Sample Application: Utsuho Reiuji

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Sample Application: Utsuho Reiuji

Postby Utsuho Reiuji » 31 May 2011 16:32

-Basic information about the character-
Name (Full name please): Utsuho Reiuji
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book):
Subterranean Animism Stage 6
Undefined Fantastic Object Backstory
Hisoutensoku Playable Character
Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Hell Raven

-Your interpretation of the character-
In answering these questions you are free to cite canonical source material as long as you don’t plagiarize. Please try to portray a rounded view of the character you’re applying for.

What interests you about this character? Is there anything specific you would like to do with them? Examples include exploring their relationship with specific characters, hold a drinking contest with one of the oni or hosting a grand party for all of Gensokyo.

Utsuho has always interested me because of her ability mixed with her type of personality. I've always wondered how she deals with being a holder of such powerful, as well as scientific, power, yet lacks the intellect and wisdom to deal with it. She seems like she would be a very fun character to play- I really like characters with superiority complexes, as well as ones that aren't very bright. I also really want to go into her relationship more with Satori and Rin. I've been wanting to explore what kind of relationship her and Satori have (i.e. one that is loving and obedient, or one a bit more on the indifferent side), as well as go more into her and Rin's friendship, because it seems to be one of the closest in Gensokyo so far, based on SA's profiles and such.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. If known where did they come from and how did they grow up? Does their past have any notable events or important people?

Utsuho started like the rest of the animals in the Hell of Blazing Fires- nothing special. She had to avoid the evil spirits, and watch her back a lot, because of all the no good that lurked there. However, she was somewhat slow, so she constantly got in trouble. The hell raven’s life, however, was changed when her life was once saved from a hungry kasha by another- her name was Rin Kaenbyou. Utsuho, not knowing how to express her gratitude, decided that she would repay the cat by following her around and trying to do nice things for her. Rin found this quite adorable, and the two hit it off as friends immediately.

They found food together, slept together for safety, and were always watching each other’s backs. They even came up with nicknames for each other- Okuu for Utsuho, and Orin for Rin. Orin was a more social cat, very intelligent, who most everyone knew of, and liked. Okuu, on the other hand, was somewhat quiet, didn’t interact much, and a bit on the stupid side. However, this actually balanced them out nicely. The hell raven once shared her secret desire with her best friend, that, in return for saving her life, she wanted to be even stronger than Rin one day, so that one day Utsuho could repay her back. Feeling very moved by this, Orin promised Okuu that she would help her achieve that goal, by helping her get as powerful as possible. They sometimes spent their days sparring, and Utsuho was getting stronger by the day. Her confidence increased, she started socializing more, and her somewhat childlike innocence was fading little by little every day. Both of them were quite efficient in warding off malicious spirits.

A day came along where, after Utsuho had been asleep for quite a long time (as well as the rest of the residents), all the animals woke up to find that all of the Hell of Blazing Fire was separated from the rest of the Underground. This resulted in the number of evil spirits lowering by a lot. The animals were oblivious as to why this happened for a while, until finally, a young looking girl came to them. She looked very sad and lonely, but almost relieved when she had found them all. She told everyone that her name was Satori Komeiji, and she lived with her sister, Koishi Komeiji. However, due to the fact that she could read the hearts of others, people were afraid of her, and ran away. Even Koishi tended to wander off and was barely home. So, she offered to take the animals as pets, and in exchange care for them, keep them fed, and keep them safe. Being both excited by a humanoid that could understand them, as well as the prospect of being kept safe and protected, the residents happily complied and bonded with the satori. They played with her and kept her happy, and in return, she offered them shelter and food. Meanwhile, during this whole ordeal, Utsuho and Rin had finally had enough magical exposure and had grown old enough to have the ability to take human form- the first of their generation. Satori decided to teach them the ways of danmaku and the spellcard system, which Orin really excelled at, but Okuu, not as much.

One day Satori realized that the former Hell of Blazing Fires, as well as some of the spirits, needed to be regulated. She decided to assign these jobs to her two strongest pets. Knowing Orin was very social, and knew her way around Hell, she assigned the kasha to carry corpses to regulate it, as well as controlling the left over spirits. Satori knew that Utsuho was ambitious and liked to feel like she was doing something important, so she put her in charge of regulating the temperature of the Hell of Blazing Fires. Both of them happy with their assigned job, they peacefully went about with their life, undisturbed, doing the same thing every day. Utsuho would usually use her break time to spar with anyone who wanted to challenge her, slowly growing even stronger day by day. However, Rin was still stronger, especially with her new control over the spirits, and Okuu was still determined to do whatever possible to one day match up to her power, if not be even better.

Then, on what seemed like a normal day, while she was playing in the Hell of Blazing Fires, a voice called down to Utsuho. It asked her who the strongest hell raven was, and she quickly told the voice it was her. It then told her that there was a god, the Yatagarasu, hidden in the flames, and if she were to swallow it, she would gain power that would both benefit the underground, as well as above ground. However, Okuu misinterpreted this. She thought that the voice suggested that she use her power to take over Gensokyo. Such an idea was very appealing to her- after all, someone to accomplish such a feat would certainly be regarded as the strongest hell raven, maybe even youkai, maybe even BEING in all of Gensokyo. Satori and Orin would surely be proud of her. With little consideration, she decided to do what the mysterious voice said, and she was enveloped in a strange light, felt great amounts of power enter her body, and promptly fainted. When the hell raven woke up sometime later, she found her body had changed- there was a giant orb forcing itself out of her chest; atoms orbited her left foot; her right foot was incased in something similar to concrete; her cape was no longer plain, but that which displayed the cosmos; and on her right arm, a detachable “third leg”- aka, her control rod. Curious as to what this all did, she attempted to summon danmaku. However, her usual, semi-weak bullets did not appear- instead, out of her control arm came a massive, destructive ball of nuclear energy which shot straight for The Hell of Blazing Fires, promptly increasing its temperature and intensity. Amazed by her new power, Utsuho quickly abused it. In no time at all, the flames were even stronger than their original temperature, and the fires were starting to get out of control. A geyser soon even came from the ground because of the intensity. Satori, actually, did not think much of it- she just assumed it was a natural occurrence. But Orin had a feeling something was up.

The kasha worriedly came to Okuu and interrogated her. Wanting to finally flaunt her success in power, she happily explained her plan to conquer Gensokyo to her best friend. Her focus on explaining this made her oblivious to the obvious horror that Rin was expressing. After this whole explanation, Utsuho cheerfully asked if she was proud of her- to which Orin just left without a word. This left the hell raven confused, but she quickly shook such feelings off, thinking that perhaps her friend was too proud for words. However, this was the complete opposite, as Rin quickly went to work planning on how to save her. If the oni found out about Utsuho’s plan, she would certainly be dealt with, so it had to be prevented. But, in Orin’s mind, Satori would probably punish her greatly if she found out. This, of course, was not true, but all of the pets were somewhat in awe of their Master, so she was greatly feared- similar to a parental unit.

Instead, Orin thought that it would be best to secretly take matters into her own hands. Looking into a secret, forbidden art used by others who deal with spirits, the kasha decided to release spirits from the Underworld into the overworld. She was hoping that many strong youkai would come down to defeat Utsuho and bring her to her wits. This took a while longer than she had hoped, though, as she felt the need to keep the whole thing secret from Satori. Finally she was able to pull through with it, and her plan succeeded. All she had to do was wait- but thankfully, this was not for long. Word quickly spread that two strong girls had come in the underworld, wondering what was going on with the surface. However, there was one difference in her plan- these girls were not youkai, but humans.

The end result was positive. The girls came and defeated Utsuho, preventing her from conquering Gensokyo. This also alerted Satori of what was going on, and she promptly gave both of her pets a stern lecture- Rin for not telling her and going into the forbidden arts, and Utsuho for not telling her about the Goddess’s message and for planning to conquer the world. However, after seeing how legitimately sorry they were for their actions, their mistress quickly forgave them, as long as they promised never to do it again. They then got to work on fixing the heat of the Hell of Blazing Fires, and after a while it was in control. As a sign of thank you for preventing everything, the two started visiting Reimu and Marisa (though, in Utsuho’s case, it was more to mooch off of the hot springs and delicious boiled eggs that Reimu’s new onsen was offering). Everything was back to normal eventually, with a few obvious changes, except for one thing.

The Goddess that had originally proposed the powers to Utsuho, Kanako Yasaka, came down one day to talk to Satori. She apologized for the consequences her actions had caused, but then explained the real reason for telling Okuu about them. The Moriya Shrine was planning on making a nuclear reactor for the Youkai Mountain as an energy source. She had given the powers to Utsuho so that she would be able to supply the energy source. Satori, of course, said no at first- after all, it was the Goddess’s fault this had all happened in the first place. Kanako was quick and had expected this, however, so she started proposing ideas. “If Utsuho had a release like this, it would occupy her from delusions of grandeur. Not to mention, dealing with things like nuclear reactors requires a lot of brains- it would be excellent training for her intelligence.” Satori pondered on all of this, and read her heart to see if she was being sincere- after confirmation, she hesitantly agreed. Okuu happily got to work, and showed a surprising natural talent at it, as well as a great enjoying. Pleased with how happy it was making her pet, Satori let her continue working with it. Utsuho still works there, as well as manages the Hell of Blazing Fires, to this day.

Describe your character's personality and beliefs. How do they act around those they trust and around others? What about at social gatherings? What parts of their personality do they keep hidden? Please don't limit yourself to one or two personality traits.

Utsuho is not the sharpest tool in the shed, to put it simply, for various reasons. For one, she is very impulsive and rash. She usually does very drastic, damaging things without thinking them through and usually doesn’t consider consequences. Second, she is very gullible. She believes almost anything Satori and Rin tell her, and even people she doesn’t know very well can quite easily persuade her into anything by simply appearing to be a smart, in control type of person. Thirdly, Okuu has a very bad memory, as well as being bad at noticing small details in her surroundings. However, she is intelligent in one aspect, and that’s nuclear energy. Utsuho is very obsessed with “the ultimate power”, and therefore, has spent most of her intellectual focus on it. She is great at managing the reactor, and knows many things about it.

Okuu is overly power hungry. Her greatest desire in life is simply to be as powerful as possible. She will devout countless hours into it, never complaining, always staying dedicated. She believes that whining and stopping shows weakness, and will only delay this. Due to her quest to feel as powerful as possible, she tends to think very, very negatively of creatures who are weak, or don’t even attempt to become stronger. When Utsuho’s in the mood for a fight, or after a long, vigorous training session, her habits become harsh, violent, cocky, and easily agitated. She will usually challenge anyone who messes with her. However, if you’re just having a casual conversation with her, she is surprisingly nice, peaceful, and quiet. She carries and air of innocence around her when she’s not in battle mode, but in that same respect, it’s very easy to tell just how stupid she actually is. When she’s in her aggressive state, Okuu at least makes herself seem a little smarter due to all her ramblings of nuclear fusion and how much she knows of battle- but when she’s calmed down, she just sort of occasionally spaces out, and when she talks, it usually sounds like she’s having trouble thinking of the right words and such. She’s still quite cocky and selfish, it’s just harder to tell.

Utsuho’s not too social when she’s in large groups of people, unless she’s looking for a fight. She usually leaves the talking to Orin in those situations, with her occasionally piping in. When she does want to challenge someone, she’ll flaunt her strength to as many as possible, and will occasionally even insult people. However, when she’s with Satori and Rin, she’s very different. She’s very friendly, social, and LOVES to talk to them about various things, such as how her day has been, and tell them random facts about nuclear fusion (even if they’ve heard it many many times). She loves both of them with all of her heart, ESPECIALLY Orin, and is very protective of them. When Rin starts to talk to another person more than Okuu, or Satori gives another pet a lot of attention, she will actually get somewhat jealous and mopey (which she usually gets over with quite fast). She refuses to admit it to anyone else, but Utsuho cares about her best friend even more than becoming the strongest being in existence (though most of the reason for her power hungry self IS for Rin’s sake). If anything were to ever happen to them, her cocky, selfish, childlike attitude would be immediately dropped, and she would immediately set her sights on permanently destroying whatever caused it.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals and what would likely short-term goals be? How do they feel about the ongoing tasks they perform?

Utsuho wants to become as strong as possible, no matter what the cost. She's always somewhat felt this, but it tripled in desire once she obtained the Yatagarasu's power. She trains at every opportunity to perfect her abilities, and doesn't let anyone get in the way of her training. In fact, with the exception of a few people, anyone who interferes with her while she's either doing her work or training will either be challenged to a battle (for even more training) or just simply destroyed on sight. She takes it very seriously, however, she has trouble focusing on one aspect of training for a long period of time, making it somewhat difficult for her to train specific aspects. One of her main influences for her getting stronger, strangely enough, is Marisa and Reimu, because of the fact that she was devastated when two (seemingly) ordinary humans were able to defeat her.

Describe the daily and weekly life of your character and what they do for a living. What do they like doing, both as a hobby and less frequently?

Utsuho has two jobs that she must do every day. First, she must go and check on the Hell of Blazing Fires. If the flames are too hot, she must open the skylight. If they are too cool, she has to call Rin to dump more corpses in as fuel. After she has finished that, she has to manage the nuclear reactor. This is one of her favorite activities, so she usually gets it done quickly, and without complaint. After completing those two tasks, the rest of her day is up to her. However, she isn’t very original with it- she spends most of her days simply training to get stronger. Okuu does this in multiple ways. Occasionally, she goes to seek out opponents, but usually they are weak fairies, as no one else is stupid enough to challenge her to a simple spar. Rin will sometimes train with her, as will Satori (though this is more rare). If Koishi is visiting the underground, her mistress will usually like to have her pets entertain her, so her days will sometimes be spent doing almost nothing but that. When she isn’t sparring or following orders from Satori, the hell raven will usually just wander, looking for company. Usually she does this accompanied by Orin, but she is known to do this alone, too. When on the surface socializing, she is usually near either the Moriya Shrine, or the Hakurei Shrine, as these are really the only too locations she’s very comfortable with. Come nightfall, Utsuho will usually loyally return home to her master.

What is the social standing of your character, such as nobility or homeless rabble and do they even care? How do they interact with those different social standing from themselves?

Due to being one of Satori's pets with a major job, Utsuho is in higher standing than most out of all of Satori's pets. The hell raven cares very much about this. She's somewhat cocky about it, and sometimes pushes the other pets around because she feels superior to them. The fact that she was chosen by a Goddess to take a God's power also makes her think that she is in higher standing than the rest of the animals. However, she is still a pet. Therefore, Utsuho can be bossed around by Satori as much as possible. Such things do not bother her, though, as she loves her mistress.

Describe the powers, abilities, and skills of your character, both magical and mundane. How do they make use of their powers, and what are their limits?

To start off with the non-magical things, Utsuho is a very hard hitter. A punch or kick from her would hurt very, very badly- the fact that she usually has a foot incased in concrete and a cannon on her arm doesn’t exactly make her hits weaker. She can fly, though usually she can’t do it with her wings alone. Her body is quite heavy when in battle (due to the concrete and cannon), so usually she must also rely on magic for movement. She can willingly go in and out of human and crow form.

Okuu’s main power, of course, is her manipulation of nuclear fusion. This comes from the Yatagarasu she ate. By simply willing it, she can shoot masses of nuclear energy from her cannon, in various forms. She, personally, usually does it in the form of danmaku, though theoretically she could also shoot just raw, nuclear substance. Most of the things that she summons are similar to the Sun, in a sense. Because she usually shoots danmaku, they thankfully don’t stay around long enough to cause any major damage, such as radiation poisoning. However, were she to not use the danmaku strategy, Utsuho would have the power to wipe out an entire region with just one shot.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.

It was but a normal winter’s day for Utsuho. Her jobs for the day had been finished, and Orin was off doing something, leaving her free to do what she wanted. Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly normal- the hell raven didn’t exactly go to the surface every day, after all. Usually she would be spent wandering the Underground, looking for a way to train in her free time, but today, she had chosen the surface. She wasn’t sure why. Perhaps it was simply intuition (though she herself didn’t understand that concept very well). Okuu was tired of being challenged by the same types of creatures over and over again- weak little fairies, small beasts, and such. No, she wanted more- but wasn’t she too fearsome of a challenger for anyone in their right mind to challenge? The bird finally came to the decision that if she wanted to get something productive out of this, she’d most likely have to look herself, instead of waiting for a fool to come across and fight her.

Looking around her surroundings, she tried to figure out the nearest surface dweller she knew. That magician? No, she lived somewhere in a deep forest- this was more like a path. Her employers at the shrine lived on a mountain, that one woman Kanako had once mentioned. The only other person she could think of was the shrine maiden with the onsen- Reimu. She was indeed quite strong, and seeing as she had already defeated Utsuho once, this would be the perfect time for a rematch! Grinning to herself, Okuu took some time to remember exactly how she would get there… Only to think “screw it, I’ll just fly a bit until I find something that looks like a shrine”.

It took a while, but finally after about twenty minutes of searching, she finally found the Hakurei Shrine, as well as the onsen, a shrine maiden, and what looked like a sleeping, wasted oni. Reimu stared at the hell raven as she descended to the ground, her face one of utter boredom, while Utsuho’s displayed excitement, confidence, and a thirst for battle. “Shrine maiden!” she bellowed, pointing her arm cannon at the lazy miko. “It is I, Utsuho Reiuji, receiver of the Yatagarasu’s power, holder of THE ULTIMATE ENERGY, and I have come to challenge you to a danmaku battle! We’ll do it right here, right now! Your god-summoning power is no match for my GOD-INSIDE-ME- no, wait, that’s… - I mean, GODLY POWER OF THE ULTIMATE ENERGY!” For dramatic effect, Okuu turned her cannon to the sky and shot a large bullet to the heavens. “Now, shall we fuse in battle, miko?” Her gaze was threatening and locked onto Reimu’s, grinning like a madman, and breathing deeply from the simple exhilaration of an oncoming battle.

Reimu simply stared back for a while, never breaking eye contact with Utsuho. Suika was loudly snoring next to her, which somewhat broke the mood. After about twenty seconds of just staring, the miko simply shrugged and said “Eh, don’t feel like it”, and took a sip of tea.

It took a minute for the foolish bird to process the answer, and a feeling of blank bewilderment crossed her face. At first, she was speechless, and just sort of seemed out of it. But then it finally got to her. Her challenge… Was turned down! By someone like Reimu, of all people! Her clueless expression quickly changed to an angry one, and she went off on the miko. “WHAT?!” she exclaimed, flabbergasted. “You dare turn down MY challenge? Me, Utsuho, carrier of the power of the Sun? I could destroy you, you know! And I just might unless you accept my challenge! I need to fight, and I need to fight YOU! I have to get stronger, and prove that I’m stronger! You hear me, right, miko?! I’ll shoot! I will! I mean, even if you do accept my challenge I’ll shoot, but that will be fighting shooting! This will be shooting so I can shoot at you!” Once again the cannon was aimed at the red-white’s face, and Utsuho looked like she could kill the girl. But Reimu stayed surprisingly cool, and simply yawned, while the sleeping oni beside her let out a small sleep-giggle. “No, Okuu, you wouldn’t,” she replied. “Hasn’t Satori told you that shooting at humans is bad? We can’t regenerate, and if you destroyed me, then you’d be destroying Gensokyo too most likely. Just imagine, losing your master, and your best friend… “

Okuu took some time to think about this. It was true, Satori may HAVE mentioned something about that… And could the red white dying really mean she’d lose her mistress and best friend? They’d never forgive her if they died because of her! Frowning a bit, she lowered her cannon and sighed. “Okay, I won’t shoot. But… Could we fight anyway, please? I like fighting, I like it a lot, and I need to get stronger! It’s my goal in life to be as strong as possible!” Reimu was trying her best to keep a straight face, but it was hard, considering how… Persuadable, innocent, and gullible this foolish young woman was, despite being power hungry and violent. Forcing herself not to smile, she replied, “Well, um, you look quite cold right now, actually. Isn’t it cold out here? I’ve heard being cold is bad for fighting. Come, get in my hot spring for a bit… I’ll even bring some eggs for you to boil, mmhm…” The miko stood up with a sigh and set off to her onsen, motioning for the hell raven to follow.

“Being cold’s bad for fighting?” Utsuho said to herself, watching the other walk away. “Hmmm, I guess that’s why nuclear fusion is so powerful, because it’s so hot… Right? So, if I get in the onsen, I’ll be warm and ready to figh- ooo, boiled eggs, you say…? Can I have a lot? For my lunch? Maybe even stay for my dinner? I need to soak as long as possible to be warm enough to fight you, so uh, you may have to let me eat that long, too!” And with that, she quickly set off after Reimu, already hurriedly removing her Third Leg.
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