Sample Application: Ruukoto

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Sample Application: Ruukoto

Postby Ruukoto » 13 Feb 2011 07:03

-OOC Information-
Your main: Rumia

-Information about the character you are applying-
Name (Full name please): Ruukoto
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book): Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Robot

Why are you interested in playing this character?

To be honest, I have a fascination with maids, and since Sakuya and Yumeko were taken, I decided to take up Ruukoto instead. In addition, I really like to portray characters that aren't considered very popular with the fanbase, which is evidenced by my character choices of Rumia, Ruukoto, and Mugetsu. Characters that aren't particularly popular in fandom tend not to have a fleshed out backstory, canon or otherwise. Without an established background, I have much more freedom to depict the character as I like without stepping out of too many boundaries. As for Ruukoto herself, I find her rather interesting, as she's the only character who's never actually been fought or played as in a game, and she is a nuclear maid, not exactly a common thing. Because of these oddities, I found myself drawn to playing her. I dropped her because of constraints and posting problems, but I think I've found enough of my spirit to begin regularly posting with her again.

Describe the character's personality. Please do not limit yourself to one or two personality trends.

Ruukoto is a very ditsy girl. She isn't exactly smart, but in return is loving and devoted to those she cares for. Her variegated personality traits lend to a contradictory trend. Although she has good intentions, doing so makes her a very gullible and trusting person, to an extreme fault. She believes in seeing the good in everyone, and in fact mainly only sees good in everyone. As a maid, she is exceptionally hardworking, and will do everything told the first time told and without any qualms whatsoever. Despite this, however, she is not very good at her job. Rather, she has fairly abysmal skills, and no form of luck to speak of. Because of her unwillingness to turn others down, she will take any and all requests from anyone, which typically culminates in an overload of impossible tasks. Even so, Ruukoto will still try her best and smile sincerely through the whole thing. She really enjoys helping people and receiving praise, and her confidence in what abilities she has is what mainly contributes to her sense of duty. Ruukoto is the kind of person who would like to be friends with everyone she meets, and when confronted with hostility, will still try her best to convert a foe into a friend. She cares for each of her friends extensively and equally, and sticks with them whenever possible.

Describe your interpretation of the character's powers and special abilities. How does she make use of her powers, and what are it's limits? You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.

Inherent Powers:
Ruukoto, as an android, owns an array of powers alien to most in Gensokyo. She has, among other things, regenerating limbs. Her arms can be rocket boosted out, and her feet are installed with rockets as well. Her broom is mostly used as a cleaning device, but can open up to an infinite amount of space (Although it's mostly used for storing cleaning supplies) and also has a return feature if lost. The broom itself is made of highly resilient material, as is Ruukoto herself, and can break through most objects. Although more of a hinderance than useful, Ruukoto has the ability to self destruct herself, as well as return back to normal afterwords. Ruukoto's weapons themselves actually don't have any limitation, and are rather limited by Ruukoto herself. Because she is a robot, if she overworks herself, in battle or during work, to the point of overheating, she will automatically shut down temporarily (Or become "unconscious", to personify it in a human/youkai sense) until she is fit to get up again. Ruukoto also has minor nuclear explosive powers, due to being nuclear powered herself. As a defensive move, Ruukoto can recharge herself indefinitely at any time, healing her wounds. How she does this without any sort of plug is unknown, but it's suspected that the mechanism used to recharge creates more energy than is used up doing so.

Powers gained from PoIR:
((During the Spellcard Tournament, Ruukoto was paired with a scientist, Rikako Asakura. This scientist took a particular interest in Ruukoto, and soon after the first battle, installed various extra abilities into Ruukoto.)) Ruukoto's eyes are able to shoot out short bursts of lasers, and are very quick, requiring little to no charging. However, the process can overheat her eyes. Her eyes can turn in separate directions, meaning the lasers coming from either eyes can shoot in multiple directions simultaneously. Ruukoto's broom, in addition to magnetic retrieval and infinite storage, was also modified to gain the power to fly and support Ruukoto, allowing her to fly around, akin to a witch. The head of her broom, in addition, has a gravity node in it, which can cause it to weight more than 5 megatons. Her right arm has a retractable crossbow, able to shoot out anything that can fit within it at a considerably fast speed.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.

One day, a multitude of various characters in discovered a ruinous temple in the middle of Gensokyo. After thorough investigation, they all concluded that nothing could be done to get inside, until they had found a note on the wall of the structure. The flier boasted a huge prize to whoever won the competition, and instructed those who had discovered the temple to fight each other until one emerged victorious. Ultimately, Reimu wins, and is allowed inside the temple. There, she encounters Chiyuri and Yumemi, two professors seeking the secret of magic, and is demanded to return to their world in order to be subjected to harsh examination. Reimu defeats them both, and in turn, receives the prize originally set forth by Yumemi: One wish. Reimu wishes for someone to help her with the daily chores around the shrine, and thus, Ruukoto is created to assist Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine.

From then on forth, Ruukoto lived at the shrine, tending to maintenance, Reimu's meals, general shopping, and cleaning. Most would say that Reimu isn't satisfied with her reward, as Ruukoto constantly is the cause of the shrine falling into disrepair at most times.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals, even vague ones?

Ruukoto is driven by praise and acceptance. The mere notion of receiving such an award, especially if it's from Reimu, causes Ruukoto to automatically raise her determination tenfold. Her main goal is being accepted by others and regarded as useful and helpful to others. Although she believes that that's the only thing she wants to achieve in life, her subconscious (Or rather, lack of subconscious) caused her to realize another thing that she wants. Because Ruukoto is nothing more than a robot created for the sole purpose of serving, coupled with the fact that she never leaves the shrine, she has no true emotions, or even any true goals. Most wouldn't realize this, due to the above mentioned goal and personality. But these are merely traits that were programmed into her, and there is nothing about Ruukoto that is hers and hers alone. For that reason, Ruukoto has a slight inner want to venture outside the Shrine grounds and actually experience life as everyone else does, in hopes that she may develop into a more humanlike being.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?

Ruukoto would confront them with a pacifist view, and refuse to attack the youkai no matter what. She would probably take the role of a psychiatrist, attempting to solve the matter in a peaceful way with mutual benefits. The boastful threats themselves would give no reason for Ruukoto to worry, as she would simply nod her head in mock-agreement. However, if she is actually attacked, whether or not Ruukoto will retaliate depends on the situation: If her mistress Reimu or any other friend is around, she will immediately run to her for aid. On the other hand, if Reimu (Or any friend) is in fact the one in danger, she will forego her internal agreement of pacifism and attack, albeit reluctantly. If no was is around at all, Ruukoto will usually be more akin to running away rather than actually fighting.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?

Ruukoto would immediately agree and set out to complete the task. She would be happy, even ecstatic to assist, especially if the person being assisted is a good friend of hers. However, since she doesn't exactly get outside of the shrine much, meeting an old acquaintance would be a rare occurrence. Of course, Ruukoto would attempt to finish her original errand in addition to the new task presented to her simultaneously, and because of her disorganization and poor luck, she usually ends up never finishing anything in the first place anyway. Either way, the chances are that if Ruukoto really does meets an old friend, that friend knows much better than to ask Ruukoto for any type of favor.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.

The basement was a dusty old place.

Boxes made up the majority of the old room under the shrine, filled with now obsolete items once used by the shrine. Each one was covered in a thick layer of dust, untouched since who knows when. It was such a deserted place, as even small rats and bugs could not be found in the cramped quarters of the Hakurei cellar. No light penetrated through the well-made roofing of the basement, and the only source of light emanated from the small crack under the door leading back to the upstairs world.

Suddenly, that very door jerked open, slamming into the nearby wall. Reimu was at the top, waving a small wooden broom. "Back! Back! Get away, all of you!" She was chasing away a sizable pack of rats from the shrine. They had been generously helping themselves in her pantry, which Reimu clearly didn't take too kindly to. She brandished the broom one more time before assuming victory. "Dirty little..." Her voice trailed off as, just as loudly as it had opened, the door slammed shut. The basement receded into quiet, or it had mostly done so. The rats scurried through the basements, climbing up to where their hole was. Since it was horridly dark within the basements, the rats repeatedly bumped into box after box before eventually reaching their nest. One box, in particular, was balancing precariously on another box near the top of the ceiling. The constant battering of the rats, however, eventually caused it to topple down, down, down.

And in smashed. But not on the ground. Or not at first, as the box had hit a familiar figure standing in the middle of the dank depths under the Shrine. Something whirred and beeped, as if it had been reactivated.


Sleep Mode Aborted.
Reactivating Main Core.
Restarting Essential Processors.
Restoration Complete.

Ruukoto's recently lifeless body jerked back to life, as did Ruukoto. "I'm sorry, Mistress Reimu!" She collapsed onto the floor. "I-I'm sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't mean to destroy half the shri-"

Ruukoto raised her head from the floor and opened one eye. The green glow illuminated the surrounding area. "Eh....?" Ruukoto got up slowly, her metal joints creaking in rhythm with her movements. "Wh-where am I? Where's Mistress Reimu?" The android now had both eyes open, and was examining her surroundings. "Oh... This is the cellar, isn't it?.." She spoke to no one in particular. Ruukoto had been here multiple times before, carrying large loads down to the basement. Chances are that most of these boxes were transported down here by herself. "But.... What am I doing here?" The robot mused. She sat down, trying to remember what had led up to this point. "Hm..... Oh! That's right!" She stood up abruptly, having a Eureka moment, and promptly knocked over a pile of boxes beside her. "That's right! I had just...." She remembered. It was just after she had returned from the Plains. A curious Karakasa had the nerve to impersonate her mistress, and also had the nerve to explode most of the shrine (Although some of that was her fault, admittedly). Ruukoto slumped down again. Her mistress, Reimu, that is, was none too pleased when she returned to find most of the Shrine a smoldering mess. Ruukoto recalled the last few moments of the dispute. Reimu had stared at her. A cold glance that was almost as artificial as Ruukoto herself. Even for a robot without true emotions, Ruukoto could feel the deep, cold glance penetrating through her metallic body.

At first, Ruukoto could not even utter an excuse; She merely stammered and babbled like a crazy person.

But Reimu just shook her head, and reached her hand to the back of Ruukoto's neck.

And that was all she could remember. "But..." She said aloud. "That doesn't explain why I'm here!" She sat down again, trying to formulate a solution... Of course! All she had to do was go upstairs and ask Reimu herself! Ruukoto felt around the floor, with guidance from her eyes, until her hands finally grasped around her trusty broom. In addition to being an infinite storage space, a dependable weapon, and a flight device, Ruukoto's broom also functioned as a light source. She opened the head of the broom and pushed a few buttons scattered arbitrarily underneath the straw folds. The broom shook violently, then emitted a strong orb of light that purged the entire room of darkness.

With the room fully lit, locating the door was a snap. Ruukoto carefully reorganized the boxes she had bumped into and slowly climbed the steps up to the upper area of the shrine. When she had finally reached the door, she gripped the handle, hesitated for a few moments, and opened the door, slowly, carefully stepping outside.

....The shrine was a mess. In comparison, the basement looked like it had been thoroughly cleaned by a competent maid. In this state, it was no wonder Reimu never saw many visitors. By this time, Reimu had returned, with a cup of tea in hand. She sipped it slowly until her eyes opened and she saw Ruukoto.

*CRASH* The cup dropped to the floor, causing the tea to spread across the cracks in the floor.

"R-R-Ruukoto!?" Reimu sputtered out as she jumped back abruptly.

"Oh, Lady Reimu, there you are!" Ruukoto said with a familiar joviality. "What's happened to the shrine?" Her expression changed back to curiosity, also a usual occurrence.

"N-Never mind that." Reimu managed to choke out. "How are you here? I shut you do-"

Ruukoto interrupted rather rudely, "I found myself in the basement alone, and I can't remember anything that happened except for the shrine being attacked by a blue hair woman..."

Reimu fidgeted uncomfortably. "Well, you see, Ruukoto, I-"

"That's it!" Ruukoto suddenly had some sort of epiphany. "You saw how injured and tired I was, so you put me down in the basement to rest, didn't you?" Ruukoto concluded, cheerfully and incorrectly.

"Uh, I, uh, well..." Reimu started to fidget again.

If Ruukoto had been human, she would have had tears streaming out of her eyes. "Oh Mistress Reimu! You do care about me!" Ruukoto looked into Reimu's eyes in a rather cheesy manner and smiled gratefully. "Nevertheless." Her disposition suddenly reverted as she turned to the shrine. "The Shrine is a mess! You really need me to shape this place up!" Ruukoto held out her broom and smiled wider, her teeth gleaming in the light. "Don't worry, Mistress Reimu, I'll have the Shrine back up in a jiffy!" She ran off to start, but tripped and fell flat on her face.

Reimu simply walked out of the room. "What'll I do now..." She muttered softly under her breath.
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