Sample Application: Keine Kamishirasawa

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Sample Application: Keine Kamishirasawa

Postby Keine Kamishirasawa » 16 Jan 2011 22:57

-Information about the character you are applying-
Name (Full name please): Keine Kamishirasawa
Canon Appearances (e.g. Game or Book):
Imperishable Night (Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss, Extra Midboss(Hakutaku Form)) Shoot the Bullet (Stage 3-2, 3-4, 3-6, 3-8 Boss)
Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red (Page 54-55)
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (Page 73-74)

Species (e.g. Faerie, youkai, human etc.): Were-hakutaku. More specifically human for all intents and purposes except on the night of the full moon where she becomes a hakutaku.

Why are you interested in playing this character?

Despite her relatively low-key presence in Touhou canon Keine holds a surprisingly central role in the setting as the self-appointed defender of the human village. Not just that, her role as the one creating the actual history out of the events that happened, gives her a key position in shaping Gensokyo. As such having no Keine leaves a hole in the workings of the setting, though I am on not sure how great an influence that truly has in practice.

On a more personal level Keine is a character I identify with more than any other in Touhou. As such trying to actually portray her myself would be an interesting experience and one that might make me understand the character and why I identify with her better. There is also the simple fact that as a historian myself I feel that I am in a good position to portray Keine’s work with compiling and transmitting knowledge of the past, even if I don’t have quite the same view of history that she displays in canon.

Describe the character's personality. Please do not limit yourself to one or two personality trends.
Few people would say that Keine is the most easy-going person in Gensokyo and those who would either mistake her for someone else or be trying to trick you. As a human living in the village, and no matter the metaphysics of her condition she considers herself a human, she witnesses on a daily basis how hard life can be for normal people. This as well as her personal inclination since childhood makes her a rather serious person quite aware of the possibility of problems in the future and a desire to avoid them.

That being said she is neither incapable of relaxing nor a pessimistic person. Life in Gensokyo’s past was much worse than life in its present and with the arrivals of the outsiders living in the shrine at Youkai Mountain knowledge of technology that might make life easier has come within reach of the humans. Of course this hasn’t exactly manifested in actual use yet, but a girl can hope, right?

On the relaxation side of things, her preferred activity to relax is unsurprisingly reading, that or spending time with some of her few friends in smaller groups. Though she will take part in festivals held in the village or at either shrine, she is not quite the life of the party and more likely to try and get a conversation going than she is to take part in any other activity. She seems to just be an introvert like that.

Describe your interpretation of the character's powers and special abilities. How does she make use of her powers, and what are its limits? You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.
Keine’s power is the ability to hide and create history, which depends on whether she is human or hakutaku at the time. The important thing to keep in mind here is that history is not the past nor is it the objects of the physical world. Instead history is the knowledge and understanding of the past. As such she cannot in reality change or add to what has happened before.

What she can do is to alter how people perceive the past and the events of it and as we all know, what happened a second ago is the past. She can make them forget about their parents or that she was ever there if someone pursues her, to just name a pair of the more mundane capabilities. On the full moon on the other hand she could make a past event take primacy in their understanding of the wider history of Gensokyo or making them remember a past affair they never had.

This power over the perception of the past has two limitations, however. The first is Keine herself. A generally serious person who believes in the importance of understanding the past, she is loathe to hide information she considers important or add fabrication to the portrayal of the past. So she usually refrains from using her powers for anything but organize and compile the events of the past month on the night of the full moon.

The other limitation is that the wider the implications of a change are the harder it is to maintain. Whether removing the knowledge of a major part of Gensokyo or adding a fabricated incident to its history, numerous loose ends comes up that the perceptive might notice how things don’t fit together. To counteract this more changes would be needed creating more loose ends and more and more information that needs to be made to fit together. This limitation is why she failed at keeping the village hidden from the knowledge of those seeking to resolve the endless night incident.

Describe your interpretation of the character's history. You may cite canonical source material, but don't plagiarize.
In a world of powerful, ancient youkai, gods and humans with incredible powers, Keine’s personal history is surprisingly mundane and uninteresting; especially for a person perfectly capable of spicing it up should she feel like it. For her childhood and much of her youth she was an ordinary human girl who nobody would expect to one day grow horns or to believe herself to be the protector of the human village.

Of course normal is a relative term. Though in every physical and metaphysical sense she was an ordinary human of Gensokyo, there were still traits that were remarkable. For one thing she grew up in one of the richer and more successful families of the human village, one that had the capabilities of providing a proper education for their daughter. For another her introverted personality and interest in more intellectual topics than most kids ensured that her upbringing was much more lacking in social contact with her peers than that of most human children. Still she was fundamentally a normal kid and teenager.

Then one morning, as Keine Kamishirasawa was waking up from anxious dreams, she discovered that in her bed she had been changed into a hakutaku. The night had been the night of the full moon which hadn’t completely ended when she woke up, yet nothing else had suggested why it had happened. Naturally not quite able to easily accept her transformation the young woman left her home and the entire village to take some time to think.

Deep in thought she wandered into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost and like so many other people she got lost in it. And like so many of those who got lost, she was found by Mokou. Unlike most of those who got lost she didn’t let the gruffness of the tomboy intimidate her into being quiet, after all, the girl was less intimidating than a sudden transformation without warning. Though it was hardly an ordinary conversational topic, she tried explaining what had happened to her to the mysterious woman who had saved her and unlike what she had expected, she didn’t experience rejection as a youkai.

Back in the village the future teacher got used to her change over the course of the next several months. Heading to the forest and the woman who had been willing to listen to her story whenever the full moon came about, she began getting to know the last daughter of the Fujiwara clan and come to realize the ability to stay human despite losing essential aspects of her humanity.

In time she stopped hiding on the night of the full moon and the villagers got used to her and she became a scholar of the city, eventually growing to not just see herself as a scholar but as the defender of the humans as well. Eventually after learning about some humans planning to take over Gensokyo for humanity, she decided to open a school to teach the villagers the past of their home so they could act in a safer manner in the present and the future.

What motivates your character? What do they have as long-term goals, even vague ones?

The protection of the human village and the humans of Gensokyo is Keine’s foremost goal. However, as one of the most learned people in the land of illusion, she also realizes that amicable relationships with youkai and the preservation of the spellcard system are the best ways to protect humanity. Beyond trying to protect humanity from physical harm, however, she also wants to improve their lives in such ways that they do not have to worry about their next meal or having enough left for winter. And as always for her, she believes knowledge and understanding to be the best way to ensure this. However, to the were-hakutaku knowledge is not just power but also virtue. This means that teaching is not just a practical matter, but in a very real sense her attempt at making the villagers better people, something that might just be foolish idealism yet is a definite desire on her part.

Your character was walking down the road one day and a noisy youkai approaches them and begins causing trouble, including making boasting threats. How does your character react?

Though she know that keeping good relationships with youkai and making sure that the spellcard system is maintained to keep fighting in check, Keine will often be a bit too quick to assume the worst of a petty youkai. Still attempts at diplomacy or threats are pretty much assured to be her first reaction in such an encounter, trying to make the youkai behave or at least leave rather than fight. It is only if the threat is too imminent, the being in question too dangerous or attempts at settling things without fighting that the spellcards comes out.

Your character meets an old acquaintance while running an errand; they approach and ask you for a favor. How does your character respond?
Despite how busy she is, Keine is willing to listen to the problem of any human who needs help. As long as what they ask is reasonable and doesn’t hurt the other villagers, whether by being directly aimed at causing any of them harm or by threatening the security of the village, she will try to help them. In most cases this help will take the form of either giving advice or directing them to a person who can help them more effectively than she can, but it is not altogether impossible to get her to dirty her own hands to help you. There just has to be a good reason why she has to do it herself seeing as how she has taken many duties on herself.

The big exception to this helpfulness to humans is the night of the full moon. Unless what you are asking for is both important and urgent. If not you can expect to be turned away rather rudely, though reports of headbuttings are greatly exaggerated.

Describe a short scene of your choosing involving your character. This scene must include at least one line of dialogue originating from your character, and must have at least one other character present.
To most of the villagers late afternoon was the time to return to the village and leave the fields and wilderness outside to the youkai. Tradition was strong and everyone knew that some few youkai still ate humans. Then there was the little matter of lacking easy access to portable light that didn’t run out quickly. Had the woman walking towards the bamboo forest been anybody else people would have assumed desperation or insanity. But they didn’t. The woman was the teacher and historian of the village, Keine Kamishirasawa, and it was well-known that she frequently went into the forest on her own.

As she walked the were-hakutaku glanced at the sun, trying to tell how much time she had left to reach her destination, though being late spring there should be plenty. She could of course just not have cared, everyone knew about her condition after all, but it was just embarrassing to be seen by the normal people like that. Slowing her walk for a moment, a frown seen by no one swept over her face. And she hated being reminded of how she was different like that, even if it didn’t truly matter.

The edge of the forest came closer as she walked, her pace slowing down from the hurry it had had as she was moving away from the village. Once under the canopy of the leaves she stopped completely to check the items she had brought one last time to see if they were all there. It was, though admittedly it hadn’t been much and would have been hard to forget only some of it. The teacher’s worry satisfied she began walking again, watching as the fading sunlight trickled among the slender stems of the bamboo, seeming to know exactly the way she was going.

The small shiver that shot through her spine was the first warning that it was time. Taking it as a sign to put her pack down the hakutaku for the night stopped once more, taking off her hat in the last moment as she began feeling the effects of her transformation wash over her. The worst part was the horns. The tail just kind of grew out on its own, it wasn’t exactly comfortable but it was not too bad. Not so with the horns, those were always announced by a splitting headache centered at her forehead. She winced as they came out, though thankfully once that was over they stopped hurting.

With that worry out of the way the woman stopped to notice just how close she really was to her destination, just around the bend and she would be at her friend’s hut. Grabbing her things, she practically ran, an energy that had not been present before her change seeming to possess her as she went to see if Mokou was home. Not bothering to knock, knowing the personality of the girl, she pushed the door open and went inside without invitation, only to see her friend curled up leaning against the wall in the corner of the room, asleep.

A quick look around the room revealed that it was in its usual state, that of a hut that had been abandoned by human inhabitants several months ago and where it was a miracle that small animals hadn’t taken up living yet. Keine shook her head, a sad smile on her lips; no one should live like this. Sitting down she knew that the fireplace would be full, she had filled it the last time she was there and the last Fujiwara didn’t use it even in the winter. Once the fire started she sat down by it, a book in her hand and began waiting for Mokou to wake up.

“You don’t usually come on the full moon.” The statement was unsurprised, almost flat, and certainly nothing like how you would expect a person who had just woken up to speak. “I know, but nothing important has happened the last month, so I wasn’t busy tonight.” What was left unsaid by Keine, though they both knew it, was that she didn’t like having nothing to do when she wasn’t human. “You should take better care of yourself, though. Even if you don’t die, basic comfort and health still…” Listening to herself she stopped. “Sorry, you know more about your body than I do.”

Pausing for a bit, the were-hakutaku scratched her left horn, the skin at the edges of them always started itching and her last comments had made the situation awkward. After recovering, she pulled out the items she had packed and brought along. A bottle of sake and some sweets to eat alongside it, cups too given the way Mokou lived. “Be that as it may, it’s been a while and I wanted to spend the night with a friend.”
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