Shinki's Diary and Journal: Now with twice the proof-ness

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Shinki's Diary and Journal: Now with twice the proof-ness

Postby Shinki » 27 Aug 2010 07:42

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Alright, so it's the third...fourth time this happened, and this diary's not getting any younger. Restoring it to its pristine condition wasn't easy...well, actually it was, but my patience has limits you know.

Eh? Store it better? But what better way to store it than in a singularity? At least no one besides me won't be able to reach it now. Oh yeah, score one for Shinki~.
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Re: Character Diary: Shinki

Postby Shinki » 27 Aug 2010 07:48


Made In Makai
My children, each one made by my hand and given thier own to make thier own path in life. Doesn't mean I won't lay down the law if they get unruly or the smackdown on bullying creeps.

Alice Margatroid
She was the second one ever to move out of Makai and live in Gensokyo. She took it pretty hard when those lunatics came and tore this place to eternity and back. My trust in her maturity was well placed in the end though, she's living comfortably, heck she's even FRIENDS with one of them!

Oh, really important here, She. Gave. Me. GRANDCHILDREN! It only took a few millenia as well.

I should probably stop swelling with pride before I look fat.

One of my oldest and most powerful daughters. She's a bit of a crazy one but she's a sweetheart really. She insisted on being my maid, which is cool because all the important people have maids. She seems a little distant though with others which contradicts my original theory that she wants to be like me someday.

.....At least, that's the implication with all the role reversal we tend to do, always straightening my clothes, making sure I eat right, who the heck is the mother in this relationship!?

She recently has been getting out to Gensokyo more. Ingenious plan on my part, even if I do say so myself. Now I can spend more time straightening everything myself, just sweep the last rubble under the fortress and we're good to go!

They grow up so fast!

Well... Proverbially anyway. She's still a shrimp but she's getting on well in the world. Of course being the pyromaniac she is (and probably to go somewhere her twin can't follow easilly) she's hanging out in Gensokyo's hell. Nice place, rowdy bunch, she fit right in.

I think I broke her taste buds though, that sake own there... Bleck. It's more alcohol than beverage.

The yin to Yuki's yang. Or is she the yang? I forget, not important.

The bottom line is she's practically Yuki's opposite in many ways which is why they do so well together as Pandemonium's last line of external defense!

Wonder where she's gotten to these days though....

Okay now we haven't seen each other for a fair while but that's because she was one of the first to be contracted from another plane.

In other words, she's got a job, full time. Hopefully she's being treated well.

One of the little ones. Her head seems to be in the clouds half the time but that's because everything's so new to her. Thankfully she's old enough to see... everything now and not just the nothingness between worlds.

The littlest but, funny enough, at the same time she could probably snap bones like twigs, a side effect of her spending most of her life outside Makai. Though she probably is terrible at doing magic, her coming of age should remedy that.

That and I've made Yumeko be her mentor, this should help them both.

Made In Makai: Gensokyo Branch
This is the best thing ever! I have grandchildren! Now I can do the stuff grandmothers do, maybe I should deliberatly mix up thier names just to see how they react?

Shanghai: She is legion for she is many. My time watching alice as she grew, worked and played showed she has not one but hundreds of Shanghai's. Although this is the only one who speaks and acts on her own, the only Shanghai with a soul. This makes me wonder if she has a hive mind, the queen doll with complete control over her army of drones or are they spare bodies in case of an accident? She's so tiny so it must be easy to get hurt.

Oh wait, this is important, she's a very fast talker. Wear question absorbing armour.

Hourai: I notice Alice has a few of these as well, only the same as Shanghai, one soul, one voice, a whole heap of aggression. Unlike Shanghai she seems to be more rough and tumble and quick to take up arms. She's probably the protective sort.

Special note, she loves lances, get her one made of something a bit stronger than iron so she can fight more evenly against none humans.

Makai Adoption Agency
Not EVERYTHING in Makai is created by me, not now anyway. As more and more people began to learn of this new world, many visited, many wanted to stay. More power to them, I say. If a person wants to join our family then why shouldn't they? Big families are fun families, plus it adds a whole new flavor.

Elis: Note to self, get to know this one a little better. She has a star on her face.

Sariel: She's an Angel, which means we're diametrically opposite because...because why again? Anyway, she's actually really nice, a great conversation partner over tea and crumpets and the occasional poisonous miasma. Too bad she's the traveling sort, maybe I should ambush her with a table so she can't say no one of these days.

Actually, that's not a bad idea. Hold that thought...

Gensokyo's Troublemakers
Okay so this Gensokyo place isn't all full of happy happy fun times. That's fine, worlds need a balance to exist after all but damn, about a few seconds (or maybe days, I lose track) after the gateway is created we're attacked from all sides! These four are so on my naughty list.
Note to self: Because you're a senile old coot at times, remember you're meant to be the mature one. Talk over some wine or something before getting all godly wrath on them. Or maybe scold them, scolding is good.

Reimu Hakurei: The first on the list. This girl really needs someone to tell her what diplomacy is. She came to Makai, ofuda flying, because she didn't like some of my kids planning to visit her world. That's all kinds of crazy, I mean, now that she's probably mellowed out a bit and is okay with us visiting, I could probably sit down and talk with her about this. Hopefully before the others get to her, some of them really wanna rematch.

Marisa Kirisame: Okay this one's just a human but she does some weird stuff. For one I notice she uses some powerful magic but not a single bit of it originates from her, that's weird on its own. But this girl herself is just plain weird, she plunges headfirst into danger without caring what happens to her. Masochist, perhaps? Or maybe she has no sense of danger.

Mima: A ghost. A green one who seems really obsessed with power. Though I found she really likes stargazing as well, maybe that power obsession is just a front to hide someone else? I should find her again, probably this time without killer balls of rubber flying around.

Yuka Kazami: Now this one's definately dangerous. Doubly so to a plane with much more mortal races.

Gensokyo's Natives
And here's pretty much everyone else, yay.

Byakuren Hijiri: Long term (but unfortunately, unwilling) resident of Makai. Having been sealed down here centuries ago she remained a prisoner for a couple of centuries. She seems really nice though and near incapable of hate so who the heck would seal her and why? I bet they envied her height, being tall isn't all that, y'know!

Oh right, whoever did it is probably dead by now and can't read. Anyways, she's free nowadays thanks to the effort of her friends and assistance from two of the crazies. She's teaching my grandchildren a few things right now.

Yamame Kurodani: She's a spider, a really big one. I think she's a tarantula or something, maybe. she's a really friendly sort, trying to get along with everyone around her, though some find it harder than others, maybe she's too boisterous for them to handle or something.
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