Police Dossier

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Police Dossier

Postby Kotohime » 16 Jul 2012 19:13

Alternate Character
Main: Koakuma

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color:
Identifying Features:

Occupation: Police Officer
Background: Nobility
Description: The leader of the Human Village's law enforcement forces, Kumamoto Kotohime is a member of the aristocracy, and uses her influence and wealth for the pursuit of justice. She had a brief period of slight mental instability, and has since fully recovered. Trained in the classical art of danmaku, she has no particular gimmick, and instead prefers the more basic styles of combat.

UPDATE: Though her goal was to enforce justice and arrest all major lawbreakers, she has since suspended that crusade temporarily, in order to give villains (such as Kirisame) an opportunity to repent and reform.
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