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Postby Star Sapphire » 12 Sep 2010 00:47

Discovering Each Others Feelings

Well at first I thought Luna was just going out to spend a day with a youkai she's been working with (who keeps giving her food to being home which is awesome!) but apparently it was a date! It was really nice to see Luna smiling and giggling like that, she's usually so serious all the time. I gave her a pretty dress and even did up her hair and got her a new pair of underwear and everything for her special date with the youkai and the NEW special dress that I was going to wear for Cirno, it looked really nice on her too actually.. just.. I needed to pin it up some for her since she was actually smaller than me... anyways.. I even did up some make up for Luna too so she looked extra pretty for her date. Sunny tried to make fun of her during all of this but we both just kinda ignored her until Luna had to leave. I kept Sunny busy so she wouldn't go bother Luna and interrupt the date at all. I can't wait to hear all about what people do on dates!!
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