Defense. Select either roll for this turn. (Cost 3 SP)
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Komachi Onozuka
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