Sample Application: Ichirin Kumoi

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Sample Application: Ichirin Kumoi

Postby Ichirin Kumoi » 17 Jan 2011 04:39

Information about the character you are applying
Name: Ichirin Kumoi
Canon Appearances: TH12 – Undefined Fantastic Object, TH12.5 – Double Spoiler
Species: Youkai

Why are you interested in playing this character?

Ichirin is one of my favorites. Her music captivated me and I went to get more information about the character. I like the Ichirin/Unzan combination, and the Jojo’s reference only helped in making me a fan.


Ichirin is an apparently calm youkai, friendly towards humans and youkai alike, mostly because of the teachings of Byakuren. Her gratefulness towards her “sister” made her learn to live peacefully with the others while trying her best to not judge anyone before making sure of their intentions.

The nun-like youkai is a quick to act person, and goes directly to her objectives without hesitation. With a good amount of initiative, she makes her best to do what she thinks it’s the most important thing to do in a moment.

Ichirin is loyal to her friends, especially the ones who live with her at the temple. For her, they are a family, where she found mutual respect and a common trait to share. And she is sure to valorize when someone makes a good deed or helps someone without thinking in their own necessities. To her enemies, she is a fierce opponent that will fight with all of her will. Even if she’s friendlier because of Byakuren’s teachings, betraying the nun-like youkai is not a wise thing to do.

Even so, Ichirin is not devoid of undesirable traits. Sometimes she’s too quick to jump to a conclusion because of her beliefs. She’s trying to make it better with the help of Byakuren, but she still has a way to go. And because of her bond with the people she cares, she can be a fearsome person when defending their honor, leading to some stubbornness in some specific occasions. In resume, her great loyalness ends as a gift and an obstacle depending of the situation.


Like almost every resident of Gensokyo involved in the great circle of incidents and curious events, Ichirin is capable of using her energy to shoot danmaku in different patterns to trap and defeat her opponents. But her main powers reside in her ability to control nyuudou, cloud-like spirits that can change its size and forms.

Her nyuudou partner is Unzan, an old man with a bald head, a distinctive beard and a rather short temper when confronted by other youkai or even humans. In a practical vision, he could be seen as Ichirin’s tool of battle, but for the youkai he’s a partner and, even more, a good friend.

In battle, Ichirin manipulates Unzan’s powers so he can grow in size to cause fear into their opponents, then proceeds to deliver gigantic punches in a fast pace, making it seems his fists multiplied. Unzan also can shoot danmaku from his eyes in the form of powerful lasers to add to his destructive power. Combined with Ichirin’s own ability to shoot danmaku, they candifficult the opponent’s life in a great way.

Out of battles, Ichirin uses Unzan’s form changing to make the nyuudou patrol a considerable area around her, and his size growing can scare foes away making the team a good choice for guarding important places or things.

However, such partnership has its flaws. The two have to be united all the time, so Unzan cannot patrol at long distances. And he has to be relatively near Ichirin to use all of his power. If the opponent is successful in dodging his giant attacks, the controlling youkai becomes a easy prey because she has to maintain concentration to manipulate the nyuudou.

Ichirin’s History

Ichirin was one of the many youkai that Byakuren helped to escape from the fear and wrath of the humans. The nun was moved by the kindness of the Buddhist girl, which even showed her respect for Ichirin’s nyuudou partner Unzan. After thar, she started to follow the youkai savior, with hope to learn more and more about how humans and youkais could live in peace.

But one day Byakuren was sealed, and so were Ichirin and all of the youkais that admired and followed the ageless monk. Forgotten on the depths of the earth, unable to help the ones she cared about and learned to respect. Until the geysers in the surface erupted, freeing all of the closed youkais. Ichirin was relieved, but something had to be corrected.

With Murasa, the nun-like youkai and her companion searched for the remains of the sacred ship of Hijiri Myouren, hoping that his immense power left after his death would help in saving Byakuren from her prison. In her way, she found the actual shrine maiden of Gensokyo, Hakurei Reimu, which indirectly helped the youkais in reaching their goal. After some time, Byakuren was free.

After the incidents, Ichirin continued to follow her “sister” through her attempt to make youkai and humans live together. The followers found a different Gensokyo, livelier and with signals that Byakuren’s wish was in the way of becoming a reality. Maybe that was the time to finally settle and start to guide her own life with the help of her old and new friends.

Today, Ichirin lives in the rebuilded Buddhist temple with Byakuren, Nazrin, Murasa, Shou and Nue. Their relationship with the Human village is very good, mainly because of Byakuren’s beliefs. Today the humans are more receptive of her peace ideal, and with near examples like Keine and the youkais that go shopping at the various stores on the village, Ichirin is sure that her time is going to be a lot more easier than the last time.


Ichirin’s primary goal is to live peacefully with her friends in Gensokyo, helping to make a better place for everyone. She is tired of confronting humans because of different beliefs, and saw in this new phase of Gensokyo an opportunity to finally relax. Even with that, she’s ready to act when necessary.

As a second goal, Ichirin wants to become stronger, so the event that occurred years ago doesn’t happen again. She wants to defend her savior at all costs, and even thought of challenging some powerful Gensokyo residents to test her powers. She feels that’s a debt that she has to pay to Byakuren for all that the monk did to her in the past and the present.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?

She would try to calm the agitated youkai with nice words first, trying to bring it to reason. If this didn’t work, she would try to convince him and bring his attention in a more direct way. If all fails, she would try to stop his rampage to avoid problems to everyone.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?

She will respond politely and will analyze the situation. She will try to help as she can, but if it’s something off her reach or if the errand is too important, she will refuse but offer for help later, seeing that’s an old friend.


It was a sunny day in Gensokyo. A gentle breeze was blowing in that hour, giving a good sensation to the skin. Ichirin and Unzan were returning from their usual walk out of the limits of the city, thinking about all of the recent events. No big incidents happened after the Hisou Tensoku apparition in the Youkai Mountain, near the Moriya Shrine. That giant robot certainly had startled everyone. Even Unzan, used to that type of height, looked with curious eyes when he and Ichirin went to visit the new creation of Gensokyo.

But the calm place soon would be invaded by the boastings of a strange youkai that appeared from nowhere. Apparently it was young, unknowledgeable about the ways of that place. Ichirin frowned upon the sudden sight of the little, but her expression changed to her usual self.

“Why are you so agitated? Don’t you know that some humans find that kind of attitude unpleasant? Even in peaceful times, we have…”

But her speech was interrupted by a rather displeasing gesture of the young youkai. Floating to the height of her eyes, he stared firmly by a long time, only to raise his voice again.

“I don’t care about humans! They’re weak, and they are my prey! I do what I want!”

Ichirin remembered about the past. How youkais and humans were on constant war, hunting each other to the point of near destruction. That youngling didn’t knew that new times arrived, but he would learn sooner or later. As a disciple of Byakuren, Ichirin would do her best to pacify the little one.

“Listen to me. Times have changed. Now you can live without being afraid of being hunted forever. Humans and youkais have reached a common sense, and with the rules that govern over our land, we are sure to have equal duels between the two sides. You just have to…”

And Ichirin was interrupted again by the agitated youkai. He surely was looking for confusion, and Unzan already was looking to him with disapproving eyes.

“Shut up! You can’t command me! If you want me to stop, you’ll have to defeat me, but I’m sure some weakling like you and your peace talk are no match for my power!”

Ichirin took a deep breath. She looked at Unzan, who quickly understood her intentions. The nun youkai looked at the little troublemaker deep in his eyes, and talked to him in a slow pace.

“… Fine. If that’s what you want, I’m not going to refuse. But first, you have to know something.”

In that moment, Unzan started to grow and change form, gaining the aspect of a big and muscular man. With his arms crossed, he towered over and behind Ichirin’s body, staring at the troublesome youkai who took some steps back.

“You still have to grow. You have to know the extent of your opponent’s abilities before challenging him. Or else…”

And Unzan’s eyes got brighter, emiting an eerie light that made the youkai cower in fear.

“You will suffer great pain.”

“Aaaahhhhh! Please! Don’t hurt me! I’ll be a good youkai, just leave me alone.”

Ichirin approached the undefended youkai and, for his surprise, she just touched his head gently.

“Here, here, it’s over. Don’t be afraid. Now listen to me. There’s a big world for you to explore, but you can do your journey in two ways. You can fight and discuss with everyone you see, or you can try to be peaceful for a change.

I’ll make you an offer. Go to Byakuren’s temple, and listen to her words. Then you can decide which way you’ll take. I’m sure you will learn many things with her.”

“O… Okay! Bye!”

And the demon runs away from the sight of them at an incredible speed. Unzan looked at Ichirin, trying to understand a bit about her reaction.

“You know better than anyone how I work.

… I know, but we have to make sure everyone has a choice. Even the hopeless have a way, it’s just a matter of making the right decision.”

And the two continued their way to the city, thinking about how they learned and improved with that situation, and how the young youkai would react. After all, no one could cut his will.
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