Sample Application: Reisen Udongein Inaba

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Sample Application: Reisen Udongein Inaba

Postby Reisen Udongein Inaba » 31 May 2013 02:29

Name: Reisen Udongein Inaba

Canon Appearances:
Imperishable Night (Stage 5 Boss)
Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Playable)
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (Playable)
Shoot the Bullet (Boss)
Hopeless Masquerade (Background)

Species: Moon Rabbit

What interests you about this character?
Reisen has always been one of my favorite characters, a fact effective quickly after fighting her for the first time while playing Imperishable Night. Aside from her theme song and my really liking rabbits, her powers personally impressed me; the ability to utterly distort her opponent's reality with both vision and sound, complete with that intimidating red gaze you see in the background when her spellcards activate. After a bit more research (back when I didn't know much about Touhou) I also came to like her back story of escaping from the moon and the relationships she has with Eientei's residents. Most of all, she seems like she's fun to play as in any situation. Casual/humorous, dramatic, in a fight, etc., and I'd just really like to try my hand at it (and Touhou RP in general).

Character Questions

1. How would you describe your character's personality? What are their motivations, their usual activities, and how do they act by themselves and around others?
Reisen's personality and demeanor often experience subtle changes depending on who is around her, though usually not to a huge extent. She is generally smart, approachable, fairly calm and level-headed, although prone to being teased and picked on thanks to a meek nature. Eientei is a prime example; around the residents, who are her best friends, she feels at ease and is at her most open, able to make conversation without much effort despite the pranks and tricks played on her by Tewi, the punishments from Eirin for messing up a job and Kaguya's carefree attitude while teasing the rabbit.

Outside of her natural habitat, however, her social skills usually take a dip - as a result of shyness, an inability to fit in, seeing herself above others to an extent or a mixture of all three, her speech becomes quiet and occasional, her gestures and appearance become very reserved, and her eyes rarely meet another's. This is seen primarily when she is tasked with traveling to the human village in order to sell Eirin's medicine, and though lamentably impossible for her, she tries to avoid contact with the humans as much as possible. This situation is mitigated slightly when it comes to being around other youkai, and even more when she isn't forced inside a large crowd. Her good traits remain even with her social ineptness, however; Reisen is fairly good at listening to others' problems, thinking clearly to find solutions to issues and, as she has been used to for most of her life, following orders.

Her goals are not really defined even in her own mind, however, she is motivated through life simply by pleasing her master, Eirin, as well as Kaguya. She is extremely loyal to both of them, sometimes to a fault, tending to agree to some of their most ridiculous requests with only a little bit of convincing depending on the subject matter, testifying to a certain inability to say 'no' to her authoritative figures. Reisen's determination to protect them is also great, and if she feels a threat in the vicinity, she won't think twice of putting herself in the way of harm directed at her friends despite her frightful nature - or perhaps thanks to it, in an attempt to overcome her own cowardliness.

Day-to-day life for Reisen doesn't leave a lot of room for her hobbies, considering her workload of selling and applying medicine and doing various chores around Eientei. It could be said that cleaning is something of a hobby for her at this point and she does have some experience as a nurse thanks to acting as Eirin's assistant, but otherwise, she is easy to please and can content herself with eating carrots, pounding mochi or anything that includes spending time with her close friends.

2. How would you describe your character's background? What is your view on the origins of this character, and what part have they played in official games and print works?
Reisen had always felt at home on the moon, and although she didn't enjoy thinking about conflict, while she was still serving her mistresses, Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime, she enlisted into the lunar army partially in order to protect her mistresses, as well as indulge her own little fascination with firearms and sharpshooting. The training she received paid off - while she didn't exactly skyrocket through ranks or saw any medals of valor handed to her, her talent and skill with handling weapons were fairly admirable. Not caring particularly for exceeding her co-soldiers, Reisen was all the same a cut above the rest when it came to professional aiming, and for her, it was good enough to protect the two who took care of her. Her living conditions were comfortable, and she often practiced her skills by herself even outside of standard training regime. Of course, since the moon rarely encountered threats, its army was a little lax.

When she heard that a ship from Earth is making its way to the moon with intentions that were likely hostile, she was, of course, overcome with worry, not too different from the other lunar rabbits who enjoyed peace on the moon. In the face of what might be a real threat to their moon, Reisen was scared that she may actually be forced to fight and kill; a prospect that had been made possible to her, yet never seemed quite real until that moment. In preparation, Reisen merely continued her training, albeit she was far more troubled.

The day of the invasion came as Reisen was set up with her fellow moon rabbits and Lunarians to keep the enemy from taking over. It turned into a violent battle quickly, and although the humans underestimated their opponents and were driven off, casualties on her side were left. Almost worse than that, she had watched living beings on both sides of the battle as they died - and even killed one or two herself. Several more attempted invasions were made since then in the coming days, all failed, and all more violent than the last iteration; Reisen's heart was heavy, and participating didn't become any easier with time. She'd made a decision in mind, eventually - before the next wave of blood and violence came, if she could do nothing to stop it, then she would at least have no part of it any longer. When her mistresses were away, she snuck out of their mansion with a Lunar Veil - a cloth that was used to travel from the moon to Earth - and headed for port once making sure that nobody saw her, taking a leap out of the moon and through space to eventually crash-land in Gensokyo.

Somehow, she came to find Eientei after wandering for a while in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. First happening upon Tewi and her rabbits, then finally meeting a familiar face - the old teacher of her mistresses, Eirin, who later took Reisen in as her apprentice, letting her stay in Eientei and introducing her to the now-immortal Kaguya. Though Reisen could have easily been sent as a spy to find the escaped Lunarians, they eventually trusted her, and she stayed in the mansion ever since. Though she thought often about her friends on the moon and sometimes wallowed in regret for running away from responsibility, now on Gensokyo, Reisen led the peaceful life that she preferred to have.

3. What are your character's magical powers and other noteworthy abilities? How do they use their powers, and what are their limitations?
Reisen's main ability, which sets her apart from most others, is the power to induce lunacy - or madness. This manifests by altering her target's perception of the world, and sometimes only specific things, most of the time unaware that their senses are being tampered with. The illusions that can be created are virtually limitless; by skillfully manipulating waves in the air, Reisen can tamper with sound, sight and even touch to some extent. Of course, illusions are what they are - illusions, and no direct harm can be inflicted through those means. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn't evade this sense-tampering simply by not looking at her eyes, although her power is centered in them. Her area of effect can be thought more of as an invisible field that extends around her in all directions rather than the enemy's line of vision, and this effective range is very large - enough to extend over nearly the entirety of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Her ability to manipulate the senses is lessened the further she is from her target, though; it is most potent when she is in direct sight of the opponent. It's a practical and useful technique, sometimes even allowing her to take on enemies much stronger than herself using her wits and agility in conjunction with madness-inducing illusions. Very few are resistant to the effects, and even if they realize that their senses are being distorted, they will not cease until Reisen stops and/or is defeated. If an opponent is too far away, naturally, she won't be able to do anything to their mind, leaving her vulnerable to sniping assaults as long as they are outside of her field.

She also employs offensive abilities, of course. Often used in conjunction with illusions, but sometimes without, Reisen is able to fire barrages of red shots shaped like gun bullets (finger-pointing optional). They can be very swift and focused on one spot or they can be slow moving and spread-out, with each individual hit relatively weak. True to her extensive firearm training, she can also alter her shots to be like exploding missiles - Much larger bullets with a destructive area of effect once making contact or manually detonated by Reisen, a red field lasting for a short few moments after explosion that may still damage an enemy. Finally, her eyes are used for a more powerful technique, a wide-ranged laser beam that extends as a cone from her eyes. In addition to burning and doing considerable damage, it also has the useful property of 'erasing' other bullets in its path (given that they are not particularly dense or large). It's quick and powerful, but tends to leave Reisen vulnerable; once a beam is focused, she has a hard time seeing for its duration.

Her last special ability is latent in all moon rabbits, and it is the power to communicate with her kind over extremely long distances - such as from Gensokyo to the moon. Though she has no reason to use it often, it comes in handy on occasion, and she may sometimes attempt to communicate when feeling lonely as long as she is able to hide her exact location.

Reisen was a combat-trained soldier - she is able to fight decently from close distance if need be without relying on bullets, although having gone a very long time without practicing the physical aspects, her skills and shape have waned a bit in that regard.

4. Write a short scene of your character interacting with another character. There must be at least one spoken line coming from your character.
Reisen woke up, her tired eyelids barely fluttering halfway open. She found herself laying inside the futon in her room, on her back, and a lazy glance towards the dark window leading outside revealed to her that the sun hadn't even come up since she tucked herself into bed at evening, just a few hours ago. Once she realized that she'd woken up in the middle of the night, she blankly focused her stare at the low ceiling before letting out a sigh. She wasn't going back to sleep anytime again soon, as she learned from previous experience. She probably had a bad dream - she could feel some cold sweat on her brow once she ran the back of her hand over it - but she couldn't remember what it was about anymore, everything in her mind muddled and hazy. It was pointless to continue laying in bed, though, since she wasn't going to get any more rest even were she to shut her eyes again. Heavy-bodied, the rabbit tugged the covers off of her body, silently as to not awaken the loudly-snoring Tewi in the same room, stood up and sneaked out of the bedroom, closing the sliding door quietly behind her.

Barefoot, the girl walked across the long hallway of Eientei. All she needed was a glass of cold water, really. She just hoped that no one would spot her. It wasn't as if she'd get punished for being up so late... or at least, that's what she wanted to believe, but more importantly, she felt that she had no business burdening others with her own troubles. If her master found her and asked her why she couldn't sleep, she'd have made up some excuse; a tummy ache, headache, Tewi's snoring. Avoiding telling anything that would warrant real concern. An earth rabbit here and there hopped and greeted Reisen in the hallway, but it wasn't as if she could really understand them without Tewi's translation, so she simply raised a hand without stopping her sluggish pace on the way to the kitchen. She'd usually say a word to them, though - or at least smile a little - so they clearly understood that her spirits weren't at their highest. For a moment, she thought that she might have become a victim of her own power; the hallway just seemed far too winding in her dozy, unfocused state.

Just as she turned the corner near the kitchen, she could hear the sound of boiling water. Curiosity piqued, she didn't quite enter the kitchen just yet, only peeking through the darkness to see the back of a figure most familiar to her. Reisen thought of calling out, but to her surprise, it wasn't her own voice that gently spoke first. "...Udonge?" The rabbit froze for a moment, caught off guard. It was a voice that, oddly, sent her sleepiness away very quickly. The figure turned around after realizing that it wasn't getting a response; only when Reisen caught wind of their face did she remember that she was obliged to reply. "Ah... master. G-good evening." Eirin stood, her arms folded beneath her chest as she eyed her apprentice. "Evening? Do you know what time it is...?" Of course, she knew. It was just the first greeting that popped in her mind, and she felt rather stupid for it. Regardless, Eirin could see that she might have been a little disoriented, so instead of her usual stern expression, she flashed the rabbit a gentle smile. "Go and sit in the living room. I'll make us both some tea."

A few minutes later, Reisen found herself at the small, square table in the living room, sitting opposing her master with a steaming cup of hot brew in front of each of them. They both sat in silence, Reisen staring down at her tea as if she was still trying to gather up her consciousness. "Say, you're up awfully late." Eirin was the one who broke the silence, afterwards tilting her cup to her lips and taking a humble sip of her tea. Reisen took a while to answer, again, but she tried to deflect the obvious train of conversation in another direction immediately. "S-so are you, master. You weren't staying up busy with one of your experiments, were you?" To hide her flusteredness, she also proceeded to take a sip from her cup, but flinched as she nearly burned her tongue. "Well, as a matter of fact, I had a hard time falling asleep tonight... and it seems I woke up earlier than I wanted to." Reisen stared. Naturally, because Eirin had just told the story she herself had tried to avoid telling, and for some reason, the pharmacist was looking at the subordinate expectantly.

"Umm... why couldn't you fall asleep?" Reisen expressed honest curiosity, and of course, concern. She was fairly sure that she'd be dismissed, though - that she'd be told it wasn't any concern of hers, but she still couldn't help herself. "I wonder..." Eirin hummed, glancing down at her cup. "Perhaps I had some sort of unpleasant dream. Either way, I couldn't go back to sleep after waking up, and found myself stumbling out of my room to get a soothing drink..." The moon rabbit gulped. At least right now, she wasn't sure if Eirin was answering her, or answering -for- her. The master had roundabout ways of getting her apprentice to talk, but she knew her well enough for them to be effective. Reisen looked off to the side. "...It's troublesome, isn't it." Eirin continued, "I usually sleep well at night. We would both be wise to try and get a bit of shut-eye once we finish our cups, Udonge." The silver-haired Lunarian smiled again, to which the rabbit nodded meekly. She had a feeling that she was long since figured out already, anyway; she just wished that it wasn't so easy to see through her, sometimes. Then again, that might have been her master's special ability. "I'm not sure I can go back to sleep right now... so, I might do a little cleaning before I turn in, if that's alright." At Reisen's response, Eirin looked slightly disappointed, but she shrugged her shoulders soon enough. "I'm glad you're so diligent... but make sure to rest before the sun is up, or you'll be like a walking corpse tomorrow."

A short while crawled along as they finished their brews, passing the time with idle chatter until Reisen finally wished her master good night, who retired to her room after giving the rabbit another warning not to stay up too long. Unfortunately, for the next hour or two, the only thing she could do to take her mind off her troubles was cleaning here and there, making sure not to disturb the slumbering denizens, but she was also a bit more at ease than when she woke up earlier. Conversation with her master had taken a small burden off her shoulders, even if she hadn't directly said anything regarding her troubles. It didn't feel like the first time something like it has happened, but probably, that was one of the reasons Reisen held her master so dear. As she wiped off another sliding door, she made a mental note to perhaps show the woman her appreciation in the morning... although, before she could think of ways to do so, while wandering around, the rabbit had finally, accidentally fallen asleep with her head resting atop the table in the living room, where the two spoke earlier, energy finally running out moments before sunrise.
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