Sample Application: Tenshi Hinanai

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Sample Application: Tenshi Hinanai

Postby Tenshi Hinanawi » 20 Feb 2011 20:00

-Information about the character you are applying-
Name (Full name please): Tenshi Hinanawi (Hinanai alternate spelling)
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book): Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody(Final Boss), Touhou Hisoutensoku(Playable Character), Double Spoiler (Possible Boss)
Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Celestial

Why are you interested in playing this character?

I think a character who goes out of her way to cause a very dangerous incident just because she was BORED is a very interesting type of person, and would like to see what else she could be capable of while bored.

Describe the character's personality. Please do not limit yourself to one or two personality trends.

Tenshi's personality, as with a lot of other Touhou characters, is quite interesting. Being a Celestial, she's constantly eating fancy foods and is taught the ideals of Enlightenment. As she's been in this situation, she's become incredibly bored with her dull, good life. It probably doesn't help that she's spoiled, as she herself didn't have to achieve Enlightenment to become a Celestial. It also seems that she has a bit of a violent side, as she thinks nothing of causing earthquakes in Gensokyo, that may or may not hurt people. That could also point to a careless side, or maybe even a thinking that since the humans and youkai are below her, they are inferior, and do not matter. Haughtiness is also definitely a part of Tenshi's personality.

Describe your interpretation of the character's powers and special abilities. How does she make use of her powers, and what are it's limits? You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.

Tenshi has two main abilities, one of which granted by her weapon: the control of sacred objects called keystones, and the ability to collect and disperse temperament via her sword, Hisou no Tsurugi.

Her control of keystones is inherent to all Celestials. A keystone is a rock with a shimenawa wrapped around it, granting it holy properties and the ability to calm or ravage the earth. Tenshi can use these stones in any way she pleases: from flinging them at enemies and placing them where she likes to create localized earthquakes, to calming earthquakes (that she herself was causing/threatening) and sealing away things underneath them.

Her other ability, granted by the sword of the heavens that she carries, is the gathering and dispersion of temperament. This causes natural phenomena to occur; mainly the sudden and random change of atmospheric conditions. Tenshi can use the built up temperament to unleash devastating attacks, capable of wiping out even the most hardy of enemies.

Of particular note is that the Hisou no Tsurugi can change form at the will of the user, to whatever form the user would like. Naturally, though, it takes the form of a yellow blade.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.

Tenshi herself was born into a family in Heaven, that had already achieved enlightenment and escaped the reincarnation cycle. As a child of the prestigious Hinanawi family, she was brought up in the best of conditions, and served the finest foods that Heaven had to offer. She was raised as such, spoiled and haughty, as no one would ever scold her or teach her the manners required for correct social ettiqute, much less consorting with the people beneath heaven. However, this hardly mattered to Tenshi, as she hadn't a care in the world.

Time passed, and.....nothing happened. Tenshi lived the same life, lavish and luxurious, day in and day out. Tenshi herself was just....bored. She wanted to have fun! Get some excitement in her life! The rest of the stuffy teachers in Heaven would never interest her enough.

So....she looked downward. And she found out about the incidents in Gensokyo. Tenshi decided that this would be her entertainment! She'd cause an incident herself, and it'd make her the center of attention! Tenshi took the Hisou no Tsurugi and went down to Gensokyo.

And then TH10.5 happened.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals, even vague ones?

The only thing that ever motivates Tenshi is boredom. There's no other reason that will move her. Luckily, Tenshi is incredibly bored. All the time. She leveled the Hakurei Shrine out of sheer boredom.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?

Tenshi would probably boast back, and invite the youkai to attack her. Hey, it's interesting! She loves not being bored, so she might even go out of her way to attack the youkai, even if they are backing off.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?

Unless the errand was interesting, Tenshi probably wouldn't bother even paying attention. If it involves something interesting, though, she might jump at it, if only for her own enjoyment.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.

The sound of a cicada twitters in the distance. The sun continues to beat down on the Hakurei Shrine, never relenting on the maiden of the border. A girl shows up at the entrance to the shrine, staring towards the miko proudly, and begins to walk toward her.

“What do you want?” Reimu asked lazily, though she seemed to be fairly poised in case the Celestial decided to cause some more havoc.

“I'm booooooooored~” Sighing slightly, but not losing her haughty smile, Tenshi continued to approach the girl. Slowing to a stop in front of her, the Celestial crossed her arms. “You're fun, Reimu. Entertain me!”

“Go away.” Reimu turned her head, ignoring Tenshi's demand. She didn't seem to be interested, though having Reimu be interested in something was quite rare.

“Ohh, come on! I want to do something!” Stomping her foot, Tenshi shook the ground slightly. It seemed like her temper was flaring up. “Come on, fight me! I want to fight! Or do you think I'll beat you?”

Reimu still seemed to be ignoring the Celestial. “I wonder if anyone will come to pay respects today...”

Tenshi's face brightened. “Ah, I know! Reimu, if you fight me and win, I'll donate to the shrine! I have lots of money!”

The miko turned her head, staring at the blue haired girl with a bit of annoyance. “Why don't you donate anyway? I could use a bit of renovation.”

Pouting slightly, Tenshi turned around. “Because I want to have fun! If you won't fight me, I won't donate this cash I have right here!” She pulled out a few fifty-thousand yen bills, waving them around. “I have plenty more where this came from....”

A sigh escaped Reimu's mouth, as she picked up her gohei, the traditional shrine maiden's weapon. “I suppose I'll comply. As long as you promise to donate!” She took a ready stance, waiting for an attack.

“Yes! Alright!” Tenshi turned quickly, the bills hidden back within her clothing, and a glowing sword in her hand. It had just sort of...appeared. “Here I come!” With that, she rushed at Reimu, swinging the Hisou no Tsurugi. Reimu blocked with her gohei expertly, and jumped away from the entrance to her home.

“Hey, hey, you're not going to level my home again! Get away from there!” Tenshi wasn't even listening, though, because she had already sent a keystone straight at the waiting miko.

It seemed like today was going to be quite exciting for the Daughter of Bhava-Agra.
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