Sample Application: Momiji Inubashiri

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Sample Application: Momiji Inubashiri

Postby Momiji Inubashiri » 20 Feb 2011 06:53

-Information about the character you are applying-
Name: Inubashiri Momiji
Canon Appearances: Mountain of Faith (Stage 4 mid-boss), Double Spoiler (Scene 4-2, 4-4, 4-6 Boss)
Species: Wolf-Tengu

Why are you interested in playing this character?
Momiji is character that matches my personality fairly well. To get the obvious similarity out of the way, I consider my own personality very dog-like, and Momiji is a wolf Tengu. Though the similarity may be tenuous at best, it gives at least one little reason for me to identify with her, and with the abundance of Touhou Characters, trying to pick one (especially one off the list of characters that AREN'T taken on the forum already) some sort of ability to identify with the character is necessary, in my opinion. If you can't identify with your character, you can't PLAY your character, unless you change them to suit your own needs, at which point, are they really the same character anymore?

Describe the character's personality.
Though Momiji lacks a terrible amount of canon appearances, she is described as being very loyal and serious. My interpretation of this is that when she is on-duty, nothing is more important than her job. She will go to any lengths to protect the Youkai Mountain, and its inhabitants, and with the Moria Shrine attracting more travelers and pilgrims, she must be just as vigilant, if not more so.

This, I feel, lends quite heavily to the perceived notion that she dislikes Aya Shameimaru, and that she looks down upon Crow Tengu (as referenced in Double Spoiler, on a few spell-card descriptions.). In my personal rendering of Momiji, this disdain is not so much looking down on Crow Tengu as a whole, so much as it is simply Momiji's annoyance at being bothered while 'on-duty'.

Although she would like to get to know Aya and Hatate, and is sure she would get along fairly well with the two, while she is working, their antics only serve to distract her, which causes a knee-jerk reaction of annoyance, leading into anger, mostly at Aya. Due to the pair's relationship, Momiji ends up with the same annoyance at Hatate, despite Aya's relative respect for Momiji, and her position.

On the occasion that Momiji interacts with others while 'off-duty' she can be described as the “big sister” type. She does her best to keep order in a situation, whether it be breaking up a fight, or calming down another raging Youkai.

First and foremost come her duties and responsibilities, though she tries to keep a kind face at all times, rather than scaring people into cooperation (although, that has it's place as well...), she makes sure that the people around her are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. There will be time for making merry after the work is finished.

While alone, Momiji rather enjoys a bit of calm solitude that one can only properly enjoy with a fresh cup of hot tea, usually a blend selected by Miss Sanae, the Moriya shrine maiden. Should she happen to have company, she enjoys a thoughtful game of Dai Shogi, a game very few Youkai she meets happen to know of. Usually, she will settle for something simple... Go perhaps. But a quick game of strategy and a piping hot pot of tea really do make for a wonderful relaxing afternoon.

Describe your interpretation of the character's powers and special abilities:
Momiji actually has only one 'power' attributed to her, and that is her sense of sight. She possesses the ability to see great distances. It is not specified what exactly this entails, but one can only imagine this doesn't mean she can see clear to the other side of Gensokyo and back, only that she can see much further than anyone else. Whether this ability is physical or supernatural is not known.

As well as her vision, her senses of smell and hearing are also very keen, due to her nature as a Wolf-Tengu, and as a guard, and she is sure to have quite a bit of fighting prowess.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.
For as long as the average denizen of Gensokyo could possibly remember, Momiji Inubashiri has been a guard of Youkai Mountain. Not just a lowly peon, however, Momiji has an officer rank, which comes with both it's own benefits and responsibilities. For example, she is left more or less to her own devices, thanks in part to repeatedly proving her own abilities, and is given a great deal of leeway in how she operates. However, she is also still subject to the laws of Tengu society, and seems to be the favorite of the journalist Aya Shameimaru, a crow Tengu and one of her direct superiors, who calls on Momiji to help follow up on 'leads'. Although Momiji would much rather not be interrupted at her post, her subordinates are usually enough to take care of the mountain in her absence, and though she would never openly admit it, there are time when Aya's little interruptions can be... entertaining.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals, even vague ones?
Momiji is primarily motivated by her position as a guard of Youkai Mountain. She takes great pride in her work, eagerly following the orders that come to her, and feels a great sense of satisfaction when she catches somebody causing trouble and is able to resolve the situation.

Due to the long-lived nature of the Tengu, it becomes very difficult for any one person to move up and down the ranks in times of peace, however, Momiji managed to work her way to a Captain position through sheer hard work. Although it will surely take quite a while for her to achieve it, Momiji would like to someday progress even further up the ranks.

Outside of work, Momiji is constantly on the lookout for worthy opponents to test her strategic ability in the various games she plays.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?
Depending on whether or not Momiji was on duty or not, she might react differently. Were she at work, her initial reaction would be to alert the Youkai of her position and rank and that they should continue along the path and cause no more trouble. In short, she would give them a warning, and a chance to apologize. Should they continue to threaten her person, she would make the best effort she could to subdue or incapacitate the Youkai, only using lethal force if absolutely necessary.

If alone and not working, she would simply avoid the Youkai altogether, only really taking any action if she thought said Youkai might be a danger to others in the area. For example, should she be walking with any company, she would be sure to put their well-being first, before entertaining any ideas of simply jetting off to avoid the noisy Youkai.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?
Momiji would be more than happy to give an old friend a hand, however, for some strange person that she had only met a few times before, she might be a little more wary.

In such everyday situations, Momiji isn't too terribly complicated a person. So long as it doesn't conflict with her duties or honor as a guard, she's more than willing to lend her assistance to others. Even those she isn't particularly close to.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.
"Detail is dismissed. To your posts." Momiji barks her order to the assembled wolves who sharply exit their commanding officer's small office. The Guard Captain had just finished delivering the day's duties to her subordinates, and was about to make her way to her own post, when a stray thought crept across her conscious mind. That reporter-Tengu hadn't been around for a while, which was rather odd for her.

Typically, Aya would appear two, maybe three times a week, barging into Momiji's office, or taking her roughly by the arm directly from the Wolf's post.

"Hmm... Admittedly, it's been rather nice without the interference. But..." Momiji can't help but think that she was due for a visit sometime soon.

"Hopefully I'm wrong, and Aya has simply found somebody else to help her with that paper of hers..." The idea provokes a very slight pang of jealousy in her. Though the interruption was usually annoying, especially when Aya would drag her off on a wild goose chase, there had been a few times where the crow was just the thing Momiji needed to work herself into a good mood. While her love for her job and position is quite well known, and having an officer rank surely has it's perks, it tended to be less than exciting, most of the time. It was quite obvious to most residents of Gensokyo that the Youkai Mountain was very well defended, and other than the occasional inebriated Youkai, attacks or incidents were few and far between.

With an odd mix of dread and anticipation for Aya's long-past-due appearance, Momiji gathers her equipment and quickly makes her way to her usual patrol route along the main roads leading up the mountain.

Momiji didn't have to wait long on this day as with a large gust of wind trailing behind her, the tengu reporter landed right beside Momiji.

"Hey, Momiji!" she cheerily greeted, waving to the Tengu guard eagerly.

"Stop being such a slowpoke!" Coming from Aya, this didn't sting too terribly, as she was the fastest in Gensokyo after all. Everyone seemed slow in her eyes.

"I've got a new lead to follow, and it's sure to be solid! Should get some good scoops out of this. So come on!" Not waiting for a reply, Aya takes wing, moving at her typical breakneck speed.

Momiji closes her eyes and hangs her head very slightly, not even bothering to turn to look, the gust of wind having felt so very familiar. With a slight chuckle, she makes a note to start keeping track of how many days
pass between each of Aya's visits. No doubt her squad has some sort of wager upon the tally.

*At least now I won't be wondering when she will be arriving...* The wolf-Tengu makes a sharp about-face and snaps smartly to attention to deliver her response to the already departing Crow Tengu.

"Yes, Miss Shameimaru. I am right behind you."
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