Sample Application: Minoriko Aki

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Sample Application: Minoriko Aki

Postby Minoriko Aki » 17 Apr 2011 16:28

-Information about the character you are applying-
Name (Full name please): Minoriko Aki
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book): Mountain of Faith Stage 1 Boss
Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Harvest Goddess

Why are you interested in playing this character?
The original reason I wanted to play Minoriko was because I was interested in elaborating her character. I always found the seasonal characters to be interesting, and after reading a lot of the dialogue and descriptions of Minoriko, I developed a personality for her that was my favorite to RolePlay- ignorant and stuck-up, in a way that would bring humor. After RolePlaying as her for a while, she has become one of my favorite characters, and she’s probably the most fun character I’ve ever RolePlayed.

Describe the character's personality. Please do not limit yourself to one or two personality trends.
In general, Minoriko is a very stuck-up Goddess who views herself superior to most everyone else. She doesn’t seem to understand the fact that most people don’t care about what she says, so she tends to walk around thinking everyone should be worshipping the ground she walks on. This is mostly because the reliance from the Human Village has gone to her head. The only people she tends to view on equal levels of herself are other Goddesses, mostly her sister, but lower Goddesses… Not so much. She is convinced she is at the level of someone like Kanako, for some reason.

Her habits tend to change as the seasons go by, though. She’s ruder and bitterer in winter, tending to lash out at any opportunity. This is when her elitism is worse. She’s a bit grumpy in spring and summer. Autumn, however, she always seems to be in a pleasant mood, and her elitism melts into more of a pride- meaning it’s still the same feelings, just a lot more bearable to put up with. In addition, she never really is good at interacting with… Youkai in general. Due to the fact that she views her equals as lesser beings and her superiors as equals, she doesn’t really get along with anyone except her sister, Shizuha. Humans, on the other hand, she seems to do a complete personality change with. It is unknown if this is because she’s simply putting on a smile so she can gather extra faith, but she seems to genuinely care about them, even if she shows it in a weird way.

Describe your interpretation of the character's powers and special abilities. How does she make use of her powers, and what are its limits? You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.
I believe that while Minoriko’s main ability is to summon a bountiful harvest during autumn for any growing crops, she also has the ability to summon the kind of vegetation a normal harvest supplies at will. However, the extent that she can do this in depends on what season it is, and the amount of faith she has. In terms of seasons, she’s weakest in winter (due to the dryness and cold weather), then summer (the heat and usually dryness tends to not be good for such crops), then spring (the temperature and moisture is good for them), and strongest in, of course, autumn. The second decider is how much faith she currently has. The more she has, the stronger her powers will be. This actually sometimes acts into seasonal- the only real reason she is able to use her ability in summer and winter is because in summer, the humans are always preparing and hoping that their efforts will pay off, and in winter, they are living off of the previous harvest. All of this doesn’t just apply to her ability over vegetation, though. It also has to do with her (very little) danmaku ability. The only time Minoriko is truly battle-ready is in autumn- the rest of the time, she can barely take one fight before collapsing in exhaustion. However, that’s okay for her, because she doesn’t care much for battle anyway. Her main use of her ability is simply for summoning the harvests for the humans.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.
About 100 years ago, a few years after Genoskyo was sealed, the Human Village came into existence. They were all mostly poor farmers who simply wanted to get away from the terrible youkai. However, they, being simple, did not know when their harvest was near, because there was no sudden change to signify that autumn would arrive. So they prayed to the Gods to give them signs of the approaching season. The higher Gods, being lazy creatures, decided that it shouldn’t be beings of their nature’s jobs to deal with such petty things- so after enough prayers and offerings, the Goddess of Seasons took a pile of leaves and turned it into a young girl, naming her Shizuha. Shizuha would have the job to suddenly turn leaves at the start of autumn, so that the humans would know immediately when it was time. So Shizuha went to work, and the humans were happy.

But then, the humans had a new problem. They, being simple, did not know how to properly grow crops to their full potential. They were starving and dying during winter. Once again, they prayed and prayed to the Gods. The Gods realized that if so many humans were dying, they would lose faith, so once again, the Goddess of Seasons took one of their offerings of yams, wheat, and grapes and created yet another minor Goddess, named Minoriko. Minoriko’s job was to give the humans a better harvest, and so she went off and supplied them with food. And they were happy.

The two worked like this for a long time- however, they started appreciating Shizuha less, and Minoriko more. Shizuha, being a kind, gentle Goddess, forgave them for forgetting her, and moved away, doing her job in silence- not for faith, but for the fact that she loved what she did. Minoriko, however, got cocky. They spoiled her rotten, letting her move in with them, giving her offerings at every opportunity, all that. The fact that the humans appreciated her so much went to her head, and she realized she could probably get 1000 times more faith from the high number of youkai out there! So, setting off, she went to go preach her ideas to the non-humans, leaving the poor, ignorant farmers clueless on how to fend for themselves. She didn’t get any good results, though. Youkai’s main meal were humans, and they didn’t find much interest in things such as vegetables. They laughed at Minoriko and cast her away.

She tried to go back to the Human Village, but they were angry at her for abandoning them and leaving them with a poor harvest. So they cast her away, telling her to only come to the village for harvest season. So Minoriko went to the only place left for her- her forgotten older sister’s house. Shizuha, being a kind soul, instantly forgave her sister for being inattentive, and they spent much time bonding for many years. Minoriko was eventually forgiven for her inattentiveness before, but is still not treated AS warmly as she used to be. Both of the sisters currently live together, happily doing their jobs every year.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals, even vague ones?
Like most Goddesses, Minoriko’s main goal in life is for faith and respect. She needs it to survive, after all. She wants more than just humans to look up to her, and, though this is a very, very secret goal, she somewhat hopes that one day, her sister will have as much respect as she does from others.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?
Minoriko would simply turn her nose up at the youkai, saying something along the lines of, “I don’t have TIME for a petty little creature such as yourself! Now be gone, peasant.” If the youkai were to actually attack her, though, she would instantly freak out and run away from the potential danger.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?
Most likely, Minoriko wouldn’t even remember them. She would probably ignore the person in general and make up some lame excuse on why she wouldn’t do it (or just flat out tell them no), but would maybe do it if it meant potentially gathering faith for herself, and if the favor was simple enough. She wouldn’t put in effort for someone she barely knew.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.
The Moriya Shrine was more peaceful than it usually was that day. Birds silent. Snow softly falling outside. A perfect day for meditation. The Goddess happily sighed as she sat on the ground, legs crossed, and was almost in a state of pure peace. Until SHE came up. Kanako’s eyes shot open when the first sound came. It was heavy breathing, a familiar sign of a visitor. Usually she would have just gone to go get Sanae to deal with people, but this felt… Different. A strange presence.

She instantly regretted it when she saw who was coming up.

A quiet groan escaped her lips as the blonde Goddess walked up to her, hands on her hips. For some reason, even in the snow, Minoriko remained barefoot- how stubborn. The two pairs of red eyes met each other, but the younger Goddess broke the silence. “Excuse me, Kanako, but I have a few CHOICE COMPLAINTS to make to you.” She broke the eye contact and started pacing back and forth, making her ignorant to the slight twitch in the blue haired woman’s face. “You SEE,” she started. “Lately the basin youkai have been QUITE rowdy with me. They think that they have a right to push ME, a Goddess, around. You, being on the same level as me, should understand what an awful situation this is. And as the Goddess of this mountain-“

“It’s not my problem.” Kanako’s cold words made Minoriko stop dead in her tracks, and slowly turned her nervous face to look at the woman. “I don’t deal with such affairs. Shouldn’t you be able to fight them yourself, anyway? After all,” she smirked. “You ARE a Goddess, correct?”

The last part made Minoriko turn red with a mixture of rage and humiliation. “Wha-what?! Me? Fight such… Undeserving creatures?! Of course not! I would not waste my abilities on them!” This, of course, was nothing but a lame excuse, due to being… Afraid of them. Some of them had… Fangs! Or claws! What if she got SCRATCHED by one?! The horrors were endless. But instead of listening to her highly persuasive argument, Kanako just stood up and started walking back inside. Ohhh, did this make Minoriko even madder! “How DARE you just walk off on me!” she yelled loudly. “I have some SERIOUS concerns which would highly benefit the quality of living here on Youkai Mountain! I-“

She was cut off.

Kanako whipped around and faced the lower Goddess, red eyes burning into Minoriko’s. “I don’t care about your problems. They are not my own, and they are not anyone else’s, either. Now will you please just leave me alone? I have better things to be doing than listening to you complain about your trivial matters.” Turning back around, she walked back into the shrine, making sure to lock the door behind her.
Minoriko just sort of stared, stunned, for a second, before realizing how offended she just was. “HEY!!” she yelled, starting to bang on the door. “I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!! I HAVE MORE TO SAY!!”
Minoriko Aki
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