Sample Application: Kogasa Tatara

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Sample Application: Kogasa Tatara

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 14 May 2011 22:27

-Basic information about the character-
Name (Full name please): Kogasa Tatara
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book): Undefined Fantastic Object, Double Spoiler, Ten Desires, Oriental Sacred Place
Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Karakasa

-Your interpretation of the character-
In answering these questions you are free to cite canonical source material as long as you don’t plagiarize. Please try to portray a rounded view of the character you’re applying for.

What interests you about this character? Is there anything specific you would like to do with them? Examples include exploring their relationship with specific characters, hold a drinking contest with one of the oni or hosting a grand party for all of Gensokyo.
Kogasa's always been one of my personal favorites – I view her as a person who desperately tries to be noticed, but whose innocent intentions often end up misinterpreted. I personally feel like I can identify with Kogasa – as a person who has difficulty fitting in and relies on boldness to make herself known – and as a returning player, I feel like I already have a good grasp of what sort of person Kogasa is.

I'd like to explore Kogasa's relationships with certain characters deeper than I have before; for example, in the past, she hasn't interacted with any one character in great length, but because she has had multiple interactions with Tewi and Meiling, I feel like these relationships would be good relationships to develop. I believe that having strong relationships with a few characters can lead to more interesting threads than having relationships with several characters that do not extend beyond merely liking or disliking the character in question.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. If known where did they come from and how did they grow up? Does their past have any notable events or important people?
Kogasa originated as a paper umbrella in feudal Japan, created by a Japanese umbrella craftsman who had learned the trade from a Chinese man and had started up his own business back at home. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the craftsman's mentor had neglected to teach his student about what kind of umbrella customers wanted – so he ended up creating a purple umbrella that, despite being just as good as the rest, was quickly neglected, as the color was unpopular. The umbrella was taken away by the wind, away from society, for quite a long time. It became lonely and sorrowful, as it was carried across the land and ignored – nobody wanted an umbrella that had been thrown away, after all.

To quell her loneliness, Kogasa, the umbrella, decided to become a youkai, so that she could interact more easily with humans and youkai alike. In doing so, she hoped that she would be able to win the attention of others by surprising them. However, her attempts typically ended up backfiring, even though she truly didn't mean any harm. For a while, she was a vagrant, until she eventually stumbled upon the Myouren Temple's graveyard – and so, she decided to take up residence in that graveyard. After all, it's much easier to scare somebody who's already rattled, and there aren't many humans who can stroll into a graveyard while maintaining their cool. It's not like humans frequently visit the graveyard to begin with, though…

Describe your character's personality and beliefs. How do they act around those they trust and around others? What about at social gatherings? What parts of their personality do they keep hidden? Please don't limit yourself to one or two personality traits.
Kogasa is a bit of a mischievous youkai, but even though she never seeks to hurt by her assaults, her advances are often mistaken for malicious, so she often ends up on the receiving end of a not so happy danmaku barrage. Ironically, she herself is pretty easily frightened, even cowardly, so maybe the scaring business isn't quite right for her. Her overactive imagination often leads her to jump to conclusions too quickly, so it doesn't take much for Kogasa herself to feel threatened. Again, in spite of the initial impression she might impose upon new faces, she truly means no ill will, and has no problems getting along with people she's encountering for the first time – provided that they're willing to get along back.

Perhaps because she was abandoned long ago, Kogasa usually blames herself for her own shortcomings, rather than the faults committed by anybody else, when she feels dejected. Though she definitely values those she's close to, she's often rendered subordinate to her friends, clinging to these familiar faces at large social gatherings – but should there be none around, she often finds herself alone. In spite of this, she keeps her head held high and remains cheerful and outgoing, despite her inner sorrow. In essence, she is a shy, easily spooked youkai, hiding her loneliness under a layer of naïve optimism and friendly outgoingness.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals and what would likely short-term goals be? How do they feel about the ongoing tasks they perform?
Because Kogasa's chances to scare humans into the cemetery tend to be far and few, thanks to the fact that the cemetery fails to get many visitors on a very regular basis, her main goal is to improve her technique for scaring outside the graveyard. Most of what she's tried so far – reading classical ghost stories, for example – hasn't resulted in much success, so she tries to master the art of fright primarily through trial and error. As for short-term goals, a majority of these would likely involve methods to increase her scare factor, such as reading scary books, becoming stronger, and similar activities. She realizes that most of the scaring she does away from the cemetery tends to result in failure, but she remains persistent anyway, and has hope that she will soon be able to terrorize with ease.

Describe the daily and weekly life of your character and what they do for a living. What do they like doing, both as a hobby and less frequently?
Kogasa's life follows no rigid schedule; being unemployed and generally forgotten anyway, she owes no obligations to other people and is free to live her life any way she chooses. This isn't to say that her activities for any given day are randomly determined – she's likely to spend the day waiting in the graveyard for some poor soul to come along so that she can scare them. It's not as if the graveyard is a tourist hot spot, though, so she ends up with a lot of spare time – spare time that she kills by exploring her new graveyard home or wandering around Gensokyo aimlessly. Being the ambitious girl she is, she still tries to ambush people outside the graveyard, hoping that she might someday be able to take her skill up to the next level.

What is the social standing of your character, such as nobility or homeless rabble and do they even care? How do they interact with those different social standing from themselves?
Kogasa's understanding of society differs from that of other people. Whereas others may choose to view society in terms of high-class and low-class, Kogasa attributes status based on how much of a threat she perceives the person in question as (although typically the high-class citizens will retain more power anyway.) She'll act right at home around one of lesser or equal power, but she becomes meek around people who she interprets as threatening. She herself is a typical youkai, but her submissive nature means that she falls even further behind the others in terms of social standing. This doesn't bother her unduly, though, since she accepts that she doesn't have much place in society anyway.

Describe the powers, abilities, and skills of your character, both magical and mundane. How do they make use of their powers, and what are their limits?
Though she's well known for her ability to surprise humans, this is a vaguely defined ability, to say the least, and even then, Kogasa has yet to truly master it. More to the point, as a karakasa, Kogasa possesses the ability to call forth rain, and, in cold weather only, snow. Rain is the limit, though – thunderclouds are, for Kogasa, entirely unviable, as well as hail and meteor storms, or anything very complicated, really. In addition, if Kogasa is holding her umbrella, she has the ability to transfer her soul back into her umbrella, and, from her umbrella, to re-manifest her soul into a human shape. This power's main utility is as a last-ditch disguise – although, as this form allows her to control her umbrella directly, it also has some potential as a scare tactic. The main reason why she has the ability to transform is due to the fact that her umbrella is actually her true body, and that her youkai body is just a physical manifestation of her soul – but at the same time, her umbrella serves as a "weak point", and damaging it could seriously injure Kogasa.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.
There was an unnatural chill in the air tonight. Regardless of what the spring fairy said, spring hadn't come, and it certainly wasn't coming anytime soon. The girl pulled her muffler tighter around herself, wondering if she just should have stayed inside. If she talked to her about it, she'd probably be able to do something about it, but it was about time that she took action.

She wondered if she ought to call out. Call out to the person trespassing in the graveyard.

But the trespasser called out first.

"Hello?" called out Ichirin, at exactly the same time Kogasa pounced her from behind, shouting, "Gotcha!"

The nun gave out a shriek and reeled back several feet, shouting out orders to her nyudo companion – before remembering that she had specifically told Unzan to stay inside so that he wouldn't end up scaring away the trespasser by accident. But the trespasser had scared her instead.

Kogasa, on the other hand, was staring at the girl with wonder. Normally, this would be when she would laugh triumphantly upon her accomplishment, but something about this didn't sit right with her. What was that girl doing, shouting out to nobody? Now, this was a reaction she had never gotten before. Had she driven her loony, she wondered? She had never heard of scaring somebody so hard that they became insane, but she supposed there was a first time for everything. "Er, you're alright, aren't you?" she said cautiously.

"Yeesh…" mumbled Ichirin, taking deep breaths. "You scared me there."

"Eheh, well, that was… sort of the point," laughed Kogasa, a bit feebly. Well, she seemed alright now. Perhaps it was just a temporary thing. That was good. She didn't want to be responsible for turning an upstanding member of society into a freakazoid. She was secretly glad –glad that the girl was okay.

They were silent for a few moments, until Ichirin decided to speak up.

"Why are you here?" she said quietly, still trying to catch her breath. "You're on Myouren Temple property, you realize? This is the Myouren Temple's graveyard."

"Ehh, really?" said Kogasa, a little surprised. In all honestly, she had merely stumbled upon this graveyard entirely by accident. She had never once suspected that it might be the graveyard of the Myouren Temple. All this time, she had thought this was just a graveyard. "…Whoops. I'm sorry," she said, a little sheepishly.

"No, no, it's probably fine," said Ichirin, staring toward the ground."But, you know, you're scaring away a lot of the people coming here. Don't you understand what a graveyard is?"

"Nope," Kogasa admitted. "It's just a lot easier to scare people in here than it is anywhere else, so I hang out here."

Ichirin took a big sigh. "These people are here to mourn their dead relatives, you know," she said, drawing the muffler closer to her. The wind was starting to pick up. "It's just not right to scare people away who are trying to respect the dead. It's disrespectful."

The karakasa seemed miffed by this. Well, the nun had a point. It wasn't right to just scare people away. But at the same time, now, she was having a truly happy time… she didn't want to leave. If she left, it was back to square one. This was the first time she truly felt like she was good for something, but if that something was harming other people, then she just didn't know.

"Well, I guess you're right," admitted Kogasa, smiling wryly. "It wouldn't be right to scare people who're just trying to mourn their family. So, I guess I'll stop scaring them while they're mourning."

Ichirin beamed. "That's great!" she exclaimed. "I mean, we were getting all kinds of complaints ab—"

"Instead, I'll only scare them after they're done mourning!"

Ichirin put her head into her palms and took a very big sigh.
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