Sample Application: Youmu Konpaku

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Sample Application: Youmu Konpaku

Postby Youmu Konpaku » 16 Apr 2011 03:28

-OOC Information-
Your main: Nitori Kawashiro
Your e-mail:

-Basic information about the character-
Name: Youmu Konpaku
Canon Appearances:
Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Touhou 7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power
Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Touhou 9.5: Shoot the Bullet
Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law
Touhou 13: Ten Desires
Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Silent Sinner in Blue
Cage in Lunatic Runagate
Oriental Sacred Place

Species: Half-human Half-phantom Hybrid

-Your interpretation of the character-

Youmu is not only the gardener of the Zen Gardens in Hakugyokurou but also the right-hand servant for the Hakugyokurou mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji. This makes her a gardener and a guardian (you could call her a Gardenian). She is also a skilled swordswoman. She has served in Hakugyokurou for roughly 60 years, but is quite experienced in what she does (though probably not a master).
As of recently, since the Spring Snow incident, she has become slightly more open with the people she encounters, and ventures out of the Netherworld more often to explore, practice, run errands and, occasionally, participate in the solving of incidents.

What interests you about this character? Is there anything specific you would like to do with them? Examples include exploring their relationship with specific characters, hold a drinking contest with one of the oni or hosting a grand party for all of Gensokyo.

I have always been interested in playing Youmu's character because of her personality and occupation, but what is really interesting me right now is the style to play her in. I have experienced roleplaying as the mistress, and I have become more interested in what it would be like to play the other end of that working relationship. Also, in contrast to the other characters I've played, Youmu is able to become involved in a lot more situations than the other characters because of what her duties are and how she chooses to set out to accomplish her tasks.

The main thing I'd like to do with Youmu is to not only broaden my ideas through a vaster range of locations but to also explore the different kinds of mutual relationships she may have developed with beings other than her master, and maybe even expand upon those.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. If known where did they come from and how did they grow up? Does their past have any notable events or important people?

Youmu was brought into Hakugyokurou many decades ago, has a young and naive pupil under the guidance of her mentor, Youki Konpaku. She mostly assisted Youki with taking care of the gardens and the mistress of Hakugyokurou. Also in this time, Youki taught Youmu about arts of the blade, and passed down Roukanken and Hakurouken to Youmu. However, he had only tutored her for a few years before abruptly disappearing from Hakugyokurou, leaving no traces except the things that he taught Youmu. From a naive outside view, this may seem irresponsible since he left Youmu in the middle of her training so that she could fend for herself. However, Youmu has accepted his disappearance and regards it as the next long phase of his training for her. Whether or not they will meet again is uncertain, so Youmu can only carry on to develop on what she was taught.

She spent the next few decades serving her mistress' every whim, but rarely making herself known in the world outside the Netherworld. This had hardened her attitude and made her somewhat cold towards others, due to lack of contact with any person apart from her mistress (and even then, Yuyuko is a ghost). She also managed to hone her skills and talents on her own as well, based off what she was left with when Youki disappeared. This had also built her up into a very confident yet stubborn person...
However, as of the Spring Snow incident, having been defeated by outsiders has taught her a very valuable lesson (even if she's not aware of it). This is when she opened up, much to her master's delight (and amusement).

Describe your character's personality and beliefs. How do they act around those they trust and around others? What about at social gatherings? What parts of their personality do they keep hidden? Please don't limit yourself to one or two personality traits.

Youmu is a hard worker as well as a dedicated one. She understands what her role and motive is, so she is good at what she does, and what she wants to do. She is primarily straightforward in the way she acts and likes to maintain focus and concentration when carrying out her work; this clashes conveniently with her whimsical master. Despite this, she remains trustful of her master and follows her every whim (no matter how ridicule they can get).

While she does have a large amount of determination, this can also hinder her as a sign of stubbornness. Indeed, her headstrong nature leads to her jumping to conclusions and unlikely to change opinions without a fight; another trait about her. She is serious in her work, and perhaps at times too serious. She much prefers to let her swords do the talking when in a confrontation, so to speak. This is less of a way to show off her talents and more of an insecurity developed by her limited interaction with anything other than the undead (including her master).

Even though she is fiesty if treated in the wrong way, she is generally a nice person who is willing to co-operate with someone to solve an issue (generally, the issue has to be of significance to her for her to actually care). Ever since the Spring Snow incident, she has opened herself up a bit and is seen participating more with traditions throughout Gensokyo, such as visiting public places more often and openly, and also taking part in the solving of incidents on a few occasions. But, nonetheless, most of the things she finds herself in usually directly involve her in the first place, or make her think she is involved. Put simply, if it affects her, her mistress, or the subjects of her duties, then she'll get herself involved.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals and what would likely short-term goals be? How do they feel about the ongoing tasks they perform?

Youmu was left to fend for herself in the middle of training from her mentor Youki. Nonetheless, she maintains a strong attitude towards this fate and continues with her training, as well as serving under Yuyuko. In terms of long-term goals, she probably seeks to master her training and abilities. Another possible goal is that she would like to find her mentor Youki once again. However, this is uncertain and it cannot be proved on whether she thinks about this or not.

Her short-term goals would be composed of the various errands that she is given by her master (in addition to the tasks that she sets upon herself to carry out), however this could contribute to a long term goal of wanting to keep Yuyuko happy and to serve her to the best of her abilities.

While she doesn't necessarily mind the kind of lifestyle and work she has, it does get her down sometimes. The fact that she constantly does her work for extended periods of time with little rest and no pay tend to demoralize her at times, but she hardens herself to get over these facts and work harder in her duties.

Describe the daily and weekly life of your character and what they do for a living. What do they like doing, both as a hobby and less frequently?

Youmu has a very routine-based lifestyle. Most of her time is taken up by duties assigned to her by herself and her mistress. In general, these duties vary between a select few. Her most common assignment which she performs regularly is gathering stray spirits that inhabit many parts of Gensokyo and to guide them back to Hakugyokurou. This makes her a well-travelled person.

This takes up most of the things she does, because of the routes and measures she must take to gather them. However, other errands and tasks often stray into her agenda. These can include shopping, inquiries from certain other characters and/or searching for something of interest (most usually for Yuyuko).
Her work doesn't stop when she isn't going out. When she is at home in Hakugyokurou, she must constantly tend to the many Zen Gardens, as well as monitor most of the spiritual activity and tend to her master's needs. Pretty much the only break she gets is when she sleeps, and even then when jobs are numerous, she tends to skip out on sleep. She's quite a workaholic.

Because of her busy schedule, she doesn't tend to have many hobbies. The closest things would be using those rare moments of spare time to either relax herself or train her swordsman skills. Despite gardening being one of her jobs, she loves the various flora found in the Zen Gardens and is quite happy to tend them properly. It doesn't stop it from taking up a lot of her time, though.

What is the social standing of your character, such as nobility or homeless rabble and do they even care? How do they interact with those different social standing from themselves?

Because of her position as a servant to a somewhat high authority figure, she can be seen as quite an upper class individual. Some may see her as indifferent compared to other yokai, but because she is still partially human, she is generally accepted as wel. However, she isn't indiscriminating based on this kind of class when it comes to interaction with others. The main thing she discriminates others by is usually attitude. She likes to pick fights a lot, and people with generally rude or impulsive attitudes tend to get the more hostile side of her. But in general, it doesn't matter who or what they are, if they tresspass in Youmu's territory, they will be dealt with.

When it comes to more casual situations, she doesn't tend to discriminate humans from yokai, since technically she is a half-and-half of both worlds.

Describe the powers, abilities, and skills of your character, both magical and mundane. How do they make use of their powers, and what are their limits?

Youmu is a highly skilled swordswoman who practices in Nitoryu and possibly Ittoryu also. She utilizes these well, for she performs them traditionally and incorporates them into spellcard attacks too. In terms of Danmaku duelling in itself, she is quite a skilled player who manages to duel on par with some of the experts of Danmaku, such as Reimu and Marisa. She has also displayed her prowess in it when helping solve incidents, being able to defeat many different opponents of different power levels.

Her two blades, Roukanken and Hakurouken, possess different abilities that can aid her as well. Roukanken is said to be able to slay ten spirits in a single swipe. This may entice that it is imbued with some kind of spiritual energy, but the theory of it actually slaying spirits is a bit exaggerated. In fact, what it's likely to do is provide an instant process of enlightment (also called 'cheating' by a certain higher-up). Hakurouken is said to be able to cleave through one's confusion. She also constantly claims that the things her swords cannot cut is close to none. This theory hasn't been proved as of yet, but is highly plausible.

She utilizes her phantom half as well, in combat and everyday life. In combat, her ghost half can act like a second entity all on its own. It can fire Danmaku as well as become a projectile in itself. Youmu can also manifest her willpower into her phantom half to create a similar likeness of herself. This clone can perform most of the things Youmu can with equal efficiency. This applies to both combat and casual duties. It can use sword skills, make tea, run minor errands, etc. However, Youmu has yet to fully develop its potential. While she has honed this ability quite a bit, it still isn't perfect. She can relay messages through the clone and send it on errands, but the time it takes to maintain the clone's figure takes up a lot of energy, and can leave Youmu exhausted. It's also difficult to concentrate on maintaining it when she is presently doing something else with her human body. Nonetheless, it's a utility she takes advantage of a lot, and it provides as vital to maintaining her daily routines.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.

After sweeping the remaining cherry blossom petals away from the front porch, she lay the broom against the wall carefully and wandered inside to check on the steaming iron pot. She removed it from its heating place and carefully put it to oneside, lifting the lid up and gently lowering a sack of tea leaves into the bubbling water. She placed the pot on a small tray which had two small cups and a plate with two pastries on it. She lifted up the tray and proceeded towards the garden again.

She smiled as she saw her master lying underneath the shadow of a large sakura; like she usually did at this kind of time.

"Youmuuu, is the tea ready?" Yuyuko muttered in a playful tone while relaxing on the grass. This was the elegant yet whimsical mistress of Hakugyokurou, Yuyuko Saigyouji. The one who Youmu served obediently for all her life.

Youmu chuckled and set the tray down gently, checking the liquid inside the pot before pouring the steaming broth into one of the cups, and carefully passing it over to the ghost. Yuyuko smiled and hummed in a thankful tone as she took the cup from Youmu, blowing at the steam lightly.The gardener then proceeded to pour herself a cup subtly. After a moment of silence, they smiled at each other and bowed their heads before taking sips of tea in unison.

Removing the cup from her lips, Yuyuko hummed with satisfaction at the delightful taste. "What kind of tea is this, Youmu? The taste is so light and savory...It makes my tongue tingle with refreshment."

"A special native blend provided by the specialist in the human village. It's was prepared specially, so I'm glad that it meets to your standards." Youmu set the cup down once more and watched as her master savored the taste of the tea, which made the half-ghost pleased with her efforts. Yuyuko held her cup out, and Youmu eagerly picked the pot up and poured a second helping for the ghost princess. "There's plenty in the pot, and I don't plan on having much, so enjoy as much of it as you want."
Yuyuko, after a long sip, closed her eyes and smiled serenely at Youmu. She then started to curl a strand of her hair on her finger as her tone became a bit more playful. "It's always subtlety with you, Youmu. It's like you're afraid to show any sign of dominance over me."

Youmu blinked, chuckling nervously at this remark. "Well now...I can't really agree on that statement being completely true. I have tried many times to advise against your intentions, but you're...quite stubborn, Miss Yuyuko." Youmu shrugged a bit. "I like to think that I play a more leading role sometimes. Like during the Eternal Night incident."

Giggling, she continued twirling her finger. "You can say that if you it makes you feel better...I can understand and permit it. But aren't you deceiving yourself?" Youmu had a very confused expression on her face, to which Yuyuko reacted with a simple shake of her head. "You like to think your advice is good, and it is. But my conclusions are better, and rejecting your advice on our ventures ends up with my conclusions being in the right. Especially during the Eternal Night incident. We would have walked into an easy trap if I hadn't guessed the right way..." She giggled again.

Youmu scratched her head. "A guess is no better than bad advice...And it wasn't an easy trap at all. You just say that because we avoided it. If we hadn't, you would say it was a good trap, wouldn't you?"

"Mmm, yes I would. That is a fact. But it didn't, did it?" Yuyuko stuck her tongue out playfully, at which Youmu sighed. "Tell me...Do you truly believe your advisory skills best my natural instincts?"

Youmu had been put on the spot. She didn't want to say she was too much better than her mistress in this kind of area, but..."Well, my advice is always good to keep in account. And it has provided you with a satisfying conclusion at least once or twice." She scratched her head again, taking a sip of tea to calm herself down. "But...It doesn't mean I doubt your abilities. I mean...I welcome them, more than anything. I accept them. That's why I follow you."

"My, my. Quite the follower." Yuyuko set her cup down beside her after finishing its contents. "But don't you think it would be nice to lead me along with what you think instead of pretending to try and eventually giving in to my stubbornness?" To this, Youmu hesitated. She was unsure on how to answer. Yuyuko laughed a bit and drew her fan out, spreading it out and waving it a bit. "In the end, I will always win over you Youmu. Because-"

"I'm the servant, you are the master. You've said the same thing to me before." Yuyuko looked a bit surprised.

"I have? Heavens me. I do not remember that at all." She giggled again.

Youmu sighed again. "Your age seems to be cruel to your memory, Miss Yuyuko...I find it hard to agree with your abilities if you cannot even remember the things that you had explained to me in the first place..." She looked up again at Yuyuko, who was staring at the sakura next to them. "But, I really do feel like you put me down a lot of the time. Work here is hard, and it isn't made any easier by the fact that you're so carefree and seemingly absent-minded, when in fact you're well aware of what's going on. You're like one of those people who's read the book first, and tries to keep the plot secret from someone their close to. However, they like to tease the other person by slipping hints and details that..." Youmu stared at Yuyuko, who didn't seem to be paying attention. Youmu tilted her head a bit, and Yuyuko looked back at her.

The ghost princess had a vague look on her face. There was an awkward moment of silence before she raised the cup again. "Tea~?" She giggled yet again and held the cup out in front of her.

Youmu blinked and smiled. "Of course." Youmu picked up the pot and poured some of the cooled down tea into the cup. Yuyuko then proceeded to start sipping it again, humming at its savory taste. Youmu then presented a pastry to her master, who accepted it happily, nibbling on its delicately crispy shell. Youmu then picked up the plate that had her own pastry on it. "I'll continue on the garden once I've finished eating." Youmu knew that Yuyuko hadn't forgotten the conversation they had just slipped out of, but leaving it there was for the better. After all, this was the kind of fate Youmu had to accept and deal with. But to be honest...She didn't mind. Not one bit.

She lifted the pastry to her mouth and took a reasonably sized bite into it...However, she pulled it away and peered into the hollow pastry shell, unamused. The filling was gone. She looked at Yuyuko, who smiled while chewing up the last bits of her own pastry. "That's odd..." She put the plate down and scratched her head. "I thought there would be filling...How disappointing." She sighed and picked the tray up again before standing up and making her way towards the kitchen. However, before she entered the building, Yuyuko's voice from behind sent a surge of annoyance and amusement spiralling through her mind.
"It was a mixed berry filling with a hint of honey~."
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